Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Kitty sitting

Some friends dropped of their kitties while they went out of town for a few days. Penny is in HEAVEN. She and Stella would not step away for the first couple hours they were here on Sunday morning.
jfmckdj3kmjke4jvk vmjrmmfmfffrt, ghyyyyyylllllllllllln; .mulk.uuuui;;iii777778l;il;8il
(Penny wanted to type)
This says, "I can now hold the kitties because I love it."
It is now almost 1am and Penny is awake playing with the kitties. She came downstairs at almost midnight and said she wasn't sleepy. She had a late nap so I'm letting her play with the kitties since its their last night here anyways. We hit the road to go to so-cal tomorrow afternoon so she'll be able to catch up on her sleep in the car.

How she plays with them is hilarious. She has been coaxing them into paper grocery bags and then picking them up. Oh, she would love a pair of kitties.....but, she will just have to go visit Catherine for that.

We are now off to bed, wish us luck.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Flag Football

Dominic is playing flag football again (they have it spring and fall). He's improved quite a bit since last spring. He's having fun getting to be the center. He snaps the ball.

Dominic has scored several touchdowns which he gets very excited about (so does Sean!)
Also, Sean is the coach. There have been several times where Dominic says, "I'm glad you're my coach dad."

Sean can play a little bit of tough love on the football field and its doing Dominic some good. Sometimes when I'm around, he can expect mom to step in and play referee (my fault, I know, we're working on it!). On the field though, he answers to his coach if he wants to play the game.

Also on the team is Bryson (Catherine's brother) and his dad (Levi) is helping Sean to coach as well. So far, its been a fun season and its been really neat to watch Sean coach the little boys. He's extremely busy with our business and his job, but he's taken coaching on with so much enthusiasm. He is very competitive (meaning he still doesn't like it when they lose) but completely understands that these are little kids and the best thing right now, is to give opportunity to play the game.
It was pretty chilly and Michael only poked his nose out of the blanket now and then.
Sean named the team The Grizzlies, after Dominic's Dad's team in Alaska. Dominic thought it was a great idea and was super excited to let me know the name of the team. When Dominic told me about it, his exact words were, "Its only fair since my Dad in Alaska can't coach me, that we can just name the team The Grizzlies instead."

Cuz, its only fair. =) He's so cute.
Penny ran around with Stella. She even ran across the field once and got in the way of a touchdown (not that it stopped it from happening, just that she could have been trampled). Good job Penny.


We went and picked up a truckload of firewood from a very generous freecyler (I love !!). We've been enjoying cozy fires on these coldish nights which means we're also making smores in the fireplace. Why not?

And so what if a piece of the graham cracker breaks off and sticks to your face. You can just eat it later, it makes the smores last all night long.

Friday, November 19, 2010


Hooray! I'm six months old today.

Here is Michael in a nutshell:

-Rolls over both ways and uses rolling to get places-
-Blows raspberries-
-says "ba ba ba ba"-
-pulls a blanket over his face to play peekaboo-
-sits up with minor assistance-
-sleeps through the night in his crib-
-has 2 teeth-
-eats cereal, gerber veggies and cheerios-
-pull his plug out and can get it back in (even if upside down)-
-wears 12 month clothes-
-munches on his toes-
-weight is 22 pounds-
-his eyes have decided on either light brown or hazel-
-pulls Penny's hair if ever its near-
-slobbers on Dominic-
-switches toy from one hand to the other-
-open and closes fist to get things in his hand(no pincer grasp yet)-

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Chess night

We played a few games of chess tonight. Michael was happy after he got a bottle (I guess I didn't make enough for him tonight.) He was all cheesers after we topped him off with another 4 ounces. He's 6 months old tomorrow. Where does the time go?

Penny set up the first game. Here she is waiting for Sean to set up his half of the board. She did pretty good on her side I thought.
Dominic and I played a game of chess and halfway he says, "Hey, you're a pretty clever player........for a mom." Thanks Dominic, I think. I kicked his butt this time, but he's beat me plenty, believe me.
While Dominic and I played, Penny made a mess with her playdough. She makes the best faces when trying to push the playdough through the garlic press type toy.

We had a good night together as a family (no meltdowns from Dominic, yay! Thats another story. We've had a rough week or so with him, darn 8 y.o. hormones). Sean's been stuck on the computer doing stuff for the business the last few nights nonstop. He always has stuff to do for the business, but lately there is LOTS OF STUFF. Its amazing how fast its growing. The latest development has been adding vitamins and supplements to our inventory. You can see our ebay store by clicking here . He's so good at balancing family, work (with OT) and business. Seriously, I don't know how he does it, but he does an amazing job.


So, I had made some clouds for our Young Women In Excellence night and they looked so fantastic! Our theme was "Forever Excellent" and we tried to make the front look heavenly. It turned out really good. The whole night was good ....and I forgot my camera (but my friend brought hers and I'll get pictures from her).

Anyways, so I had all these clouds and thought that they would look cute in the kids room. I love cloud watching outside and these looked like minature "the real thing." Dominic and Penny like them a lot in there and I get a warm fuzzy feeling when I see them too.

Oh cumulus, how are you?

Not too many, just a few to add some flare. It actually makes their room feel a little smaller, but we like them anyways.
Oh, and I guess you haven't met my curtains yet. I finally put up a curtain rod and curtains in the kids room about 5 months ago. This time of year the sun is really heavy on that side of the house so it has been really nice to have them. These red ones stop right at the bed there (I had to hem them) but they block out all the light so if I close them before the kids go to bed, they don't even know when morning comes! (Dominic doesn't like that and will often request on the weekends that I leave it opened so he can wake up earlier).

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Homemade Christmas

So this year, we're doing homemade. We bought the kids one present each and the rest we are making homemade. Here are a few of the things we are making

doll clothes

shirt applique

coat applique

Now we'll just see how much of it I can actually accomplish before Christmas. I'm also in need of more ideas for an 8 year old boy. Got any?

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Getting Stronger

Michael is getting so strong. He can push himself all the way up onto his arms and put them straight and he scoots all around the living room, turning and rolling and inching forwards. He's such a handsome little guy and totally enjoys being on the floor.

He loves this bouncy seat about as much as Penny did. He's strong enough now that he's able to pull himself up and bat at the toys. This means that I can't leave him alone in the chair anymore though, even if he's strapped in. Yesterday, he was in the chair and I was on the phone and I heard him grunt, I looked over and he had fallen over the side but was still buckled in. He wasn't crying, just voicing that he was stuck in a grunting kind of way. It was kinda humerous actually.
Here he is reaching for the toys. Seriously. He's getting so big. These are 12 month pajamas and almost too small. He's not even 6 months yet. I'm going to start calling him Moose Jr. after a friend of mine from back home.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Thankfulness Tree

For family home evening tonight, we made a Thankfulness tree. I busted out the glitter glue pens and Dominic made the tree trunk. I picked out all the autumn colors of paper and cut out a zillion leaves (5 sheets at a time).
I taught Dominic (and Penny) the difference between the Topical Guide (scripture references) and the Bible Dictionary (a definition) by looking up the word thanksgiving or thanks. We learned how to navigate around when it refers the word to somewhere else and then we looked up a couple scriptures on Thanksgiving.

Afterwards, we all started writing down many things that we are thankful for. We came up with quite a list and it was fun to see the creativity. We have SO MANY things to be thankful for. These are just a few:
I did not anticipate that Penny would be as engrossed as she was, but seriously what was I thinking....its glitter and drawing all in one. She was so concentrated on getting the "words" just right. If I asked her what it was before she was done she would get all bothered and then say, "I'm not done yet, don't ask." As if to imply, "of course you can't tell what it says, I'm not finished writing it!"
Look at her hold her other hand steady:

Getting all the leaves on was quite the task, but they fit just perfectly.

Here was our finished tree which I will hang up somewhere in the family room once its dry.
Some of the highlights. We are thankful for:

the temple (notice the temple and angel moroni)
The Bishop and Dr. Couch (Penny thinks of him synonymously with his profession since we know him both ways). If she's ever talking to the bishop she is quick to remind us that that is her dentist also. If we are seeing the dentist, she is quick to remind us that he is also Bishop Couch. So when she said, "this says Bishop... *long pause* and Doctor Couch," I couldn't help but burst into laughter.
Randomly she's thankful for snakes.

Dominic and I were in a fit of laughters over her being thankful for a Moose. A Moose Penny? Really? It was so random and she was so animated when she told us what it was. There was no hesitation in her voice, those 3 green dots definitely say, "a moose."

Dominic asked me if he could be thankful for the computer. I was quick to tell him the many reason why we could, of course, be thankful for the computer!! Helloooooo! How would I blog otherwise?!
Dominic learned this year the reality of Santa but he thought it fun to keep the tradition going and help Penny still believe so he put that we were thankful for Santa.
My sad attempt at an earth. The dark green was't coming out all that great.

Wonderpets, America and Great Grandma.
Three very amazing and wonderful things we have to be thankful for!

This was a very last minute FHE and I've actually found that those are the best. I didn't have a lesson planned or anything but one just happened anyways. I love my little family.
They are my sunshine and the first leaf I put on our Thankfulness Tree.

What are you thankful for?

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Friday, November 12, 2010

WINNER - menu board

So I used and I generated a number based on the 22 comments. Julia, you won.

But wait....Julia wasn't supposed to be in the contest, I already sent you one for your birthday.

So, the new winner is:



However, if you want to make one and don't have access to a cricut I have a ton of vinyl and can get it cut and mail you the letters (for freeeeee). The catch is you have to make 2 and give one away (hello, Christmas present).

So, if you didn't win and you want to have one still, leave a comment and I'll send you the letters for 2 sets of menu boards.
Buy Your Own Frames

Leave a comment with how many you want and I'll get a hold of you for your address if needed.

Thank you everyone for writing how I know you. It was fun to read your version of our meeting. Now here's mine:

Nikki: I was your visiting teacher when I lived with Sean's Gma, we became instant friends. Our kids did gymnastics together before I bailed and switched to a different time. You take on insane projects with such grace (food storage groups).

Bethany: I'm your visiting teacher now(please forgive the past 5ish months)! I was so excited to become friends when we moved into the ward. Our son's pass notes to each other in church sometimes.

Shannon: Yes, walking infomercial. Lets not forget that you were always there for me, even when I didn't know I needed it (wanna do lunch?). You aren't afraid to offer kindness even in the face of the most uncomfortable circumstances that you perhaps have no way to relate to. You were just there for me. Always.

Mom: You are the most amazing mother I've ever had....and not just because you're the only one. You taught me the Gospel of Jesus Christ. You made me home made bread and jam. You taught me to knit, cook and clean (how can I tell that Katie cooked?!)
10 kids, 10 pregnancies, 10 10 10. How did you ever do it?! I absolutely love you with all that I am.

Gayle: I know you we go to church together. You like to mug on my baby and yes, I'm neighbors with your parents. You always dress so stunning and have an amazingly contagious smile!

Jodi: We went to high school together and I remember you from volleyball and Math Class. Ms. fun. I stayed at your house in Palmer on Halloween for a roadtrip (with the rest of the team)....we took our SAT's on that trip, the day after Halloween (who scheduled that I want to know......thank goodness I did well, I had no idea what I was doing!).

Katy: I know you from our ward in Sacramento (the pocket). Those were the best playgroups I've ever been to. It was so nice to know that Tuesday from 3-5 EVERY WEEK my friends would be at the park. I was also your visiting teacher and we chatted business now and then. I blog stalk you on a regular basis. You have a way with words.

Tracy: I first met you because we were in singles ward together in Fairbanks and you were great friends with my ex-husband. You are one of those friends who nobody could ever lose, even through divorce. =)

Emily: Yes, I made your prom dress. Our families know each other but I don't really know you. I went to your wedding reception while I was in Fairbanks though (woot woot!). I think the warmest it got while I was there that week was -38 and nobody turned their cars off while we were at your reception.

Melissa: I met you at singles branch in Fairbanks. We had some great dinner groups together. Those were the days right? I remember one time you made the bomb-est spaghetti and nobody could get enough. You ran out of noodles after the second or third batch. We drove out to Circle Hot springs with you for a Singles activity.

Cristin: Your husband was my home teacher and you and I got to serve in the Relief Society Presidency together in BYU 140th ward. Those were great times, hard...but great. You guys offered/forced me to allow you to take Dominic so I could go out on dates and not come home till 2-3 in the morning. I ended up marrying him, THANK YOU!

Jolene: I was your visiting teacher in Sacramento. I loved our visits, its really the only time I got to visit with you and you had the sweetest little family. Your oldest daugher's name matched mine and it was easy to remember.

Julia: You are my sister and you just had a birthday. You are an old fart.

Tanya: We lived in the same apartment complex yet we rarely ever saw each other. Twilight brought us together. Your oldest reminds me of me.

Mackenzie: I watched my first R rated movie at your house and I think it scarred me for life! hahahah. You were friends with my sister Annie and so we knew a lot of the same people.

Eva: You are the silliest sister I have. I used to steal your clothes and perfume growing up. ONE time I told you to shuuuuuuuut-uuuup and I slammed the door in your face.

Miranda: I know you because I know your husband. He helped me through some hard times and according to him, I can never do enough to repay him for that.....ever. We blog stalk each other.

Vicky: I met you at Singles Branch in Fairbanks. I remember you talking about how hot it got in Sacramento growing up and you had to ride your bike in the mid-day heat (you grew up in Sac)I remember trying to understand, but not really. I COMPLETELY understand now. I love that we can always just pick up right where we left off.

Merilee: Is that how our husbands know each other? I guess I forgot. If we lived closer we'd be friends even if our husbands didn't know each other. I totally GET you. And I think those boys of yours are pretty darn funny and cute.

Colleen: I absolutely remember you. I'm glad you entered. Isn't my sister the best?

Kristina: I know you from Fairbanks. I remember carrying a HUGE painting 2 blocks to your new house. We hung out A LOT in the summers especially when you lived just under the bridge from me. Those were some fun times! Remember going to Willow for a race your dad was in and you got to ride in the car for a while on the way back? I was so jealous.

Naomi: I met you at church here in CP and we've been in two wards together. Our girls are little besties and our youngest sons will be too someday. Your oldest boys are a year older and a year younger than my Dominic. We walk and talk and walk and talk like nobody's business. We share a lot of the same philosophies in life but I like that even when we don't, we still keep talking. Its what girls do best!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Penny the photographer

I heard the camera the other day and from the kitchen, told Penny to stop playing with it. She must have taken these before I heard her (because certainly she would obey and put the camera down when I asked her right?)

My budding photographer. These make me smile

Her two legs and feet, sitting on the couch. I see she remembered to put the flash up.

This is her favorite pillow and she has claimed it as hers. Pretty much nobody can use it, especially Dominic (she really is a stinker sometimes).
I love our ceiling fan but I don't think I've ever photographed it. Thank you Penny.

Super cute-ness

Catherine and her brother came over and played all day on Saturday. We had SO MUCH FUN. Penny and Catherine are the best of little friends. I've had to try to get her to branch out a little because she's becoming demandingly obsessed with seeing her bestie. Its pretty cute actually. They both communicate so well with eachother and though not without meltdowns, have the perfect little friendship.

They painted together and didn't get upset with eachother at all (usually with 2, 3 year olds you get meltdowns over someone painting on your spot or using the color you wanted, etc....nada!).

They made 3 masterpieces, one of which I hung in Penny's room. I'll post a picture tomorrow, she says its a shark but it looks exactly like someone taking a jump on skiis.
Dominic and Sean have been playing a little Guitar hero (guitar spakin' as Sean likes to call it) the past few nights. I LOVE this picture, it makes me smile.

Get your plane tickets

I told you he's yummy.

Here's another one of my haircut. I think my biggest twin in the family is Joe. The older I get, the more I see it. (which means Joe looks like an older woman? hahaha).


Penny learned how to trace her own hand. Quite cool actually...up to this point, whenever she tried to do it, it would just end up a bunch of lines but they weren't connected. I never corrected her, she just eventually figured it out. She was so proud. This was actually the third time she'd done it. The first one she ever did was when she was making Penny Grandma's birthday card. She squealed in absolute delight.

This guy is so fun to have around. We all kinda like him.
I got my hair cut again. It had been 5 months and was getting quite shaggy. I really like the cut this time. I can not do it and it looks great....thats my kind of haircut. Michael is watching the cars going around on the track. This kept him entertained for quite a while.
SANTA got this racecar set for Dominic last year and we've only played with it a handful of times. Each time we play with it another piece of the track breaks. I loves this set, but am really bothered by how easily it breaks (and it wasn't cheap!). Oh well, things are just things and they had SO MUCH FUN with it the other night.
Thats all for now, just a quick update. Stay tuned for nakey baby pics.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Found Watch

Dominic found a watch outside at the library over a month ago. Have I ever told you how much I really think gold jewelry is tacky? I have just never liked it (sorry if you feel otherwise). So anyways......he wanted to keep the watch, an obvious ladies watch. I told him that he would need to go turn it in at the library because whoever the owner was, they might be looking for it. So he took it into the library. I thought it would be forgotten and we'd never have to see the watch again (yay!). Who needs more junk around the house (aka $5 watch that he can't wear cuz its a ladies watch).

A few weeks passed and he was dying to go back to the library to see if it was still there. We did and it was there but the lady at the counter said that it had to stay for a month. He put his phone number with the watch to be called if the owner didn't show up by November 9th. So, yesterday he begged to go see if the watch was still there. Guess what? It was. Happy, happy, joy, joy.

Dominic is now the new proud owner of a fake, gold, ladies watch. He asked me if he could sell it to which I replied, "Dominic, I'm sorry. Its an ugly fake gold watch that probably cost $5 at Walmart. Nobody is going to buy it."

I told him it might be kinda fun to just take a apart and see all the parts inside and how it goes together. Darn, no teeny screwdriver.

Fast forward to last night. I finally PICK UP THE WATCH. Its actually pretty heavy and upon further inspection, very well made. Wow, it fits nicely and doesn't look half bad. Whats this? Swiss MOVADO Made? I wonder what brand that is.

Fast forward to me finding the movado website and realizing that Dominic is the new proud owner of a $695 dollar watch. He couldn't be more stoked and Mom's eating humble pie. Maybe I kinda like gold after all.

Monday, November 08, 2010

Menu board Contest

I am a very visual person. If I see something, I remember it. Likewise, if I write something down on a checklist, I'm more apt to do it. I've been working off a menu for a while and wanted a cleaner way to see it (the papers stuck to a magnet on the side of my fridge was becoming an eye sore). So, I saw this online somewhere and modified it to what I wanted.
Meet, my menu board.
An 8 1/2 by 11 inch picture frame (use any size you like. I wanted white and this was on sale at Michaels, I really wanted a 12X12 frame, but they didn't have them in white. I'm COMPLETELY happy with this size though).
These frames were $5 a piece
I purchased some black vinyl and my friend used her cricut machine to cut out vinyl letters for me (cost $6.50 with Michaels coupon plus I only used an eency bit of the vinyl. I have lots left.)
I adhered the vinyl letters to the glass
Placed a piece of decorative paper in the frame (you want to go with colors or something light so that you can see what you write) and VIOLA. Use dry erase markers to write in your menu every week.

(mind you that says chicken and salad not chicken salad with rice-a-roni, thats home made chicken pot pie and home made salmon fish sticks, Don't get all grossed out by my menu by thinking of the store-bought versions, okay? hahaha)
My chore board has been the best idea ever to help me get extra chores done. I always make time for the essential cleaning but the extra's get pushed to "tomorrow." Sometimes tomorrow comes and sometimes it doesn't. I've been using this board for 1 week now and so far, I love it.

I also write next to mine another chore and underline it. This is the chore Dominic is expected to do on that day. Since its written down, I've had ZERO complaints from him..... its like magic.

So, drumroll please.
I have an extra menu board.
Please leave a comment and tell me how I know you (I will include comments in my printed version of my blog so now I'll have a record of who you are and how I know you).
If I don't know you, just tell me that. =)

I will use to draw a name from the entries and one person will win my extra menu board (blank, you have to add the paper).

Contest ends Friday, November 12th at 10pm PST and will be announced on my blog.

Are you excited? Read, set....GO!

**Julia, you have no need to enter (unless you want another one to give away).
Happylatebirthday!! Yours is in the mail tomorrow.