Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Day in the Life......

Here are some random pictures from our camera before Christmas.

Penny drew a reindeer. She then proceeded to SHOW us (act it out) how the reindeer used his legs. So funny, I was in stitches. She's becoming quite the artist and this easel that Santa got her LAST YEAR is probably one of the most used gifts on the planet.
Seriously, whats NOT to love?
He's such a handsome little feller.
She fell asleep on the couch with her arms out to her side all funny. Her legs were also sprawled out and bent. So cute. However, why I love this picture is I can see my little baby Penny's face in there. That sweet little button nose and dark eyelashes against those rosy cheeks and soft little lips. I miss that little baby face and love when I get a glimpse of it now and then.
I had 15 kids plus 6 young women over at my house the Monday before Christmas. The young women from church were babysitting so parents could finish shopping or projects or clean....just whatever they needed time for before Christmas. We did a nativity play with all the costumes in the garage. Who says the nativity doesn't have yip-yip donkeys, superhero shepherds, wizard cloaked kings, blue princess angels and 49er's wise men? Oh, it was perfect.
King Herrod playing video games later that night.
Somebody is serioulsy loving eating in the high chair. He wants to eat when we eat.
When Daddy comes home, he gets so excited. He loves to snuggle up to Sean and rub his face. He also likes to slobber all over and try to eat Sean's ears....and as if that wasn't funny enough, let me just add that Sean likes it. lol.

Candy Trains!

I had a lot of candy leftover from making candy trains with the Laurels at church in mid-December. At first I was kinda bummed, since not that many girls showed up (finals week) and I did NOT want this candy in my house because I would eventually consume it all. Then, it dawned on me that I have an 8 year old son who would LOVE to have his friends over to make candy trains.
And so it started...
There were a lot of concentration faces being made as the icing can be a little tricky. I love this one of Dominic with his tongue out.
Almost all of the shots I took have at least one kid with candy in his mouth.
They started out asking questions like "can I put this here?" and "Is this how its supposed to look?
I had to remind them that it was a free for all. There was no right or wrong way to do it, but just use their imagination and "make it work." (project runway's saying)
They had AWESOME trains in the end and had a lot of fun doing it. Thanks Dominic (the other Dominic), Brenden and Davis for coming over and making trains with us!
The Two Dominic's trains.
Davis and Brenden.
Brenden had his about to go off the cliff and a man who had fallen off into the snow.
And Michael just played with toys. He's been sitting up for quite a few weeks now and enjoying his new found freedom off his stomach. Don't you love the carharts? These were Dominic's and I think of the Arnold's every time I see them (they gave them to me when I had Dominic).

This picture is kinda funny because he got his sock half way off and every time he moved his foot it would make the part that was off his foot wiggle enough to grab his attention, which would excite him and make his foot wiggle more, which would make the sock wiggle more. It was HILARIOUS to watch, kinda like a cat chasing its tail.

More homemade

Here are the last of the homemade presents I did this year. I didn't get a picture of the fabric grocery bags that I made for Megan or the felted soap bars for random family members (whos love is not random). But, you heard it here...I made and loved them so much I wanted to keep them for myself (thats when you know its a good gift, if you don't actually want to gift it!).

Here is the pillow I made for Sean's mom. I didn't finish the second one which will be the white fabric with the black as piping. Its getting sewn next week (after I finish painting my bathrooms this far so good).

Here is the R2D2 computer bag that I made Sean's sister Courtney. This turned out really nice and I was quite happy with it. I hope you use it Courtney! She made me some home-made bath salts......they are sooo nice. I love them.
I made Brody a stuffed animal stegosaurus. It turned out better than I expected as I made up the pattern so I was kinda expecting it to be a It turned out great though! It has rice in the legs and the tail so that it will stand up really well and the rest has stuffing.

There. We had a great Christmas and slowly, as I finish painting and as time permits me to, I'll blog about that too. For now, presents are all blogged. =)

Oh, happy day!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

More projects

I got a few more projects done today and a few more started as well. Here are a couple

I decided to make taggie blankets for our twin neice and nephew who are 4 days younger than Michael. If you put a layer (I actually used 2 layers) of a wipes bag on the inside of the blanket, it makes the blanket all crinkly and fun for the babies to listen to.
I LOVE how these turned out. These are SUPER easy to make and took me about 30 minutes to do both of them.

(Thanks Naomi for free reign on your ribbon)

And, I especially LOVE this shirt. My sister in law Kim started calling Dominic Dom-Bomb when he was just eency weency. We still call him that and Penny has really picked up on it in the last year. So, I decided to make him a Dom-Bomb shirt. This isn't completely done as I still have to stitch around the letters and around the bomb (right now they are just wonder-undered on) BUT....I absolutely LOVE IT and know that he will too. I'm making a second one (exactly the same, but on a white shirt) for his friend Dominic that he goes to school with.

Penny has seen the shirt as I was working on it today and she couldn't contain herself in the car and was trying to tell Dominic about it. He kept covering his ears (he hates a spoiled gift) and I would sing really loudly. Little stinker.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Finished projects

I've started A LOT of Christmas projects over the last week and today I finally finished 3 of them. Here are two of them.

Dominic's Hollow book. Not without work, but so up his alley. He's gonna love it.
He watched the 1940's Dracula and Frankenstein this year at Halloween, so when I found the book in a cool hardback form, I knew it would be perfect. The Detective book was amazingly the exact same size. I really scored.
I ended up gluing two books together so that I could get a much thicker book. It was hard to get the two cover pieces out, but I did it (with some blisters and sore muscles, seriously).

I also drilled two holes in the outside corners and dropped a magnet into one and left enough room for the second magnet to fall into it and hold the book shut. So far, it seems to be pretty strong. I painted the inside red with house paint to try to make the inside look neater (It wasn't a perfect cut, it was hard!) but then decided (after talking to Naomi) to line the inside with felt. I was nervous to do this last week because if it ended up not looking good, the book would be ruined.....but, it looks great! I'm glad I did it.

Happy hiding Dominic, though I hope you find more clever things to hide than dry erase markers.
Another big project I finished today was for Jacob (from Michael I wanted to make him a flannel board with lots of fun activities, but a flannel board just doesn't ship well. Holly or Spencer will have to make one if they feel the desire. So, I made him a flannel book. The cover is made from flannel, but I inserted a BEWARE OF DOG sign cut in half ( I scoured the dollar store for 20 minutes trying to find a material that would work). Its flexible but rigid and so it allows the book to close and offers protection, but it springs back opened and you can use the cover as the flannel board.
Inside are all kinds of activities for him to do. A nativity, snowman, boy with clothes (shirts are all the different colors of the rainbow), tree with 10 apples, shapes, and a few choice words (each word in a different color)
There are a few blank bags to add more as they want to (felt is cheap at the store and you can cut out more activities in your spare time right Holly? )
This was A LOT of work, but it will be so fun. I know because Penny did not want to ship it off. She played with the pieces all day yesterday and was so excited I finished the board today. She played some more.

So Jacob, enjoy. Its perfect for church, but great for home too.
Aahhh, my kids got to bed early tonight and I got A LOT done. Now, off to clean so I can go to bed.


I love the sparkle of Christmas.
This is our Christmas decor this year all a-glow. It makes me happy.

Mud Football

Dominic had his last football games on Saturday. It was a CRAZY day to say the least. We had Breakfast with Santa in the morning (8am), Girls Christmas Brunch with family at 11 and Sean and Dominic's football game at 1 and 2pm (which Sean found out were actually at 12 and 1pm). I made it in time to see the 2pm game except there was no 2pm game. I caught the last 30 seconds of the 1pm game and got a few good pictures of Dominic covered in mud.

It was the nastiest mud ever. It smelled like manure. Nice.

we made him hose off from the dog spout. All the boys were lined up ready for their "showers" before they could get in their cars.
They had a good season. They lost every game, but Dominic improved A LOT including making a few runs for touchdowns. Sean noticed his hands getting stronger and better at catching from the first game to the last game. their team didn't have a lot of quickness and thats what was REALLY needed to win, ya gotta be quick! Sean had a good time coaching though it was still hard for him to lose. He's got the first year coaching under his belt now though and knows where he could improve for next season (if he coaches again). Dominic REALLY liked having his Dad as a coach.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Face Puppet Debut

I made 12 face puppets for the YW to use during our Ward Christmas Breakfast. The girls lined the stage and serenaded the audience with a few Christmas carols. It was a LOT of fun and really fun to watch. They were a little embarrassed to try, but since their eyes are covered I told them to just sing away and people would love it. They had a really good time and afterwards said it was really fun. Good job girls!

Aren't they cute?

Penny and her bestie (Catherine) watched from the same chair. Love them.

Feeling Elfish

Penny and Michael have been wearing the Santa hat a lot while Dominic is at school. Dominic keeps getting it out to wear to school, then forgets to bring it. So, the other two have been enjoying it. I promised Penny Grandma that I would post these:

Penny thought she would put the stockings in the most logical place for stockings,

Monday, December 13, 2010


This was the first year we started the tradition of lifting Dominic to put the angel on the tree. It was our first Christmas as a family. Look at how little he is!
Christmas 2006

OH Christmas Tree! Oh Christmas Tree!

This year, for our Christmas Tree, we wanted to cut one down. We heard of a church member nearby who had a tree farm and who sold them for a flat rate ($35 +tax) , no matter what the size. It was cheaper to go cut one of these down than to buy one on the corner stands around town. We were so excited.

So, Tuesday after Sean got off work we loaded up the kids and went to get our tree. Dominic tromped around the tree farm looking for that perfect one. I couldn't help but feel like I was back home blueberry picking and looking for blueberry heaven (definition: a patch of blueberries that is lush and requires you to sit and pick forever). I did not share this thought with Sean because he (claims) to hate blueberry picking. I think Dominic could have spent all day doing this. I can't wait to have land around our property to let my kids explore and play outside more.

It only took about 5 minutes to find our tree. It was a perfect shape and nice and full. Dominic ran to get Brother Dold to come and bring the saw.
While he went to get the hand-saw, we took a few pictures. It was pretty warm out and Michael and I were quite toasty, Penny (no fat on her) got a little chilly and her coat was in the car.

Dominic got about a quarter of the way through with the sawing and then mom finished up while Dad held Michael and Penny. It was so fun! We cut down our Christmas Tree!
Thank you Dold Family Tree Farm!

Cold Penny on Daddy's shoulders.
We got the tree back to our car and loaded it up on top, but not before we got a picture with it!
It took us over 3 hours to get it in a stand and lights strung on it when we got home. We couldn't get our OLD stand to work, and its a really really weird stand that is probably from the 70's. So, I sent Sean to the hardware store to get another one. He came back and we had to cut off some bottom branches to get it in the stand. Then I hated the was awkward and was going to require to cut off a good foot-and-a-half of branches off the trunk (every year). Half our tree was going to be missing. So, being the amazing husband that he is, Sean went back to the hardware store and got a normal one. Up the tree went. Sean and I strung the lights and then I had to leave for a YW activity (I was 10 minutes late). There the tree stood with only lights on until Saturday when Jerome and Liz came over with their new baby Elijah and we started putting the decorations on the tree.

The kids always have lots of fun opening all the ornaments and looking at them before they go onto the tree. Its fun to remember years past because of the ornaments. I'm finding that even the chintsy ones from primary and school are my favorite because they tell a better story.

I usually KINDA like our tree once its all decorated. There always seems to be SOMETHING missing but I can't pinpoint it. However, this year....its perfect. I LOVE our tree. I have the timer set so that its on when we come down in the morning and its my favorite thing (besides my family) to see when I wake up.

Daddy always lifts Dominic to put on the Angel. It is getting increasingly difficult with each passing year.
So after the tree was done, we moved on to our gingerbread houses. This is one of our yearly traditions. Its fun, we get to eat candy and I love seeing what the kids create.
Dominic decorated the gingerbread man and I COULD NOT contain my laughter. I then asked Dominic why he gave his gingerbreadman boobs and he said...."Its a swimsuit mom!"
Because thats logical too right? Love you Dom.

This year we had a little bit of problems with the frosting...but really, it was okay. We had a blast....and, looks like the wreath got a nice ride down the side of our house too.

This is the all-time favorite Hallmark noisy decoration/toy. Sean's mom bought this for us our first year we were married. Can I tell you how much I love toys like this? I just can't justify getting something like this for $20-30, but...I love that we have them and have change my attitude on the cost of them. I would now probably buy something like this knowing how much fun my kids have with them, seriously. They bring so much joy to my kids that even through all the noise, they make me smile. Somehow, in the 3 moves we've made since we've been married, we lost the other one we had. =(
I think Santa will be bringing a new one this year. ;P

This picture is just for good measure. Michael has Sean's full lips and
I don't have Michael's stocking yet. Sean's Grandma has made all of ours and she was working on one for Michael but its not done yet. They are so intricate and amazing. I love them and they are something that we will always cherish.
I do not look forward to having to carry on the tradition, but I will when she no longer can make them.