Thursday, March 25, 2010


Dominic's class performed a Hoedown today. It was a lot of fun to watch. Penny thought Dominic was quite famous up there and kept saying "thats my brother down there!"

Funny how every time she announced what song they were going to dance to next all the boys went "aaaaaaaawww," as if to say they hated it. However, their faces during the dances told a completely different story.

Best looking cowboy I've ever seen

going under the head couple and down the line.

Yeee haw!

Enjoy the clips! We've already watched them like 5 times each. Penny loves it.
Dominic's favorite Dance was the Spanish song where they do the silly poses. My and Penny's favorite to watch was the Ole song.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

We picked a name

Here are my 3 children. They all have names now. Here is the story.

About 3 months ago Sean and I started talking about names one night after the kids went to bed. We had a few that we kinda threw around. Some we liked, some we absolutely did not. I threw out the idea of Michael (my Dad's name). We both liked it...but we wanted to explore other names before we absolutely decided.

Fast forward to the next day. I asked Penny what we should name the baby in my tummy. There was no hesitation in her answer, "Mike, " she said. Later that day she said, "maybe Dzon (Jon)."

Every day since, she has called the baby Mike. If we suggest a different name, she insists his name is Mike and that she doesn't like the other.

Dominic has come up with some real winners. Sphazmel, Zerad, Joshel, Andret, etc. Names LIKE that. I always ask him, "Did you make that up?" with a huge smile on my face, like I can't already tell that he threw a bunch of syllables together to make a name that was super unique. One day he came up with a few of these names and then sat there for a few minutes before he said, "Well, it would at least be nice if he could have the middle name Jarom so that I could have the same name as SOMEONE in the family since my last name isn't Matteson."

I almost cried. He is so sweet and thoughtful but mostly because....WHY hadn't I thought of that?

I talked to Sean and it was clear that we knew the middle name at that point.

Back to the first name. Our poll on our blog did not help us much. I really liked the name Dandridge (my GGG-Gpa's name), Sean thought it sounded like some of the names Dominic has come up with. We both liked the name Monroe (his Gmpa's middle name) and Sean liked the name Reese, but I did not.

Penny did not like the name Monroe for this baby.

2 nights ago, Sean and I discussed it. Penny has the best relationship with this baby already. They seem to have spirits that already know each other in a literal sense. He plays with her as much as she plays with him. She tells him how cute he is and how he's being such a good baby in my tummy. She tells me she just wants to hold my tummy for a while and then will snuggle with my bump for 10 minutes sometimes. She MUST remember him and I know he remembers her.

We can't wait to meet you,

Michael Jarom Matteson

I went shopping the other day and we brought Penny's shopping cart and baby with us. It was lots of fun.

I love these yidders.

I have no arms!

I drew a house the other day one step at a time, with Penny copying each step as I went. I did not speak except at first to say "draw what I draw okay?" and "your turn." Then I stopped and waited for her to do hers before I did the next step.

Just in case you couldn't tell, mine is the one on the left. hee hee. She did pretty good!

G-Gma was over on Sunday again, this time Penny was awake. They shared a bowl of popcorn while we watched Extreme Makeover Home Edition.

Monday we got the Aerosmith game in the mail for our guitar hero. We had a Guitar Hero FHE. It was fun as you can tell, I rocked out. Penny made sure I had a fierce sticker on my arm. I think it was an inchworm.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Great Grandma Matteson was coming over Sunday night and I asked Dominic to wait at the door so that he could open it for her as soon as she got here. I just loved how he sat there for 5 minutes intently looking for her to show up.

Penny had already fallen asleep, so a normally "Penny engrossed" Great Grandma, was ALL DOMINIC'S. He showed her a bunch of projects he'd done at school and some books he'd written at home. He talked her ear off for probably 45 minutes and it was absolutely hilarious to listen to. They just talked and talked and talked and Grandma loved seeing all the things Dominic had made.
Penny is obsessed with the baby in my belly. She loves to kiss him and I have to make my stomach lurche every time so that she knows the baby kissed her back. This is the "The Baby kicked my kisses," face. It gives her such delight to know that this baby in there is ready to play at any given moment.

If the baby forgets (aka: mom forgets to flex her tummy while she's kissing it) she says, "Oh! The baby din't kick my kisses...shoooI try gen?" To which I say yes and she says in a super squeaky and high voice, "Okay!"

Giving baby zurberts. She thinks its hilarious to do super big ones like this one and have her face get lost in my tummy.

See the pain in her face because of the laughter? She already LOVES this baby.

Again, "The baby kicked my kisses."

I was trying to get a picture of her nubbie piggies but she (seriously) asked me to take a picture of her booty instead. She is, in all the meanings of the word, absolutely silly.

So there are the nubby piggies.....distracted by doing her puzzles is the only way I was able to get the picture taken.

The weather outside was almost 80 degrees today. We played at the park for 3 hours and my kids are worn out and my house is kind of a disaster....but it was soooo worth it. =) Today was a really great day!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Fresh eggs

My friend Tiffany brought me some fresh eggs (as in straight from the chickens nest in her backyard). They were so pretty and since Dominic's forte is scrambling eggs, he made some up right away (hence the 3 missing). Penny was dissapointed that her eggs weren't actually blue like the blue eggs. Dissapointed as in, showing real tears (it was past nap time).

Thank you Tiffany!

Aren't they so pretty?

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The Big 3-0

So, this week I turned 30. Its no big secret. I wasn't distraught over it. I'm only surprised that a long time ago I thought 30 was so old...yet here I am and I still feel so young! Bring it on 30, BRING-IT-ON

This is what it looks like when you go a little crazy with putting vaseline on your lips. The best part of this picture I couldn't capture. When she gets any amount on, she talks as if she can't move her lips. So with this much on, her whole face became immobile it seemed. It was pretty DERN funny.

As if I could push that cart! I love how Daddy does anything that Penny tells him to. "Come get in the cart with me Daddy." We went to Target as a family on my birthday. Its fun to browse as a family, we got a few things, Dominic got his new bike for the summer and I GOT DRAPES FOR THE FRONT ROOM. Let me repeat that, I got drapes for the front room. I'm so indecisive about decor that DRAPES are a big deal. We shall see how they look when I get them up. =)
Our FHE this week was on Testimonies. We used the 5 finger testimony, with pictures to help them remember the foundational principles to which we should base our testimony.

1) We know that God is our Heavenly Father
2) that Jesus Christ is our Savior and Redeemer
3) We know that Joseph Smith was a prophet of God and that he restored the true gospel to the Earth as well as translated the Book Of Mormon.
4) that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is God's true church on the Earth today
5) We know that Thomas S. Monson is the prophet on the Earth today and that he receives revelation for us in our day, just as prophets of old.

At Target we bought a new game for the kids. They love games and we love to play them with them (usually). This was one I've been meaning to get for a while. Penny was pretending that the fishies were biting her bum.

I don't remember this game being as hard as it is. But Dominic and Penny still enjoy it. In fact, I almost banned Dominic from playing it because he was flinging the fish out of the pond and they were catapulting across the room. Penny likes all the blue ones and lines them up in a row after she gets them out.

The mini-mommy

Sean and Dominic made me a birthday cake. This one was pretty darn delicious.

Singing the BIRFDAY SONG

All a-glow.

Going for seconds. What, baby needed some.

I like to eat with a butchers knife.

This was a present my sister Annie made me. I love it and immediately put a pillow-form in it (really one of the pillows from my couch that I was growing tired of) and absolutely love it. Whenever someone in my family turns 30, my family makes a book for them. It has all the things we love about that person. Everyone has their own page (I have 9 siblings and then my parents too).

This was the book that my family made for me. It has leaves sewn onto the pages, just like the leaves on the pillow. Every time I see the pillow on my couch, it will remind me of the book I will treasure forever.

I love it and am so glad that we started this tradition. Thank you family!

Sunday, March 07, 2010

This week at our house

The kitty appearances never get old. This time, Penny decided to draw a kitty on mommy's face as well. Dominic drew her kitty. She had so much fun being the baby kitty and having a mommy kitty to cuddle with.

I'm not sure why in over half of our pictures of Penny she doesn't have half of her outfit on. Guess thats how we roll around here.
Dominic drew a picture of he and Penny the other day, complete with eye color and hair styles. I left it up for a few days before I realized I could just take a picture of it! I love it. They are the best of friends and rarely argue or fight. Perhaps its their age difference?
Penny has discovered 25 piece puzzles and LOVES them. She can do them all by herself now and will trudge up the stairs to get another once she has finished one. We've timed her, they take her about 6-8 minutes each depending on the puzzle. Most of these we get at the dollar store. Perfect find.
Dominic and I went out the other night to a dance festival put on by the youth in our stake. Daddy and Penny stayed home and did things like this:

and this:

Penny loves to hug her baby-brother. At church today, she was trying to get him to kick a pretzel that she was moving around on my belly saying "kick the pretzel baby, kick it. Try and find it. Kick the pretzel baby."

She was also sticking her belly on mine and waiting for "our babies" to kick eachother (because of course she has one in her tummy too). She was flexing her stomach muscles and since I was laughing and it was moving my belly.....she assumed the baby was kicking her too. She cracks me up!

almost 30 weeks:

Sadly, Dominic had already stripped himself of his Sunday we got none of him. Penny and daddy wanted a few together. These two look so much alike its a wonder if I'm even in there.

This is her new favorite camera pose lately when she's getting a picture with Dad. I had to actually tell her to look at me, otherwise she was doing this until the flash went off.

Don't believe me? She seriously looks like him.

Dominic's love of thin mints is only surpassed by his love of video games.

This is Dominic telling me that I'm crazy for only getting one box of thin mints.

Penny discovered them for the first time and just sat by the roll and kept going, and going, and going and going. I think I stopped her at 5.

No mom, seriously, you only got one box? Who does that?

Guess I'll have to hit up the Girl Scouts for a few more. Hopefully there are some left.

Monday, March 01, 2010

We missed this stuff

I forgot to blog a few things from a week or so ago. So here goes,

Penny has created these THINGS she calls "bitsies." This was the day they started. These are her bitsies. She made them all on her own. However, after this day, she talks about her bitsies all the time. She is scared of the bitsies. She says things often like,

"Oh no, a Bitsie's comin!"
"Is there a Bitsie up there mom?"
"I hear a Bitsie mama!"
"Hurry, RUN! The bitsies are chasing me!"
"Does the Bitsie want to get me dada?"

If you ask her what a bitsie is, she says its her baby moosie (a moose puppet she got for her birthday). But if you talk to her about the baby moosie, its neither scary nor big or at all what she describes a bitsie to be. We're completely confused about it and I only hope that she can hold on to this BITSIE phase long enough so that someday she can explain to us what a Bitsie really is.

Meanwhile, I love the curls sneaking out of the hat that she loves.
There is this great place about 40 minutes from us called Wacky Tacky (its in Roseville). It has a great indoor jungle gym and foam ball pit that out-shines any other place we've been for this kind of play. Dad had a day off and so did Dominic, so we trudged down there with some friends and made an afternoon of it. We had lots of fun....though, my belly got in the way and I huffed and puffed my way around.
The slide actually goes fast....can't you tell by my face? Dominic actually worked up a sweat...which is hard for him to do, he doesn't sweat a lot. But he and his friend Indy were running around EVERYWHERE. It was a fun day.

Sean seems to be getting left out of the posts. Here's a handsome shot of our designated driver last Monday. We drove to the Bay Area for a funeral service (good LDS family friend of Sean's) and Sean was so wonderful to drive both ways while the kids and I took naps. =)

I like him.....a loht.