Friday, July 30, 2010

and I am a Mormon

I watched all these videos last night and LOVED them (not gonna lie, a few of them made my eyes water). I really liked Jane Clayson Johnson's, a very accomplished person in the worlds eye.....who put it all on the backburner to be a mother. What an amazing woman.


I am a wife, a mother, a pseudo-hairdresser, an alto, a patriot, a middle child, an Alaskan. My name is Katie Matteson and I'm a Mormon.

How would you say yours?

Monday, July 26, 2010

Mr. Cool

Sadly, there are some outfits that I didn't get out soon enough. This one won't last long but was worthy of a good picture. I love his smile. And he is Mr. Cool. He's such an easy baby so far and I hope I'm not jinx-ing myself by saying so. The only time he cries is when he's poopy, hungry or tired. I just start eliminating those things and eventually find the root of the problem. And when he's tired, he's pretty good about just going to sleep, he just needs to be swaddled. He's so mellow and loves to look at people. He smiles at anyone, not just his family. He talks in "goo" sounds. He's finally enjoying a toy hanging above him and will "goo" at a toy in his carseat for 20 minutes at a time. When he sits in his bouncy seat, he gets excited and kicks and kicks while his eyes get real big with excitement.
Any suggestions on who he looks like yet? We still can't pinpoint it.
Penny wanted a couple pictures as well. She LOVES to hold Michael. Today, she made him into a pizza and when she was all done, she rolled him over. Oops, sorry Michael. He made a pretty yummy pizza though. I wanted to eat him.
After I folded the laundry the other day, I had left a stack of these kitchen towels on the counter all folded and ready to put in the drawer. Penny decided to put them away for me and hung them ALL up on the oven. She's such a good helper.

Friday, July 23, 2010


So Michael has been sleeping through the night now. Its so nice. I get good sleep. He goes down around 8/9pm and doesn't usually wake up to nurse until 6/7ish and then goes back to bed after he eats until around 8/9 or so.

However, apparently he seems to be underfed because the last two nights he's drank all the milk my body can make and then fussed for more. Last night he drank an additional 1 ounce of formula from a bottle. Tonight he drank an additional 2 ounces of formula and then sacked out hard. Thats all he wanted, was a little more food.

I'd say I'm making less milk because he's sleeping longer and cut out that one feeding at night BUT I've stayed up and pumped the last few nights because Sean and I have a date on Saturday and we're leaving him with a I don't know what the deal-y-o is.

Poor guy, cuz he's just so underfed. Can't you tell?

He had his 2 month appointment earlier this week and he weighed 14 pounds 13 ounces. I don't remember how long they said he was, but it was in the 90th percentile (his weight was in the 97th percentile).

I wub him.
Nurse me skinny please, nurse me skinny.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

2 Month Mark

Hooray! We've made it to the 2 month mark. For me, 2 months is a big milestone. I've usually started to figure out some sort of schedule with my child and can (attempt to) plan my day accordingly. We've had some great days planned out just to the T with being in the car, and nap/feeding schedules. And, Michael is now sleeping through the night.
Last night he slept for 9 hours...and I slept GOOD, and had the drool marks to prove it. hahaha....TMI? He drank milk (I pumped) from a bottle the other day, no problem. So far, he's a pretty dreamy baby. His smiles melt me.
This caught me off guard when I saw it. I laughed out loud.

We went to the library for an activity a few weeks ago and they did beads and made necklaces and bracelets. I found some beads at the dollar store and some pipe cleaners and let Penny go to town. She's been making bracelets for people left and right. She loves it. Today I had to go to Michaels and get a bigger stash because she used them all up.

So cute.
Our squishy....
Penny made a trail of food.
We played a few rounds of connect4......which with a 2 year old, just ends up being drop checkers into the game-board. We had fun.
Pretending to talk to Cassie (her babysitter) on the phone:
He really likes his toys and hits them with his hands. He'll follow a toy up and down and side to side.
Hanging out. I love the outfits on both of them. Penny LOVES her rainbow dress.
These old eye shadows of mine are really light and I never use them. I gave them to Penny and she LOVES them. They are light enough that they don't hurt my carpet or furniture and barely show up on her face. She and a friend had fun doing eachothers' eyes.
She looks so different in these because of the colors on her
14 days till Dominic gets home. We miss him.

I had a dream the other night that he was here in the middle of the night walking from his room to the bathroom. I told Sean that Dominic was here and asked him if he knew why. He said he didn't and I went and grabbed him and hugged and hugged Dominic. I was so happy to see him, but I knew it was a dream. I gave him his pacifier and Sean asked me why I was doing that. I told him it didn't matter because he wasn't real, I was just dreaming and if he wanted a pacifier in my dream he could have one. I hugged and hugged on him. Then I woke up. Thanks for visiting me Dominic, even if it was a dream.........

Sunday, July 18, 2010


Its the longest I've ever been away from Alaska. Its been 1 whole year. I feel weird. I'm usually taking Dominic up there a few times a year but now Penny is getting older and I've had another child and its harder to travel cheaply so I've been sending other family members to take Dominic back and forth. I've always been able to go back for a short visit here and there until this year.......For the first time in my life........

I really miss home

This is my parents house. We moved here just before my Junior year of High School. It was our first HOME to call ours and sits on almost 6 acres of grassy land (used to be a sheep farm and thats why we call it the farm). Its a house with "character" and I love it. Wild Raspberries, blueberries and nagoonberries grow all well as moose, rabbit and an occasional black bear (my dad killed one on our front porch, there's a hole in the porch to prove it).

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Family Pictures May 2010

I just got my CD in the mail today and most of my pictures (I'm still awaiting one package with our AWESOME gallery wrap print. I can't wait for it yet sadly, since it didn't come today, I will HAVE to wait until Monday to get it.)
Sean wanted family pictures with his pregnant wife. I was VERY PREGNANT. These were 11 days before Michael was born. I'm glad we did them and I really love how they turned out. Here were our favorites.

This is the family picture that we did on the gallery wrap canvas. I'm seriously excited to put this on our wall as after living here for a year, our walls are still bare.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Tie and Suspenders

So its a 0-3 month onsie. I'll be making him another I suppose in a week or two in a larger size I think I'll skip the whole 3-6 month size and go straight to 6-9 month. But, isn't it CUTE?

I love my little squishy.

Speaking of squishy, each time I say it to him I think of this:


My Dad is seriously funny always. I love watching Bill Cosby because he reminds me of my Dad (except for the fact that Bill has a tan). My Dad calls this game Gnip-Gnop (thats Ping-Pong backwards). We had a Gnip-Gnop table in Barrow and we all got pretty good since there is nothing better to do in Barrow.

We went to Camp Nauvoo and crashed our old Ward's campout. There was a Gnip-Gnop table set up so Penny and I played a game or two. Penny was intense. This one's for you Grandpa!

Beautiful personality

We meant to take some pictures BEFORE we left for church. Lately I can pull Penny's hair into a ponytail and its so darn cute. But, by the end of Sunday her hair was completely frazzled. Oh well, pictures anyways. I love the expressions she used.
A courtsey:
Whatchutalin' bout Willis?
So sweet.

Fun Fact: The yellow "SHIRT" is actually a 9 month old dress. It fits her just fine as a shirt and came with yellow plaid bloomers to match!

All smiles

Michael is a really really good and happy baby. He wakes up in the mornings, just as happy as can be. He also LOVES getting his diapers changed. As soon as we put him on the changing table he starts smiling.

I love this picture of he and Daddy smiling. Though you can't see Sean's face, you can tell by the wrinkle on the side of his eye and his high cheek that he's grinning from ear to ear over this guy.

Taking care of two babies. She's so quick to go to Michael when he fusses and try to figure out what is wrong, even if she is in the middle of taking care of her other babies.
Babies everywhere!
Not mom's LITTLE tiger...its mom's BIG tiger. I love that his chin is just a presence of a half circle under his mouth.
She loves to look at her curl.
I love the face from both of them. This was right after Penny finished telling Michael, "That's our mommy over there Michael. She's really nice." hee hee.

Dominic left us a note on his mirror. I was instructed not to go in his bathroom until he left town. I haven't erased it...I can't. He was learning cursive at the end of the school year and LOVES to practice anytime he can.
I love when babies sleep like this with their butt in the air.

I remember one time when I was 3 waking up like this and being SO COMFORTABLE that I didn't move for another 10 minutes or so. I then remember never being able to get that comfortable ever again, though I would try and try and try.