Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Dennis Turns One

Dennis turned one today! It has been an amazing year as he is quite the amazing little guy. Each kid just gets better and better.......I wonder if we need to stop while we're ahead or just keep going!

He had no idea what to do with the candle, Michael blew it out.

And, he really didn't know what we put in front of him either, or what he was supposed to do with it. So he poked at it, then tasted it....and then it was game on.

His first nibble:

back for more:

It was quickly realized that we were letting him eat sugar and he could not shovel it in fast enough, he still just mostly got frosting for quite a while.

I think this was my favorite picture of the night. He kept laughing and eating, and laughing and eating. Love him!

Then it was playtime. He squished it between his fingers, flung some on the floor, took a bite and went through the whole routine all over again.

mash mash:

It must have felt great between his fingers as he would squeeze as hard as he could until it squeezed out.

The flinging hands. I'm sure I'll be finding pieces of it around for a few days.

A few more nibbles:

And then all at once, he wanted out. I put him in the kitchen sink and let him bath there. It is a really deep sink and perfect for him to sit and play. 
A few things about Dennis (no I'm not going to start blogging frequently again, but figured he needed a presence on the blog): he loves to laugh. He laughs at anything and everything. He has the regular baby laugh but he has this really hilarious, deep voiced, big person laugh too. Ahhh-haaa-haaa-haa laugh. Its really funny, but not forced, he is actually laughing. He has recently made the connection to sign language and has learned about 15 signs total but is adding a couple new signs a day in the last few days (dog, baby, cheese, cracker, more, all done, nigh-night, banana, wind, eat, milk, sandwich, drink, bird, kitty) His first sign was milk. He tries to snap his fingers whenever we do it. He loves to click his tongue. He can crawl but doesn't walk yet. He climbs the stairs with ease (up and down). He will fold his little hands together and be reverent whenever prayers are said (thank you to his siblings for being a great example). He loves food but still loves to nurse too. He loves green smoothies and will come crawling when he hears the vitamix or hears someone sucking out of a straw. He can sit and play with a toy for 45 minutes. One time he sat so with his legs underneath him that his legs went to sleep and he was in a crying fit for about 5 minutes. Whenever he stumbles across a book he thumbs the pages. He signs the word cheese when we take a picture. He loves to play peekaboo. He sleeps all night in his crib and it good about going down for a nap. He hugs and kisses people freely. He loves the wind on his face. He has the start of curls in his hair. He is obsessed with people brushing their teeth. He loves to go into Penny and Michael's room to play and gets mad when the door is shut. He screams with delight if you run up to him. His eyebrows are expressive like Sean's.  He loves to dance and will break out in dance if we start singing any JustDance4 song...he also dances to many of his musical toys. His little arms alternate pumping up and down while he tilts his head, its stinking cute.
He has brought so much joy and warmth into our home, I cannot imagine our family without him anymore!
We love our Dennis Jarom!!