Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The Kitchen...& box.....& screwdriver.

Our free Step 2 kitchen that we won on a blog contest finally arrived earlier this week. Its an amazing kitchen and the kids love to play with it.

break in story. Chocolate Chip Cookies are a must at our house.....Penny loves to lick the batter. Since I make it with flax instead of eggs, I let her eat more than I normally would. =)
Okay, so here is the great kitchen. It has a light under the hood over the stove. The burners make noise and light up to either be sizzling or boiling something. Its the Step 2 Fresh Market Kitchen. Penny has been loving it and we love that its colors are neutral enough that we were able to put it in our living room without it looking like the toy hub for all things pink and purple. Its a great addition to our living room corner ....
This screwdriver that it came with is seriously her favorite. She is distraught when she can't find it and loves to go around and fix things. Seriously would have taken me 15 hours to screw in all the screws this thing had with this screwdriver and my arm/hand would have fallen off in the process.....thank goodness for electric screwdrivers.
It came with a little reusable shopping bag. I think I should post this picture on the walmart shoppers website. She's my little ragamuffin.

More loved than the kitchen on the first day however, were the boxes that the kitchen came in. These kept the kids entertained all night long.
They ate dinner in them.
Dominic read his book in his box after he was done decorating. I taught him how to do the special fold to keep a box shut without tape. He's been having fun re-shutting it, but can't quite shut himself in it obviously.

Penny enjoyed barely peeping out the tiny hold that was left in hers after it was closed up.
Handsome Daddy.

Dominic hid in his box when Dad came home. He had written Sean's name and address on the top so that Sean would just think he was a package of books. It TOTALLY worked.

And Dad was shocked that instead of finding a box of books, he found a box of Dominic instead. Dominic's laugh was priceless.

So Thank you Step 2, for the free kitchen......but also the great boxes that are still in our living room as well as the great screwdriver that got no use during assembly but is a beloved toy to my little girl.

I finally look pregnant

I am really crazy sometimes. I had so many things to do this particular morning and Penny asked if she could paint. She's really good about staying on her mat that is under the easel....and I'm usually always in the room with her when she's painting (though not always watching like a hawk). However, this particular morning....I NEEDED to shower at the particular time that she was painting. There was no way around it. She was having a great time painting...and I didn't want to tell her she needed to stop. She was in her zone. So, I did an absolute "NO NO. "

I told Penny that I was going to go upstairs to shower but she could continue to paint if she stayed on the mat. She could not come upstairs to tell mommy that she was all done. If she was all done, she had to sit on the stool and wait for mommy to come downstairs. As I'm relaying this information to her, I was calling myself crazy in the back of my mind....knowing that I was going to regret this but wanting to see how it would unfold. But in reality....I have my small carpet shampooer and I was prepared to not be disappointed if she didn't obey. She is only 2.

I went to take a shower.
Penny stayed on her mat.

She got creative and decided to paint with her hands. She was still painting with her hands on the paper when I came down (fastest shower of the century I tell ya). In fact, I startled her when I spoke because I think she thought she would get in trouble for using her hands.

I loved it! And there was no mess to clean up other than wash her hands. Who is this girl? lol
My belly is growing and Penny loves to snuggle it. She already loves this little baby and will often coddle him and kiss him and feed him (carrots today) and sing to him. She has announced/asked me a few times, "maybeeee the baby can come out and play today...kay?" Sorry Penny, I'm only 24 weeks.......I keep telling her he's not done cooking yet and we still have to wait.

She is going to be a GREAT big sister.
We got some Polly Pocket dolls for free off freecycle and I purchased a few more on Ebay for $10. She absolutely LOVES them and calls them her barbies. I love that they have underwear painted on and we don't have to have naked barbies around the house.
Dominic likes to read in interesting places lately. He's quite the bookworm and finds it a TREAT when I let him stay up as late as he wants if he is reading. Shhhh, don't tell!

Multi-tasking is hard. She's talking to me (Katie) on the phone while going potty and reading a good book. This is her designated potty book. Mickey Mouse Clubhouse makes for good toilet reading.
Friday night was a cold/rainy day. We got the fireplace going and all cuddled up for a movie. "Up" is a great family movie. Dominic and Penny were nice and cozy on the beanbag......

......while Daddy and I were nice and cozy on the couch. I love nights like this. =)
A few days ago there was a SLIGHT break in the weather and the kiddos were itching to play outside. It lasted about 20 minutes or so before Penny got chilly and wanted to slip inside my jacket to get warm (her hands were ice!) She loves her beanie (I think I got this beanie from Jon and Maggie about 5 or 6 years ago)

Super fly, dope drop kick. Take that!
Another amazing kick by Dominic. One of his favorite things to do is kick this ball (soft rubber $1 ball from Walmart) onto the side of the house and see how high he can get it to go. It can keep him busy for a long time.

I love those cheeks poking out of her hood.
Getting warm with Daddy so they can run outside to the car to grab something.

See? She brought the baby some plates so he could eat too.

My belly has definitely POPPED out and is showing. People now feel comfortable asking me when I'm due...which is great. For a while there people's eyes would avert to my stomach and then dart back up to my eyes like, " missed the gym much? Holidays treat you well?"

I love this stage in pregnancy when the baby is active, my energy is back and the buzz of a new baby is just around the corner. We're excited to welcome a new little boy into our lives and feel extremely humbled that the Lord has given us this opportunity once again.
Babies are such blessings.
And she hugged and snuggled with him.....popping her head up now and then to give him a big kiss or two.
Handsome boy after a Saturday shower.
He started whining about something. I was taking pictures of his whining because I wanted him to see how ridiculous he looks when he whines like a baby. It actually ended up making him laugh because I was laughing so hard at the pictures. And he agrees, he does look really silly when he whines.

Penny has learned how to draw her own smiley faces. I love how big the eyes are. How many can you see? She was so proud of herself. She then went on to trace around a toy plate (unprompted) which I thought was pretty creative on her part.... she made it all the way around except for where her wrist was in the way and then told me to come look at the circle she made. I was way impressed!

More to come, we took LOTS of pictures this week and since this blog is for us (we plan to print it out someday soon) I figured I can't get ENOUGH of our life on here to enjoy years and years down the road. Who needs to scrap book anymore? Not me!

Monday, January 25, 2010

Penny memorized a scripture

We memorized John 8:12 last Monday for FHE. I didn't really think Penny was paying particular attention but today...while playing...she recited it word for word. Dominic and I were saying it in the car this morning so I know she's heard it since last Monday but amazes me how these little brains of theirs are just sponges!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

2009-2010 School Picture

Here are Dominic's school pictures. I like this 2nd grader and though its not his full smile, its a great picture still.

Its been fun to compare his pictures from 1st grade, Kindergarten, and his 2 years of pre-school. His face has stayed the same for sure, just gotten less baby-ish.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The last week unfolded

Dominic loves to eat with chop sticks. Anything he can, he tries to (I'm thinking about getting him a reusable set that we can put in the dishwasher for his birthday. That's how big of a fun obsession it is). Penny doesn't usually like stir-fry...but this time, since I gave her chop-sticks (she dropped one) she ate it all up. Guess you just need the right kind of fun, not the right kind of food, to get them to eat.
The next night we went to a Korean all-you-can-eat place for a friend of Sean's birthday. It was scrumptious. We had to cook all our meats in the middle of the table on a grill......all the meat was pre-seasoned to perfection. Penny and Dominic were excited to use chop-sticks again...I don't mind them, but they didn't have another option which meant I had to help Penny eat her food and I couldn't eat mine fast enough!

Love this cheeser grin.
Friday night Dominic had a few friends over to watch a movie. Penny had to sit with the boys on the beanbag under the "soft and cozy" blanket RIGHT NEXT to her brother. Dominic is pretty good about letting her invade all of his personal space, even in front of his friends. If you haven't seen G-Force yet, it was pretty funny.
Cupcakes at the restaurant. Our brown eyed girl.

Our blue eyed boy! His face is growing up so much!
Penny was in the kitchen for a few minutes and then came out and asked.... "Mommy, where did my markers go?" I died laughing. Hiding them under her hat? what a goof.

These are her SOFT AND COZY pants and are her absolute favorite. Since I don't do laundry everyday (I know...I'm a horrible mom right?) she can't wear them everyday. I just went back to Old Navy today to see if I could buy stock in them....but they were all out. I think I may have to actually MAKE her some polar fleece pants, she loves them that much. Time to bust out the old patterns!
She loves to play with rice and beans....pour, spill, measure, cook, stir, carry, shake.....LOVES IT. Dominic used to be entertained by this for 30-60 minutes at a time...Penny is the same way. Rarely does she get them off the mat. =) I've banned Dominic from playing with these anymore...he gets too creative and I find them all over!
We all snuggled up and watched a show before bed time (Back at the Barnyard is hilarious)

Friday, January 15, 2010

Our Wrestler

Dominic started wrestling a few weeks ago and they've already started meets (he started a few weeks late too). Its so fun to see him go at it! This particular meet he only wrestled once (and we waited almost 3 hours from when we checked in to get that match) and wrestled against a team mate and great friend Nathan. They wrestle together during practice and while they are the same height, Nathan is quite a bit stronger and has more meat on his bones (actual muscles). Its SO FUN to see them completely enjoy this sport. I love it. Enjoy!
(I couldn't figure out my indoor sports setting on my new camera so these are super blury. Sorry!)

Waiting for his name to be called and watching the others wrestle. His singlet was baggy, it was the smallest one they had by the time he got one. So cute.
Warming up. They both probably wrestled each other more in warm ups than they did in the actual match. There were a few times where we had to remind them that they weren't trying to hurt the other person, just pin them on their backs. AND, they made sound effects during warm-ups too. I love these little guys.
I am very proud of his enthusiasm for wrestling. He really LOVES it this year. Go Dominic Go!
The ref in the video says towards the end, "they're like two worms out there." A perfect description.

Embrace This Day

I REALLY liked this video. It was a great reminder to be a positive person from the inside out, instead of letting the outside stuff influence how we feel inside. Enjoy

Monday, January 11, 2010

Smock IGP

Does it count as an IGP (Instant Gratification Project) if it took me more than an hour? This is the second IGP I've done in a week...I'm on a roll. Last week I did a small table runner for my table. It turned out well too, but no pictures...sorry.

I started working on this smock yesterday morning and then finished it today. Penny has gotten marker on quite a few shirts (which is why we color/paint in the buff anymore) and I finally buckled down and went to walmart to buy some vinyl to make her a smock.

She loves happy faces, so this one hit the spot.

Complete with front pocket.

It will keep her clean from chin to toe, or so I'm hoping. This was a two piece design. A rectangle with a hole cut out in the middle and a slit in the back. The second piece was another small rectangle used for the overlap of magnets/washers. I sewed the side-seams together with a zig-zag stitch and some binding behind it to hold it in place.
I thought this was a great design of mine. Magnets instead of ties. It makes going on and off easy. I used washers and magnets. For the washers, I only needed to sew them in place in the middle. For the magnets, I sewed off a little square for them to sit in and closed it up with the binding.
She was all smiles when it was finished. IGP's feel good. =)

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Camera Dump

Penny has discovered goggles and likes to put them on in (or out) of the bathtub. Just this week she discovered the world of going underwater with goggles on. I'm not sure she's opening her eyes under the water with them on, but she's excited that her eyes are staying dry. =) Simple pleasures.
I love this picture......
She was so tired at church she fell asleep. She slept for the 2 minute ride home and then kept sleeping on the couch for another hour or so...she wanted her soft and cozy blanky and her mommy. ...... wonder how many flies she caught in that mouth? hair is ridiculous. I cut bangs on Sunday because it was driving me nuts. I like it again.
Wanna wrestle?

From the bathroom Penny yells, "mom, I've got a hat on!" I could not stop laughing. The pull-up is clean. We had just bought them that day (princess ones were on sale) and she wears these at night when she's sleeping.

She's such a goof.
Dominic still loves to HOLD Penny. He really only gets to do it if she falls asleep or is in a cuddly mood. He was in heaven in this picture. I knew Dominic would be a good big brother, but I didn't realize how amazingly in love with this little girl he would be. They are the best of friends. I love that.
Dominic made brownies all by himself the other night (Penny helped a little too with the stirring). He really likes cooking in the kitchen.
I found Dominic and Penny on the couch on Saturday reading a book together. Its moments like these that really make you smile.

Penny worships her brother. She does and says everything he does. Good thing Dominic is usually doing good things. Keep it up Dominic.....I'd love for Penny to turn out as great as you are.

One thing Dominic has loved to do lately is make his own smoothie concoction. He and Penny can down smoothies like nobody's business.......I don't object. His smoothies are usually strawberries, banana, OJ, carrot juice, soy milk, spinach, berries, kiwi, pineapple, avacado and apple (or a like combination). What mom would tell their kid no? We also swirl this with yogurt and make popsicles with whatever is left after they make one. Gotta love the vitamix.......

Did I tell you Sean has lost 25 pounds since we got the vitamix? He drinks a salad-like concoction every morning and while at work (he refuses to chew one because he doesn't like the texture, he'd rather drink it). About 32 ounces for breakfast and 32 ounces at work during the day. Spinach, carrot juice, avacado, cucumber, and wheat grass powder. Its not HORRIBLE, but I'd personally rather just chew it.

Yelling, "para, para NO NO NO." ("stop, stop NO NO NO") They've been learning Spanish and they get pretty giggly when they use it correctly. They were telling each other to stop drinking their smoothies.
Penny wanted to "snuggle with Daddy on the soft and cozie blanket." Penny is all for soft and cozy anything.....and really loves her Daddy. Also, this blue couch pillow was claimed by her and nobody else is allowed to use it, at least not when she's watching.

Penny was cold this particular she got inside Daddy's robe and warmed up. Nothing like a bed-head, sleepy eyed Matteson family picture!

Dominic has started doing some labeling for our business. This particular night he did over 300 labels and stuffed those 300 items with a card as well......he worked for a good 1.5-2 hours but he earned $10. Not bad for a 7 year old. He was stoked and so was Sean...... he was able to get other things done instead of labeling!

Penny and her friend Kaitlyn playing with play dough. This kept them entertained for quite a while. I love this activity if only I could find playdough that would never dry out. =)

Penny and Dominic LOVE LOVE LOVE to dance. We have noticed this in the last few months and so now we have a playlist of DANCE songs that we'll turn on at night to wear them out. Its awesome to watch.

What songs do your kids like to dance to? We need some new ones. Our newest favorite is THE HOEDOWN SHOWDOWN by Miley Cyrus.
***boom boom clap.....boom de-clap de-clap***