Thursday, October 29, 2009

Monday, October 26, 2009


Dominic was supposed to have a friend stay the night on Friday but his friend got a bad cough. So, we got to have a "stay late" with his friend Nathan instead. They played, wrestled, ran around, played chutes and ladders and then watched "The Iron Giant" while eating popcorn. Penny likes to think she's just one of the boys whenever Dominic has friends over and Dominic is so good at just letting her in on whatever they are doing.

Penny has claimed this blue pillow. She has to sit on it everymorning when she drinks her milk and also whenever she is watching a show. She's so funny.
all 3 crazies. I love this photo.
Then today we had Nathan's sister Addie over to play (she comes every Monday and we love it!). Penny looks forward to Addie coming over every week and they play really well together. Its good practice for Penny to not be bossy! =)
Eating their snack on the trampoline. Its where they both wanted to be. =)

Pumpkin Carving Time

In Alaska, you can carve pumpkins right when they come to the store. It doesn't really matter, because as soon as you put them outside, they freeze anyways. There is no chance of them rotting in the frigid temperatures. You can enjoy your artwork for the whole month of October and into December if you wish......that is how it is in Alaska.

California however, rots a carved pumpkin in a matter of 1 week, sometimes less. So, Dominic has been itching to carve his pumpkin all month and yesterday was FINALLY the day. Here lies our adventure

Sean hates the thought of carving pumpkins. Every year he has dreaded the carvings (interestingly enough he was excited to do it the year before we married...putting on the big show I YET, every year when we are done, he admits how much fun it was as a family. I love forcing traditions....*insert evil laugh here*. Perhaps next year, he'll acquire Dominic's excitement for it and be begging to do it on the first day of October, to which I will have to say "Sean, we can't do them yet, please be patient."

Dominic was all grimy and gooey this year, totally loving the gore of the inside of the pumpkin. He LOVES roasted pumpkin seeds so he was determined to get every seed out of the pumpkins. He even offered to help Dad with his. Despite his yucky faces in some of these pictures, he was loving the mess.

Mommy gutting out the inside of Penny's pumpkin and Penny waiting patiently to see it. Dominic had his all drawn out at the point. He drew Penny's face too (we opted for a smiley face for Penny's because she loves smiley faces).

Another yucky face. Grandma was over for dinner and stayed for the carving.

Penny got bored and found the wrapping paper I used for the table (I've had this roll for 6.5 years and use it ALL THE TIME). Amazingly enough, it still has a huge piece left. She pranced this piece around the house and loved the noise it made.
Daddy hard at work on his pumpkin
Penny has discovered the world of drawing circles and LOVES to draw them all the time. We gave her a pen and she drew millions of little circles on the paper.
She also loved the pumpkin seeds. But then again, who wouldn't with all that butter and salt on them right?

We have about 6 pictures of the back of Dominic's head. He kept putting his head right in front of Daddy. =)

Thats it. We love carving pumpkins. A trick we heard this year is to spray the carved parts with Pam to slow down the rotting process (again not needed for those Alaska readers).

Dominic drew his and Penny's and carved Penny's out with no help. I had to help him with his mouth, but he did everything else. He's getting to be quite the carver! He has a pumpkin carving party to go to at a friends house on Wednesday and already mentioned that he's super good at it and can't wait to carve his own pumpkin with his friends. I love him. =)

Saturday, October 24, 2009


They are getting so big its hard to believe sometimes. I love these little yidders. =)

Friday, October 23, 2009

Paddle Ball Fun

Her paddle ball skills are


This picture just makes me laugh. The slightly wierd face Penny is making while looking at Dominic....and Dominic trying to get he and his Halloween glass into the photo. I love these kids!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Dinner Fun

Tonight we had mummy dogs...... in keeping with our halloween traditions. This is the 3rd year we've made these and the 3rd halloween we've loved them. You can make these with little smokies or with full sized hot dogs and just wrap biscuit dough around it (or pillsbury stuff if you don't make your own) leaving a spot where the hot dog sticks out on the upper 3/4 of the dog. The kids like them (penny likes the biscuit, she won't eat meat. How is she my daughter? I still offer it to her but just don't care if she actually eats it)
During Dinner Penny started being silly so we took some pictures. Which led to the following. Remember, I had just eaten a hot dog, which I'm pretty sure messes with your brain. I do not wear makeup anymore unless I'm going somewhere where I might see someone I know....which doesn't include the grocery store or post office (my stops today). I mean why...... I'm so beautiful without it *lazy*

I started using proactiv just over a month ago...I love it and only had to doctor out 3 small blemishes from this picture...the rest is all nature-al! Why did I not try this stuff years ago? Its the only face system that actually works on my skin and doesn't dry it out. My skin thanks me everyday
I love that her fingers got involved with the silly face making abilities.
This was the first time Dominic has been able to consciously go cross eyed I think. lol.

Last week

Crafty kiddos. We got out the glitter glue pens, some sparkly sequins and paints and markers and let Dominic and Penny make a mess. Penny loves to paint and Dominic loves....*laugh* things that sparkle. It was a fun night creating.

His picture was aliens being attacked

Her's was lots of rainbows she said. She could paint all day but gets bored of the paper and starts to paint on herself after 30 minutes or so..... I don't blame her. Painting on the skin feels cool.
Watching a show with Daddy. She likes it when we watch her shows with her. Her favorite is Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, but others are Wonderpets, Thomas the train and Shaun the Sheep. She loves the Hot Dog Dance at the end of the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and can't resist a good bootey shake even if she's in a bad mood. Isn't her hair awesome?
Sunday nights we all curl up and watch Extreme Makeover Home Edition....or as Dominic calls it "The Helping People Show." Dominic picked the snack this time, carrots (thank you Annie, I can never spell that word correctly on the first try). Penny was extra relaxed with her feet up on Daddy's thigh. We love our kiddos.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Birthday fun

We went to a birthday party this weekend at a place like Chuck-E-Cheese but WAY BETTER. Well, not as ghetto anyways. It was an all you can eat buffet of pizza, pasta and salad and desert (each had their own bar) and then tons of games and indoor rides (bumper cars and a train and a whirly one that would have made me spew). It was a lot of fun. Happy 4th Birthday Stella....we had a great time!

Sean looked pretty amazing with his braided hair.

And gma's dentures were a big hit!
Penny loved her glasses and hammed it up!
Dominic had to have a good showing of his too. He was so cute with his fangs in. He's getting so tall! There was a 4th grader there and Dominic was the same height. =)

Darn, none of me.....its okay, they would have just been with me scarfing food anyways........that's all I did! =) It was yummy.

There, I did a post....happy? lol

Monday, October 05, 2009


I read Penny "A Tale of Tails" tonight at bedtime. For the next 10 minutes I heard these phrases:

" Morgen has a tail and Brenna has a tail. Edybody has a tail. Ha ha ha....I'm teasing. Ha ha ha."

"Bret has a tail. No boys have tails. Addison have a tail? I'm teasing."

"Does mommy have a tail? Penny have a tail? Great Grandma have a tail? Elephant has tails and birds has tails.....but mommies and Pennies don't have tails. Boys don't have tails. Dats silly."

I could not help but smile at her silliness and creativity. She loves to point out when others are teasing but this was the first where she'd deliberately made jokes. So funny.

Sunday, October 04, 2009

General Conference Weekend

So this weekend was General Conference Weekend. On Saturday and Sunday The Prophet, as well as members of the Presidency and Quorum of the Twelve Apostles and other leaders who have been asked, council and testify of things they feel prompted are important for us to hear. We stay home from Church (there are no church meetings) and watch this on cable.

So, its kinda boring for the kids....we have them sit and pay attention when we feel the need to have them do so. Otherwise, I just require that they are in the room, doing something while listening. Today, this is what we did.

Trains. Dominic built the tracks and he and Penny then played for quite some time. She loves Dominic's old Thomas The Tank Engine train set.
Between sessions, I gave Dominic and Sean a haircut with our new (and very needed) clippers! We need a few more attatchments before I'll love them, but they cut sooo much nicer than our last ones. Haircuts are stressful for kids, so the faster you can get them down, the happier they are. Dominic.....not so happy.
Both kids needed naps today. This was after they woke up and nearing the end of the second session on Sunday. They were all snuggly. Dominic eventually took off his grumpy pants, which we were all happy for.
Penny loved watching the Mormon Tabernacle Choir. She had a bottle of water today...not sure why. Daddy's shoes are a bonus to her outfit.

Daddy stinky socks are an added bonus
More trains in the afternoon. We changed up the track a little and it was new fun all over again. Seriously, love this train set and Dominic is so good about setting it up for her.
This was after dinner we finished the ceiling fan in the living room. Sean is rarely home during light hours and so we were finally able to turn off the power and finish installing the fan. It looks great. Penny joined in the fixing and climbing. She loves tools.
Using the power drill. She found the button that made it go.

But pushed it a little too fast and this is her "ooooh, scarey" look. How bout those curls right? I finally combed her hair at about 4pm.
She and Daddy finished the night off with some buttons on the superman computer (she can't pluck these keys off) while Dominic and I played a game of SPEED and WAR. We finished our night off with a bowl of popcorn and a commercial free episode of Extreme Makeover Home Edition (or as Dominic calls use to call it...the helping people show). I love Sunday's.

It was a great day and we felt uplifted, inspired and edified by the counsel given. My favorite speaker was Elder Jeffrey R. Holland speaking of his and others testimony of the Book of Mormon and how the word of God will be the strengthening staff in these, the latter days. That if we can keep it close, heed its counsels (not just the BOM but all scripture) that we will have the power and direction needed to not be deceived by the ways of the world. There were several others that I loved (Katy, your dad's was wonderful too!) and cannot wait to read when the November Ensign comes out.

Have a great week and until the next camera dump....we'll see you later!


We were skyping with Gma Penny.... and Dominic is showing the magic, disappearing leg behind a blanket trick, learned by Gpa Hirt. Penny decided she knew how to do it also. Dominic's was suprisingly good.
Penny crashed the sleepover movie (Karate Kid....whew thats a long movie!). She lasted about 10 minutes but wanted to be right there in the sleeping bag with Dominic. He's a good brother and doesn't mind her tagging along. It was pretty cute and she was all giggles.
Penny got some new fairy wings....
We bought the movie Iron Will and watched it as a family. Dominic loved it! I love watching good movies that tell a good story, are entertaining, and have decent actors and are suitable for watching as a family (preferrably not a cartoon). We recently purchased Karate Kid and Swiss Family Robinson. What movies do you watch as a family?

Recently Penny LOVES to color. She will color for 45 minutes or more at a time. You should see her horsie coloring book....its full off scribblings, accidental W's and small circles. She loves the pink crayon and loves to pick what color YOU should color with. She's very chatty when she's coloring and her dialogue is enough to split your side. Love her.

The Teddy Bear Picnic

Oh, so this was like 3 weeks ago but I just now got to dumping all of my pictures off my camera. This was our first time going to Apple Hill and finding anything worthwhile (the first time we went last year we got there right before everything closed). This particular Saturday was The Teddy Bear Picnic....which basically meant carnival type games for little kids and a small petting zoo.

They had a table of teddy bears that the kids got to choose from and pick 1 bear. Penny picked this fuzzy brown bear. She held it in one hand and then would pick another one, compare the two and then place the other one down keeping this one. She did that about 3 times and then was satisfied that there wasn't going to be another Teddy Bear that was better. Upon further inspection of the bear, it is made of real Alpaca fur and is super soft. A definite great find. Good eye Penny!

There was face painting and Dominic chose a bat. He and Indy had a great time because I let them run loose as long as they stayed together. I would see them now and then amongst the chaos and I think they felt good being on their own. It was a pretty secluded area and I had no worries about them running around together. =) Getting so big!
Penny went through the gymnastics obstacle course about 5 times. She loved it!
She was all smiles about her butterfly painted on her cheek. It was a fun day spent together and we had some yummy cider donuts fresh from the grease pit. Mmmmmmmmmmmm.

Saturday, October 03, 2009

Movie review

My brother recently watched the Movie "The Invention of Lying." It sounds like it could have been an interesting movie...... however, his review is quite telling of the movie and its motives.

Read here

I love my brother's way with words. He can win any argument....but for good reason.... he is usually right (exception being when he tries to logically explain why he is mom's favorite. Though his argument makes sense, it is just not true. I am mom's favorite. She told me so.)

Thursday, October 01, 2009

Penny tries on the Yip-Yip costume

So sorry, I'm a blogging slacker but here is a fun video to share. This was Dominic's costume 3 years ago. Its still a favorite.

If you don't remember the yip-yips, they were a sesame street alien. You had to be there.