Sunday, December 02, 2012

More September

My kids love to paint (like most kids) and when we have gone to kids museums I love how they always have tons of random household things that we would normally throw away available to paint in any way that they feel. Egg crates, for example or boxes or toilet paper rolls. Kids love to paint on those things. So, we got some out and decided to paint. Egg cartons are great because they also work as a holder for the paint and so no cups of paint are involved.
I love this munchkins fingers.

This is not a very flattering picture of me, I know but its totally me in my element; kids.

Playing in the flour after making biscuits is always fun. There is always a huge mess involved, but sometimes the mess is worth the fun. 

It started to get quite out of hand though. The floor had TONS of flour on it. Glad to not have carpet under the kitchen table anymore. It was a lot easier to clean up.

Water bottles make great noise.

Rose came in September to visit for a WHOLE WEEK. It was super fabulous. This was her first visit to us since we lived by her in Utah. I definitely love me some Rosie time.

We went to Apple Hill and visited and fed the animals. My kids always love this. It was a pretty hot day but we tried to stay in the shade. It is usually about 10 degrees cooler up the hill, but when you're going from 97 to 87 its still just plain hot.

We then decided on a hike. There were two trails.  We took the one less traveled by and THAT has made all the difference. ha! I'm so funny sometimes. 


We got to feed the goats. Some of the were pretty aggressive. Penny refused to feed them but rather threw pellets from afar.

Michael, on the other hand, was fearless. Well, mostly.

I love this picture.

Out on our nature walk. 

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