Saturday, October 30, 2010


Dominic had a substitute today at school. The sub (Mrs. Hayden) is a friend (Michelle) of mine from our previous ward. He always likes it when she is his sub. Today she told me that Dominic was the only one at 4-square today and so he asked her if she would play with him; she obliged. They played for a few minutes and then other kids started to show up and fill in the other squares. Dominic introduced Mrs. Hayden to the other guys and then said quietly, but still loud enough for her to hear, "play easy on her guys, play easy on her." I just about died laughing when she told me.

Penny has been loving all our Halloween loot. Since Halloween falls on the Sabbath this year, we are skipping out on the festivities for that night since its not an activity that will bring us closer to Christ on his day of rest. However, we've been enjoying all the pre-Halloween activities just fine. We went to Sean's work on Wednesday and trick-or-treated around to all the cubicles (I love this because its Sean's time to shine. He's so proud of all his kiddos and I love hearing him introduce them to his friends at work). We got a lot of candy on Wednesday. Then today we trunk-or-treated at the church (pictures later). Anyways, yesterday Penny was eating candy

all. day. long.

Good, get it gone. But still, at some point, enough is enough. I was upstairs and she was downstairs with Daddy and asked if she could eat, "this one." He told her to go ask Mom and so she trudged up the stairs and asked me. I said sure. She went back downstairs and found another piece she wanted to eat in her pumpkin and proceeded to ask Daddy again and he again told her to ask Mommy. She trudged back upstairs and asked me at which point I said, "no, thats enough."


She went back downstairs, found a DIFFERENT piece of candy out of her pumpkin and began the process again. Again, I told her, "No, thats enough." She came back downstairs, fumbled through her pumpkin, and found one more piece of candy that she wanted to eat. This time she went up to Daddy and said, "Daddy, don't tell me to go ask Mommy okay? Can I eat this candy?"

How can you say no to that?

Okay sorry, enough wordy posts already. Trunk-or-treating pictures to come tomorrow.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Homework prompts

Every Thursday Dominic comes home with his paragraph book. Each page has a prompt and some questions to guide him. The students are supposed to expound on the questions and then write a paragraph. Here was the prompt from today:

If you were a professional sports star...

His paragraph is as follows:

If I were a professional sports player I would be a wrestler. It would work for me because I am very strong and fast and a quick thinker. I think I would make lots of money because I would wrestle strong, big guys that can push hard. I would always sign autographs for free. I think I would do healthy snack commercials to make you stronger and beat people easier. Id probably have to stop wrestling at the age of 40 because its just too old and you could get beat up too easily. When I'm done I would be an author for wrestling books. That's why wrestling would be a good sport for me.

I love it I love it I love it!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Face puppets

My mom made 2 of these for all of us kids 2 years ago (which means she made 20+) . I love them. We had them out on Sunday and we laughed pretty hard. I'm going to be making a few for the Young Women at church to use for singing Christmas Carols at our Ward Breakfast with Santa. Should be fun....lots of sewing though. =)

Me (Katie):


Smooky Pumpkins

Penny has been entertained by all things "smooky" lately (its how she says spooky). She likes to turn of the lights and then tell everyone how smooky it looks. I personally love how intense the word comes out of her mouth and the fact that she's saying it wrong. I just can't correct it...not yet anyways.

So, tonight we had our pumpkin carving FHE. Dominic did his from start to finish ( I had to help him scrape the inside, but he gutted it.) I was so proud of him! When lit up, it looks really SMOOKY.

Sidenote: In Alaska we would carve our pumpkins at the beginning of October and enjoy them all month. They froze as soon as you put them outside so it didn't really matter when you did them. In fact many people would put them out, then bake them into pumpkin pie come Thanksgiving. Every year Sean has to remind me that we can't start so early, except this year...I finally remembered. The temperate weather here does not permit us to carve pumpkins so early and have them last till Halloween. Tops: 1 week, we're pushing it by doing it today.

I finished carving mine and Penny's and started feeding Michael while Dominic and Dad finished theirs. This boy was so talkative tonight.
Every year Sean complains about carving pumpkins. He claims to hate it (the same with dying Easter eggs) but he puts on his happy face and does it anyways. I'm not sure if its an act to be dramatic (he'll love that I wrote that) or if he really doesn't like it. Either way.....I'm glad he does it anyways. Even if I do have to be the one to scrape out his pumpkin every year (he guts it, I scrape it).

Penny liked it when we lit the candle inside and then she would turn out the lights, comment how "smooky" it is and then blow it out.

Dominic's SMOOKY pumpkin

Penny opted for a happy face. She drew it, I cut it.

Dad, mom, Dominic and Penny. I didn't have enough candles so I had to use glow sticks in all but Dominic's.

Another project done today (besides folding and putting away the 5 loads of laundry from Friday) was that I hemmed my curtains. They were about 8 inches too long and just bunched up on the floor at the bottom. It was also 4 panels and so I had to sew them together so that there were two panels instead of 4. It turned out perfect. =) didn't really take that long (maybe 1 hour total), I just really didn't want to do it.

Behind this curtain is our sliding glass door that leads out to our sideyard. When we moved in, it had vertical blinds. I hate vertical blinds. The End.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Apple Hill

We are very fortunate to live 15 minutes from heaven, Apple Hill. I never knew that there were so many delicious kinds of apples until I lived here. Picked straight from the tree, the apples flavor is amazing (go figure!).

This time of year is their harvest festival time with craft booths and hay rides and APPLE DONUTS. Apple donuts are amazing cake donuts with apple chunks and cinnamon in the batter. TO . DIE . FOR .

Here are Dominic, Stella and Penny trying to budge that pumpkin at the pumpkin patch.
He made it budge, but that was about it.

Penny went on a pony ride. It was awesome. She wasn't scared at all and her little pony was so cute. She was in heaven.
At one point her pony shook his head for a few seconds. She giggled so much and told me how her pony was shaking. She kept reaching down to pet his mane. The ride lasted quite a while and consequently, so did her smile.

There was a little wooden train to play on that they had fun with. She and Stella kept ringing the bell.
Face painting! This was Penny's first time ever getting her face painted and she loved it.
I picked her this teeny little apple from above our car. We got to park in the apple orchard between t trees.

All the trees had been picked already so I let Dominic climb away and see if he could pick a few that he could get to. He REALLY liked that. I can't wait to have all kinds of fruit trees someday and send him out to pick me my produce.

We love apple hill! Last year I canned some peaches that I purchased up there. So amazing. We are finally getting to the last few jars and it was so perfect to be able to eat them all year (and share with family and friends). I plan to can a bunch more this year.

My 3 Yidders

Penny skipped her nap a few days ago and by 4pm was tuckered out. She was sitting on this chair just babbling away in this position while I was nursing Michael on the couch. Then, all of the sudden, it was quiet. I knew immediately that she must have fallen asleep but it wasn't until I looked over that I realized she had perched herself on the chair like this. She really did look VERY comfortable.

So cute:

Dominic loves to hold and love on Michael. He likes it when Michael tries to eat him and ends up in fits of laughter. These two boys of mine are so good to eachother. I love seeing Michael light up when he sees Dominic, and Dominic get excited to hold Michael. They are perfect brothers like that.

I asked Dominic what his favorite thing about Michael is and he said, "That he's cute, fat, chubby, slobbers and that he laughs."
He's always saying how he'll never trade Michael for ANYTHING, yesterday it was "not even 1,000,000 cupcakes."
Love him.

Meanwhile, Sean told me yesterday that he can't imagine ever being done having kids. He just looks at their little faces and just is smitten over and over by how much he loves these kiddos.
I told him that's a good sign that we're not done. I agree that they are lots of fun and we love being parents. We give thanks to our Heavenly Father every day for our little family.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Michael, Michael Bo Bichael

Michaels second tooth came in a few days ago. I love the little toofer grin.
I also loved the hood on this jumper. It was made well (normally hoods on baby clothes are a joke).

He learned his spitting trick from his uncle Spencer I think (my bro). Spencer's stupid human trick is that he can let out a string of drool, taller than he is, and then suck it back up. Its amazingly disgusting. Go get em Michael. This is actually his blowing air face. I love feeling that little stream of air.
This little grin has us all smitten.
He is my happiest baby by far!! (and my other babies were happy).
To explain the title:

Penny is a little bit obsessed with the me, mi, mo song. Take any word and say

Penny, Penny Bo Benny Banana fanna fo fenny, me my mo menny, Penny.

She does it ALL . DAY . LONG
With whatever word she is thinking about it. Sometimes with a few words strung together like

Its cold outside, Its cold outside, bo bold outside, banana fana fo fold outside, me my mo mold outside, cold outside

We had a great time last week after her friend Tucker came over and she started singing.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

A few good shots

We've had a couple SUPER busy weeks for some reason. Perhaps this is just our season for busy-ness (not talking about holidays but about life with kids, callings and friends). Here's the camera's proof that we had time to breathe:
David and Catherine came over to play while their mom went to get some dental work done. Michael and David are 5.5 weeks apart (if you ask Naomi she typically says 6, if you ask me I typically say 5......thats because we're both right depending on which way your round. ha ha ha.). David is older. They are both big fella's at this point and had a lot of fun sharing a piece of play corn.
I love this shot of penny's ragamuffin hair. It is such a pretty picture to me. She as watching Wonderpets.
Sometimes she watches TV upside down. Seriously. I died laughing when I turned the corner.
This is probably the most detailed painting that she's ever done. She told me what each thing was as she painted it. The only thing I didn't label was the "red thing." I painted that.

Dominic said, "Thats a really nice mushroom mom. You did a good job painting it."
To which I replied, "thanks Dominic, thats really sweet of you. However, it was an umbrella."
Dominic.... "Oh, it doesn't look like an umbrella."

So much for those two semesters of art in college (I can paint people really well).
This picture has double duty. WE FINALLY TIE-DYED SHIRTS! Didn't Dominic's turn out great? I've been super intimidated to do this, but it was so easy. I purchased the kit at Michael's (coupon makes them fairly inexpensive, around $5) and it came with 3 colors and all the supplies needed. We were able to dye 4 shirts and next time, I think we could even do 6 or 7 now that I know what I'm doing.

So, I saved a flier from last year about a rock and gem show. The date finally came and I'm so glad I took Dominic (and a friend of his). They had There were tons of activities for them to do and we came home with quite a few cool rocks. Dominic is still in love with rocks, who knows....maybe he's my budding geologist. Best of all, most of the activities were free.
He's getting so big. Can you believe he's a 3rd grader?

Dominic and Penny helped me feed Michael. He is such a good eater. Towards the end of the day, around dinnertime-ish, Michael eats just over 1 cup of food. I've been mixing a bunch of rice cereal with 1/2 a jar of baby food (so far just veggies). He loves it, all of it. It doesn't matter what it is that I feed him, he completely loves it.

He recognizes the bowl when I get it out and the sign for food. I can tell because he goes crazy moving his hands and panicking for something to eat. We're also working on the sign for milk.

I love the squish on this boy. I can smell him in this picture, he smells sooooo good. Both Penny and Dominic will smell on him and exclaim how good he smells.

There. We're alive and breathing and having a great week. Dominic's teacher on Monday sent me an e-mail that said:

"I just wanted you to know that Dominic was “at the top of his game” today. He was paying attention, doing his best, finishing work accurately, and asking to help or do Independent Math when he was done early. It was a great day!"

I was so proud of him! He's been struggling with starting work before the direction has been completely given and then doing things incorrectly or not knowing what to do because he missed direction (its the curse of being in the top of the class...sometimes you think you're too smart). Dominic is so good about taking those things I ask him to work on to heart and putting forth his best effort. Since I'm not there to monitor that, I was so happy to hear that an effort is in fact being made on his part AND being noticed on theirs. =) Way to be Dominic!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Caramel Apples

Penny started helping me today with the task of unwrapping caramels for caramel apples. I knew she was going to love this job. She's always one to pick at things, unwrap things and likes the fine motor skills toys. I just did not know how incredibly cute it would be to watch.


I could do about 10 in the amount of time it took her to do one. But, she did quite a few (probably 50 or so) and stuck with it right to then end. It took us about 30 minutes maybe? Now, off to melt them to make carmel apples with some kiddos today.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Las Vegas

Sean and his sister went to a seminar in Vegas last weekend and so we tagged along for the ride (Sean's sister and mom live in Vegas).
We had SO MUCH FUN. Though, I seriously got close to no sleep. Michael was waking up every hour because he was teething. It took me 3 nights sleep to recover. Thankfully, the tooth came through and he went back to sleeping all night again.

Grandma has a pool and hot tub and she turned the heat on just for us. It was REALLY NICE! Penny and Dominic had so much fun in the pool. Even Michael was enjoying himself (man he can kick!)

Who's eyebrows are those?
Dad was at his seminar while we were eating bon-bons by the pool. Its what I do best.

I've got to get this kid some flippers, he thinks they are the coolest things ever (he had tons of fun with Ammon and Micah over Labor Day swimming with their flippers).

This is Beau. He is a few months older than Penny and Gma babysits him a few times a month on Sundays. They came over for the evening on Friday (Beau and his parents) He's darling and quite the ball of energy. We got them to stand still long enough to take a picture together. Grandma loves these kids.
If there is anyone that Penny looks like more than her daddy, it would be Courtney. I'll take that any day, Courtney is beautiful inside and out and I love how much my kids adore her (because she adores them).
We played electronic monopoly (FUN!) and Penny was enamored with the card swiper. She wanted to put her card in and push all the buttons.
Waiting patiently for us to finish someone's turn so she can have the swiper back. Those curls are post swimming curls.....they just happened.

I took a picture and then put the game away so we would know where we were on the board the next day. Its too bad Monopoly takes so stinking long to play!!!
Grandma treated the kids to a Disney show at a nearby hotel theater. It was a live presentation of Mickey's magic Show. It was a lot of fun and Penny and Dominic really enjoyed it. At the end they cut someone in half....I've always been confused at how they do that.

Nephi, Mr. Checkers told you the secret a bajillion years ago and you swore not to you think you could tell now?
I love my little Mickey
These were our seats. There was only 1 row behind us. We had a great view though! I'm sure there were people on the floor that didn't have a good a view as we had.
Michael sacked out HARD during the show. I actually nursed him because nobody was sitting to the side of us, we were up against a wall, and he fell asleep. He slept on Grandma for quite a while.......

when his eyes opened, he just lay there....snuggling. So sweet.
Goofy, Minnie, Donald and the flesh.
Saturday night we turned up the heat again in the pool and chillaxed. It was soooo nice. Even Sean got in. I was starting to get all "sprinkly" (as Penny calls it... for wrinkly).

Meet Heidi. The cutest long-haired wiener dog ever. Penny was scared of her for the first few hours of us being there. Then, I guess she just decided that 12 inches of dog isn't that intimidating after all. I never thought I would say this, but I would love to get a long haired wiener dog......... Heidi is so cute to me (though I hate that she puts her wet nose on my legs all the

Sacked out on the way back home on Sunday. My kids watched so many Sunday movies in the car we had more church than most people do in a month!
I love that little face. She looked so cute with the headphones on but every time Sean went over a bump or around a corner, they would jostle off and she would chastise Sean. So funny.

Michael is such a good traveler! He never fussed once in the car!