Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Penny one day was asking Sean and I where her tweezers went. I, for the life of me, could not figure out WHAT on earth she was talking about. I asked her to explain and she finally made some gestures with her hands that made sense to me.
Dominic called this toy his Gravver and it is one well made toy.

Penny LOVES the movie Tangled. She has told me that she wants straight long hair that is golden. I asked her who would have her adorable brown curls if she got the straight, long golden stuff and she said somebody else could have it instead.

So, while we were at the store we saw (gag) a clip on Rapunzel flower with a lock of hair. It also has some fiber optic strands in it so that it can "gleam and glow." I cannot tell you how cute it is to see her stand in front of the mirror and sing "Flower gleam and glow. Let your powers shine..." She's so cute but have to remind her that my princess is already in there but pretending to be Rapunzel is okay too.

She loves a mean batch of chocolate chocolate chip cookies.

While his siblings take baths, Michael has to patiently watch because there are just too many bubbles and far too much water to put him in there too. So, we passed the time by putting on goggles instead. This kid is not afraid of anything, none of my other kids would have put up with this at 1.
Can you see the monkey on the rings? If I ever don't know where Penny is, I'm bound to find her in the garage swinging on the gymnastics rings (they hang from the pullup bar and Sean uses them for exercises. But the kids LOVE them more than anything.

Just sitting on the stairs.

He found his bottle and just helped himself while watching Signing Time. I love how chill this kid is. Just tonight I changed his stinky diaper and when I was all done, he looked up at me and signed sleep, not whining, just matter of factly....... I looked up at the clock and noticed it was 8:30pm. I had no idea it was even close to bed time. I asked him if he was ready to sleep and he signed it again. So, I got him in his PJ's and nursed him and layed him in his crib for the night. He won't wake till 7:30 when I wake him up to take Dominic to school. He's just so mello!

*update: and I knew if I put it in writing it would the night he decides to wake up at 11:30 just as I'm going to sleep, fuss off and on for 30 minutes only to have me go in and nurse him and him be awake and ready to play. Yes, that was my last night.

Penny has been drawing smiley faces, and only smiley faces since she started drawing at 1.5. Lately they are getting pretty creative.

Friday, May 27, 2011


We've been playing in the bathtub a lot lately. It started when Stella came over. Swimsuits went on and bath time ensued. Bubble bath was added and the jetted tub was turned on. TONS of fun.
In fact so much fun that the next day Penny wanted to do it again with Catherine. Swimsuits went back on and bubble fun was had all over again. These two were covered!

Silly hats:

This was literally up to Penny's neck.

Can you guess who that bubble monster is? This is almost too much to bear for Michael. He wants to get in so bad but for obvious reasons (drowning) I can't put him in there.

There's a bubble monster at the bottom of the tub in this one. Penny is not alone. My kids ask to have a bubble bath every day. We can't do it everyday, but its becoming quite a fun thing around here.

Blue Oak Biathalon

Dominic participated in the Biathalon at his school this year. We did out best at training for it, but really after the first week just could not keep up with it and everything else (especially after spring break!). He gets plenty of exercise though so its not like he wasn't going to be able to finish it. He had a great time!

Here he is by his bike. His friend, Dominic, showed him all the tricks to having his bike be ready (park it in backwards, on the end of the row, helmet on the seat). His tips were so cute and so good!

He wore his superman socks. I seriously could eat this picture. He says he didn't mean to wear these socks on raceday, but in my heart, I secretly hope that he in fact did and was just too embarressed that I noticed. It is too cute.

Most of the 2nd and 3rd graders lined up at the starting line. They had to run 1/2 mile and bike 2 miles.

Towards the last stretch after the two long loops around the field.

He's got Hirt legs for sure.

Darn that shoelace. I had a stern moment with him when I told him to stop and tie his shoe. He wanted to leave it and not lose time. I told him I wanted to have my son not get his shoelace caught in his bicycle chain and ordered him to stop and tie his shoe (my hands were full!). He had a great transition!

His bike was small compared to the winners, but he wasn't the only one with a one gear bike.....gears would have definitely helped though. We had a nice physics lesson on why the size of wheels would have helped too though. He totally got it! He had fun and understood that due to his equipment, he had a slim chance of winning but he made the best of it and did great anyways!

He's headed towards the finish line, I think he got about 8th place for the boys out of about 15 or so. He did really, really great and best of all he was all smiles at the finish line.

He finished strong!

Way to go Dominic! Did I mention I love double digits? 33 was my basketball number my senior year of high school.

I am so proud of this dude. He's going to be my running partner someday soon, I just know it.

Saturday, May 21, 2011


I wasn't kidding when I said she will konk out if she stops moving (for that matter, so do I!). This was pre-birthday party. I've never seen her fall asleep this hard. She was SAWING LOGS!

Friday, May 20, 2011

Birthday Bash!

I tried and tried to narrow the pictures down and I just couldn't do it. So, here is Michae's birthday party....it will be like you were right there at every moment.

Family showed up and Penny was HARD asleep on the couch and snoring. She stopped moving for a few minutes at one point and just fell asleep and we could not wake her. She was so upset when we finally made her wake up (after sleeping for an hour or so) but perked up when she figured out we were getting ready to do cake and ice cream.

Michael did not understand why the cake was not in front of him yet.Patience young grasshopper.

He did try to blow out the candle, but it didn't work and so he grabbed for it. I blew it out for him.

It took him quite a while to figure out what he was supposed to do with that thing in front of him.

He stared at it and at one point looked like he was going to dive in face first.

But, he opted for a finger taste first.

He went back for more.

and more

And then decided that his finger needed to make a dive bomb.

And he struck gold (or chocolate). Now that was yummy.

At some point he realized that the frosting was kinda slippery on his skin and he started to squish it around.

He kept sucking all that he could off his finger.

Do you want a bite?

Grandma coordinated with the cake colors. Michael is trying to feed his Great Grandma a bite of birthday cake.

And then I pulled Michael out to transfer him to the sink for a bath.

I washed and washed. He was quite messy (but nothing like Penny!)

He loves to bathe in the sink and so he thought it was just time to play!




I love that little bum.


So since he was all clean, it was time to crawl over to mom

for some MORE birthday cake. Oh sheesh.

He wasn't really excited about opening presents. He's never done it really, but even once we showed it to him he was kinda "whatever" about it. He just wanted to play with what he had already opened and didn't care to move on. We seriously could have stopped after the 1st present and he would have been happy with it (a plastic watering can for his water station toy)



Sean's family came over for the party. Michele and Doug are siblings and they were both there as was Great Grandma Matteson. Doug brought the toy that entertained all my kids.


Michael loves these types of toys that have lids or problems to solve. He's going to be a puzzle solver.


He kept putting his foot up on top of the helicopter. So funny.

He then played catch with Doug. he loves playing catch!


And the night ended with Penny on the opposite spectrum. I didn't get her to bed till after 10pm and I felt lucky she went down. She had some SERIOUS energy.
So, this is what a late nap and ice cream and cake will do to a 3 year old girl at bedtime.

Things Michael can say consistently:
mama, dada, dog, ball, uh-oh, bath, whats that, eat, book, hot, outside, signing time

Things Michael can sign consistently:
ball, bath, eat, please, thank you, dog, cat, bird, fish, horse, car, cheese, milk, cracker, banana, apple, cookie, sandwich, drink, strawberry, outside, signing time, book, bubbles, popcorn, shoes, cereal, hot, cold, hat, up, down, again, more, all done, drink, baby, phone, sleep, plug (pacifier), bear, dad, go, bye bye, hi. 

Animal noises he'll make:
Monkey, dog, horse, owl, kitty, bear, cow, car (not an animal, but a noise)

And, this kid LOVES to dance. Anytime there is music playing you can bet that he's bouncing up and down trying to find the rhythm. He LOVES his brother and has games that he plays specifically with him (smacks him in the face). If I ask where Dominic is, he will look around the room until he makes eye contact with him and then squeal in delight. He likes Penny's hair and often tries to grab it. He will also whine and sign "milk" if Penny is ever sitting in my lap, his way of saying, "thats my mom, get off my turf." He's been known to push her out of my lap. He likes to play peekaboo games with Penny and she often will find him snacks to eat during the day.

 His favorite foods are:
banana, cheerios, raisins, carrots, beans, tomato, cheese, bread, sandwhich, nuts (pre chewed. Don't judge), apples, oranges, smoothies, strawberries, blueberries, scrambled eggs, noodles....the list could go on and on and on. He loves to eat!