Friday, July 27, 2012

Boxes, chub and brownie mix

Naked (almost) babies are the best and I have two of them. My house is Heaven.  Michael was trying to get Dennis to suck on his finger but I had to stop him because it usually ends in Dennis gagging.

He also likes to do Sqqqqquuuuuuuuuiiiiiiiiiishy face to Dennis. He tolerates it.

At which time I had to stop the party. He was squishing the poor baby. I love my two diapered kiddos so much.

I snapped this photo because Dennis was actually watching TV along with the kids this morning. 

Whats better than ordering something and having it arrive in the mail? Letting your children use that box for a boat all. day. long.
I asked them not to break apart the styrofoam but really, what was I thinking. That was the best part! My neighbors probably weren't happy to hear the shop vac going outside at 9pm. Sorry.

But seriously, how can you say not to these faces?

It was like a bubble bath but without getting wet.

I told them they could have 1 more day of playing with the styrofoam and then we had to get rid of it. I have already vacuumed my downstairs 4 times in the last 2 days. This party will never end unless I put an end to it. They will have to think of a new game to play with the boxes and that will be fun to. I think I might just give Penny and Michael tons of paint and let them paint the insides of them while they are inside. Will be super messy, but thats what kids love and nothing a bath can't fix!

They found uses for other items in the box too, like this one. They made a school table.

My friend brought us some fudgesicles for the kids the other day and Michael loves them. They are super messy when its really hot outside though. What a raggamuffin!

I could lick it off his face if he would let me but he's too busy doing everything "all by himself."

Pretty girler.

I took the couch covers off our couches the other day (not something I do often at all because I've stapled it in place so that it doesn't move around). This couch was given to us by my brother while I was at college.....he got it at the DI. Can you say gheeeeetooooooo. It works fine with the covers on it and I'm waiting till our next house to buy one that we love because we just can't fit our dream sectional couch in our home right now because of the shape of our living room. Anyways, I taught my children the game of hot lava. This will definitely be revisited. It should be a part of everyone's childhood.

I love her bows and piggies.

He's showing Ggma that he's taller than she is.  See how his body has thinned out? His legs used to be chunky and now they are just normal, though he still has a little junk in his trunk. He'll always be my chubba.


Dennis is getting chubby. He weighed in at his 2 month appointment at 14 pounds 3 ounces (76th percentile) and was 25 1/4 inches long (99th percentile). He's the perfect size and we just can't get enough of him. He has been on the verge of laughing for about 2 weeks. We get a few now and then, but nothing that's been unstoppable. We're still waiting for that one. I almost had it today, but it wasn't continuous.....but his laugh is oh, so sweet. He is a goooood goooood baby.

Michael had his 2 year appointment too and weighed in at 28.6 pounds (48th percentile) and 36 1/2 inches (88th percentile) He's really thinned out this last 4 or 5 months it seems and turned into a little toddler and lost a lot of baby fat (except in his cheeks. His face still jiggles when he runs and I love it!)

Daddy making him smile. I love this picture. He sure loves his kiddos and it makes me so happy to see him love our creations so much.
 Lets pretend that kids didn't make you really tired, or wear on your body to actually grow and birth them as they that world, we would have like 30 kids because he(we) loves them so much. But, since we are human we'll probably have only a couple more. Still, it makes my heart ache to ever think that we'd be done having babies. So we enjoy every moment of them now. I love this phase in my life and feel very blessed to be in it.

He's almost too long for the mini co-sleeper.

I love to rummage through the .50 books at the library that they have out front. We often find books in a series that we don't have or random stories that I know my kid will love. I hit a goldmine the other day. I found 10, hardcover dora the explorer books. *eye roll* I know right?
But, my kids  LOVE THEM! They have been reading them cover to cover for weeks and still haven't tired of them. Michael loves that all his favorite characters are in there. Penny loves that she can read them herself. I love walking into their bedroom and seeing scenes like this:

I love his lips in this picture. Thanks for the cute outfit Spring and Sean!

Penny took a few pictures of Dennis this morning. Look at his eyes, still blue. Today, I could see a few specks of brown in there so I'm not convinced that they will stay blue, but  wouldn't that be fun? Such a sweetie this one is.

He definitely has his fathers expressive eyebrow muscles going on.

I love the chub at his thigh. Its probably one of the only times in life when it is actually cute and makes you want to nibble on it.

Michael sings ALL DAY LONG. He does, he sings all the time. This morning he was making up a song about Dennis the Menace. I don't even know where he heard that. I have a feeling these two are going to be goofy, goofy brothers together.



Dennis has been promoted to tummy time in the last few weeks. I love seeing a little babies head bob up and down as they strengthen those neck muscles. His droopy cheeks and his little pug nose are toooooo much for me in these pictures. I just want to eat him.


So, we spent the afternoon and early evening hanging out with GGma. She hasn't been feeling all that great lately as she just feels weak. She still walks on her treadmill and such everyday, but ever since she had pneumonia this last winter, she just hasn't felt the same. We try to see her a few times a week. It usually lifts her spirits and gives her some distraction to her day. My kids LOVE GGma. Time with her is limited as she is 97 this year and I just don't look forward to the day when we don't have her anymore. We just try to enjoy her to the fullest every day that she is still here. She is such a huge part of our weekly routine here and my kids light up to see her and she really lights up to see them. She always makes time for the kids.

This is a game GGma used to play with Penny as a little toddler that made her giggle and giggle. Now GGma plays it with Michael and Penny joins in just because its still fun. They put a thimble on her finger  and then the kids yank it off again as GGma acts surprised and yells, "oooooooooooooh, you got my thimble!" They squeal in laughter. Can you see the game going on in this picture? I think this one is frame worthy. What life this woman leads. She has so much spunk left in her.

She really loves this chubby little Dennis and comments on his hair growing in at all the same rate and his eyes that are still blue. Will they stay? We don't know but I hope so....just like Dominic and GGma's eyes would be kinda fun.

When we were getting in the car Penny told me she needed to run back inside and tell GGma something, so she did. What she told her was that she wanted her to come and wave to us as we drove away (something she does now and then but not as an everytime rule). I thought this was a really cute request as I remember my Grandparents waving to us each time we left their house and I remember LOVING seeing them waving as we drove away. I can still see it in my mind. So, I snapped a picture....another one to frame. I love this lady.

Bike Rider

At the park last week Penny discovered that she could ride without training wheels. I would say we taught her, but she really didn't need our help. We put her bike down and she took off. She has been riding her glider bike for a few years now (bike with no pedals) and has great balance on it. It is so hilly where we are that we've just not made the effort to take a bike somewhere and teach her to ride but it dawned on me that it was high time and BOY WAS SHE PROUD.

Dennis was just along for the ride. He fell asleep and I had to hold his head up for him.

Michael was more interested in playing on the playground. He is so silly I cannot express how much he makes us laugh and giggle. This kid has so much personality wrapped up in that little body. He's a goof just like his dad.

Penny calls this climbing structure licorice. He was able to do it "all by himself." A term that he uses frequently throughout the day. The other term he has been using as of late is comparing himself to you. I'm taller than you are, I'm faster than you are, I'm eatinger than you are (meaning he's eating more than you are). He gets pretty creative in being something in comparison to what you are. Its never out of "I'm better than you are." but out of look what I'm noticing. Its really cute.

This little bike is already too small for her, but we have a plan to fix that. Stay tuned. Michael is happy walking along with the glider bike. He's getting used to it, but a few more trips to the park and he should be happily gliding along.

Such a proud girler! She even was so brave as to go between the wall-ball courts behind her. Sean winced as he watched, but she made it no problem!

His cheeser grin is priceless. Penny's bike is still decorated from the 4th of July parade.

Weird, cute guys like to hang out around the playground equipment. This one was pretty studly, I thought.

It was a fun day for learning how to ride a bike. We went again a few days later and took GGma with us. She was thrilled to see Penny riding.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012


We have transitioned Michael to the kids room and a toddler bed. We rearranged the room (took the slide off the loft bed and moved the bookcases) and it actually made the room bigger. That darn slide was fun, but it did take up a lot of room that could have been used for playing. So, now Dominic has a normal way of getting down from the top bunk (instead of barreling down the slide as loud as a herd of elephants) and there is more play room. Anyways, I took away his naps and he seems to be sleeping in his bed just fine now. If he has a nap, it is too hard for him to calm down enough to stay in his bed....up until now, it has been his playroom so it wasn't as smooth a transition as we were hoping.

Notice the bottle in hand still. This kid loves his rice milk.

We don't waste a drop of smoothie around here (well usually). Penny spilled and was drinking her smoothie kinda slow anyways. I took the opportunity to have a little fun and gave her a straw and let her sip it up. She liked that....hopefully I didn't just encourage a purposeful accident.

The girls were over and painting their nails and Michael just wanted in on the fun. So I painted his nails black. In this picture he is telling me, "Don't take a picture of my Thomas shirt mom, dust take a picture of my naaaaaaaaails." and he's looking at his nails while he's telling me. He was so bothered and bossy about it. Had me cracking up.

Everywhere we go people blame Penny for his nails. "Sister got to your nails huh bud?"
Ha! Nope, mama did.
He's a cute little Emo kid right?

The rest of the crew painting nails. It was a hot hot HOT day outside so this was the perfect indoor activity.

Sometime if I can't find Michael I just have to look behind the curtain. He loves the Ipad and lately asks so nicely to play on it, "Can I play on the Ipad please mommy? You can get it down for me, if you waaaaant." His voice kills me, but his syntax is absolutely hilarious. He's very clever and usually correct in his word choice. Penny and I laugh out loud all the time at some of the stuff he comes up with throughout the day.

Vegetable boats

I had a rare moment the other day where Michael and Dennis were asleep at the same time for a few hours in the middle of the day. Penny and I took it upon ourselves to make a plate full of veggies for snack. She wanted to make peanut butter boats with her veggies and was all kinds of giggly and goofy. She picked out all the fruits and veggies for the plate and we sat across from each other chatting.
It was an afternoon of bliss with her.

I cut off her A-line so that the front is the same length as the back since it was growing out. It changed how she looks. She screams when I brush it. Paybacks for how I was to my mom as a little girl. Holy Hannah its not fun.

She made goofy faces just as the camera was about to take a picture. These made me laugh out loud.

She really liked my lemon cucumber and took a few bites with no hands.

Which didn't prove to be a good idea as it would then slip right out of her mouth and fall on the floor. Silly goof.

She then put carrots in her eye. Yes, she still ate it.

She is obsessed with trying to figure out how dogs can balance something on their nose and then snap it into their mouths. She tries this over and over and over and just doesn't understand how they can do it. Of course, I encourage it because its hilarious to watch.

This was the perfect picture. She had a carrot in her teeth and as I snapped the picture she just happened to bite down and the carrot went flying out of her mouth. See the little bite out of it?  We giggled over this picture for a few minutes. Couldn't have planned that picture if I wanted to.
Things about Penny lately:

I asked her what the #1 thing she wanted to learn this year in school was and her answer came very quickly, "to nurse."  I asked for clarification. I said, "to nurse, be a doctor or nurse a baby." Her answer was clear, "nurse Dennis." Hilarious. I told her she couldn't nurse babies until she was married and had babies of her own and then asked, so what is the #2 thing she would like to learn for school this year. To which she said, "well, I guess math then. Dominic could teach me. He's really good." Touche Penny, touche.

 She has been reading to Michael and I at night. She reads a couple books with Michael next to her in her bed and then I read a long book until Michael falls asleep. Then she reads me a long book and then I read her another book. She reads at night anywhere from 45 minutes to an hour. And, this girl can READ! Its amazing to see her eyes scan the words. I love it. Last night, the book she read had a word count of 749 words. Its such a fun new world that opens up when you can enjoy reading!

We have started night time potty training. She has been doing very well. This morning she woke up wet, but the 4 nights previous she had been dry and I'm not waking her up at night to take her potty. She's just been doing it. I stopped buying pullups and purchased the vinyl underwear that she wears over a thick pair of underwear. I'm just glad to not be buying pullups anymore. Yay! I've offered her breakfast of choice on dry mornings and that seems to be doing the trick. She was requesting crepes every morning, which are a lot of work and mess....I was smart and went and bought some Fruit Loops (something we rarely if ever have at our house) so that the crepe request would not be every morning. Waffles with coconut milk and coconut oil are her other favorite. Those aren't as hard, but I overeat because they are so delicious!

She wants to learn how to ride a bike without training wheels (like Catherine). I've determined that we're going to teach her this week if we can make it work. Stay tuned. She can't just ride from our house though, as there are too many hills and we don't have any flat grass to start on. We have to GO somewhere (Blue Oak Elementary is on my stops for tomorrow to try). We shall see....