Monday, August 29, 2011

Time Capsule

My brother took some old negatives from my parents house and had them put on CD at Costco. I'm so happy that he did. I've never seen some of these pictures before and its so fun to see my parents in their beginnings. Some of these pictures almost brought tears to my eyes knowing how much happiness they had captured on several rolls of film. Without digital photography I imagine you had to take pictures sparingly. You didn't shoot 200 photos of Christmas, you took 5 and hoped that some turned out. I'm so glad these never got lost, damaged or destroyed in one way or another. These are gems.

My parents look like kids on horses! They are probably in their early 20's I'm guessing. So fun to see them this young as I don't remember seeing very many pictures of them so young and I certainly don't recall those years (I wasn't born yet!).

I now know where Michael gets his set of cheeks. I absolutely LOVE this picture.
I have always thought my parents are beautiful people...but again, I don't remember these years very well. I love that we are all dressed up, no doubt in our Sunday best, with our Christmas stockings hung in the background. I'm probably almost 2 here.

This picture looks like my brother Nephi and I standing next to each other holding my son, Michael In a dress). hee hee. But, its of course, my mom and Dad holding me.

This was a picture I remember seeing many times. It never gets old.
Pug nose size 7 months no doubt.

I love these next ones too. This is an amazing photo shoot considering there are 6 kids in it and no adults.

Wow, we must have been such well behaved kids, we are always looking at the camera.... again, my cheeks (I'm sitting on my mom's lap with my brother Sam in my lap).

And yes, no stroll down memory lane is complete without a picture of my mullet differential. Thank you mom for always giving me what I wanted. Nephi, I loved that shirt of fact, I secretly wished that it would have fit me whenever you wore it. Sam, your boys are your clone. Dad, you only look a little like Sadam in this picture. I love my family. We were only 1 child short in this photo (Joe wasn't born yet).

Thanks Jon, for sending these out. 
Thats all for now!

Sunday, August 28, 2011


All 3of my kids dressed in their Sunday best. Typical picture, nobody looking at the camera.  =)

She's so heavenly when sleeping (she's heavenly when awake too....just extra squishy and peaceful with her eyes closed and her lips all smushy.)

This is Sean's sister Courtney and her mini-me. We were so happy when she told us she was coming to visit. We didn't tell the kids, just that a surprise was coming that evening. All Penny could do was giggle when she arrived and Dominic was pleased to see her. She was kind/brave enough to sleep in the tent with the kids at Gma's (minus Michael) the first night. She stayed up late with us the next night and played Settles of Catan with Dominic and I after Penny and Michael went down for the night. Courtney is always fun to have around.

We went to Lotus Park for family home evening and picked blackberries. Well, I picked 3 baskets of blackberries while Sean and the kids played in the river. They met up with me and munched on a few. I didn't wear pants so my legs were pretty scratched up. Sooooo worth it though....I love picking berries.

School this week was just fine. I switched Dominic's Language arts curriculum to Easy Grammer and English, The First Language. I like these so much better than Writing With Ease and am really happy we made the switch. I also was able to stop using Houghton Mifflin Math (what they use in the schools) as our Life of Fred books came. He's really enjoying them and learning quite fast! If he keeps a steady pace he should be ready for the pre-algebra book by January. We have hit a few bumps now and then when a lesson drags out for too long (because he's going too slow usually) but I've stuck to my guns and redirected him and helped him recognize burnout and address it. He's learned that in the middle of the day, a fruit smoothie helps wake him up and rejuvinate him. Taking a 10 minute break to make a cold smoothie takes less time than slothfully moving through a lesson. He really is enjoying it and I'm finding that I'm more calm than I've ever been.

Penny loves her Explode the code book and can do many of them all by herself now. She loves this page the most where you have a picture of say, a can, and then you have to circle the letters to write the word and then write the word. She loves it, loves it, loves it. Sometimes she likes to write a letter WAAAAAAAY too big just so that she can erase it. So funny.

She does these all by herself with a little direction at the beginning from me. She amazes me.

I love that she also has the arm pieces to her Belle costume.

This is what happens to Dominic's face during burnout. Hee hee

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Camping Foiled

We were all packed up to go camping on Friday and for reason I don't wish to list here (I hurt the feelings of some pretty important people in my life for deciding not to go) we went 1 mile away to Great Grandma's and set up our tent in her backyard. The kids were dead set on camping and I so was I.

Our car was all packed with food, toys, supplies and clothes.
Did you know that you can't make a reservation in California on any state campsite without 48 hours notice? We must have looked pretty silly having a fully loaded car and pulling into Beals Point at Folsom Lake to try to get a first-come/first-served campsite only to be told that they had none available.

This was after I took some things out.

And here is where we parked the tent. I really wished it would have worked out to go camping in the Mountains like we had planned and this certainly did not cut it for me, but my kids love sleeping in a tent no matter where we are and Great Grandma sure enjoyed the company (though at 96 she didn't join us for the night in the tent).

They played and played after it was set up. Michael loved the sound it made under his feet when he walked around. He likes playing this game where we rest our chest on his feet and then he pushes us away. He was playing it with Dominic and in hysterics. It was funny.

So, Sean and Michael went home to sleep so that at least one of us adults could get a decent nights sleep and Sean hadn't had much sleep in the last 2 days already. He was running on empty and was in bed before 8pm.

Michael uses his rainbow whale that Dominic got him as a body pillow every night. I thinks its so adorable how he snuggles it under his body and tucks his hands in.

The next morning, the kids were still snug as a bug come 8am. Dominic got a little cold but was too lazy to reach above his head and grab his sweatshirt so he just slept in the fetal position inside his sleeping bag. Silly kiddo. Penny kept coming out of her sleeping bag and I......well, I should have blown up the matress instead of sleeping on the hard ground.

WARNING: This photo may scare you. I woke up and thought, "Man. I feel like I just got run over by a truck!" That is the precise moment I snapped this picture and upon inspection decided that I really must have gotten run over by a truck. I was so tired that whole day!

Number 4

Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words. 

Not that that phrase will keep me from typing though.

We didn't expect for this to happen so fast as I only stopped nursing Michael a month and a half ago (and for my body nursing is a birth control until I stop). With Penny it took 10 months after I stopped nursing (and an appointment made but not needed with a fertility doctor) to get pregnant. Needless to say, we are super excited. I haven't been tired at all (yet) 
or sick......I don't usually get sick and I hope that this time is no exception.

My running has my body ticking like a well tuned clock and I won't be stopping. But, I'll listen to my body and do what it tells me. Rest assured, my long runs aren't hard anymore so I'm not concerned about over stressing my body. The last time I did a 10 mile run I was running with my mouth closed at mile 8.5 for over a minute. My body is used to it already so its not stressing the pregnancy. 
Another reason I wanted to start running so quickly after I had Michael, I wanted to be in shape BEFORE I  got pregnant so that I wouldn't have to stop just because I was pregnant.

Okay, I think that's probably a enough jibber jabber. =)

Yay for 4 kids (or 5? Could it be twins?). I secretly always hope that I'm having twins.
 I know, I'm crazy.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Six Flags Discovery Kingdom

The Thursday before summer was over, we took the kids to Six Flags Discovery Kingdom about an hour away. Dominic had earned a free ticket last year with his reading so we headed off to take the whole family. We love this theme park!

They not only have great animals, but great rides too and if you pick the right day (so the crowd is small) its the perfect outing.

The dolphins are always one of my favorite mammals to watch swim. They just move so gracefully and always seem to have a smile on their face. Michael loved seeing all the fishies. 

These chubby feet are so yummy.

She started out really cold, with babylegs and a sweatshirt on (It was probably 75 degrees) but quickly got too warm sitting in the sun. Her hair went from okay to bad in the 2 seconds it took to get her sweatshirt off.

Dominic brought his friend Austin along and we were so glad that we did! It gave him a chance to play and go on more rides. He would have had fun without him, but it was nice for him to not have to wait for us to tend to the kids at every ride.

Penny and Michael rode the hopper (frog). She went on it a few times while he was sleeping so she already knew how fun it was and started telling him all about it. He didn't care for it too much, its bounces were a little too jerky for his liking.

It was fun to see him do all the signs for all the animals that we saw. Here he is signing giraffe. 

The Butterfly sanctuary is my other favorite place in this park. Its a huge room that is lush and humid and full of butterflies from around the world. My hands were too full chasing around kiddos (Sean got to hot and left after a few minutes) that I didn't get anymore pictures. At one point Michael was playing with something on a tree branch. When I got down to his level, I noticed that what I assumed was a leaf, was actually a butterfly disguised as a leaf. He was touching it so softly (thank goodness, you aren't actually supposed to touch any of them). 

My favorite ones were the tigerswallow tails (those were my childhood favorite) and the one that was decorated to look like the eye of a bird. There were some really bright blue ones that Penny really liked.
I would love to have a butterfly room like that one. 

We brought Michael's walker along so he could cruise without falling and boy was he cruising! He also has an obsession with sunglasses and so he wore his around for a bit.

Penny liked the walking escalator that took us through the shark tunnel. I wondered why the sharks didn't eat the other fish but couldn't find anyone to ask. My friend Lisa was able to ask though and the rangers said they didn't eat the fish because they always cut the heads off the fish they feed them so they have never made a connection of food with the fish swimming around them. I thought that was really interesting.

Penny wanted one of these ginormous suckers and I obliged. She was very good about sharing it with Michael who needed a bit about every 3 breaths.

Dominic and Austin waiting in line at the Tony Hawk ride. Apparently it would be more fun if you were taller, they jerky corners caused them to bonk their heads on the side of the basket they were in. 

Two good looking boys. 

Penny found this sylvester drop ride absolutely thrilling. She was a little nervous the first time she went, but by the 3rd time on the ride she was putting her hands up and having a blast! I love this smile!

Dominic got soaked in the acme playground.

Michael was so close to falling asleep in the stroller toward late afternoon. He had his foot resting up like this for forever but he never closed his eyes. 

Even though we missed her face in this picture, I absolutely love it. The bandaid, the chicken legs, her hands in the air, the dimple in her chin that lets you know she's smiling and the spots on the ride where the paint has worn from all the kids that have been on it before. I just love this picture!

Dominic was a good sport and went on it with her too. He said it was actually a pretty fun ride. It shot you up quite a ways (slowly) and then dropped you, free fall, in three sections back to the bottom. 

Michael loves to play with Dominic. 

These two could not get enough snacks. It seemed like they were constantly eating, and well, they were!

This is my favorite place to nibble on my kiddos. Its always so ticklish.

Dominic wanted so badly to play this game. I gave him $10 to spend in the park on whatever he wanted and so he used part of it to play this game. The hammer was so heavy he could hardly lift it. Pretty funny to watch.

I was brave and touched the manta rays. They were surprisingly squishy, like Tofu.

It was a fun day at Six Flags. We didn't buy season passes this year because we thought we wouldn't want to go very many times, but next year......we're so game.