Thursday, August 27, 2009


Quote from Micah (my sister's 11 year old) this weekend that keeps making me giggle:

"Oh my gosh Ammon, they don't have tap water here! Taste it!" - brushing his teeth in the bathroom using water from the tap

"huh, what kind of water is it?"

"Fresh water"

Julia and Eva, thanks for visiting this last weekend. We had a great time just hanging out. Eva, if you change your mind and want to move to Nor-Cal instead I will find you a job. Same offer stands for you Dan and Julia. =)

Wednesday, August 26, 2009


On come the terrible twos and tantrums. I don't even know how this tantrum started but she was persistent to have the tantrum right in front of the garage door last week, on the kinda dirty floor staring at the light box. It was pathetic. Crying for no reason for seriously 30 minutes. She wouldn't let me cuddle her, talk to her or even sit in the room. I just let her cry it out.

She kept saying things like "Leave me alone." "I don't want it." "Go away" You know, all the phrases that make you feel real good when your toddler says them to you. Distractions didn't work ("Hey Penny, where's your doll? Did you lose a shoe? I've got a cookie! Would you like a bottle of milk?").

Tsk Tsk Penny. If there is going to be a next time, can you have the tantrum when Dad is home and not in the middle of me cooking dinner? Just a thought.

And then Daddy came home and it she acted like an angel the rest of the night. Was it just her way of telling me, "I'm bored with you mom."
Handsome boy. I could lick all the ice cream off a face like this. Just in case you didn't know, this is what a second grader looks like.


We went and ate dinner (thanks for the free meal Belair) on temple grounds on Monday. It was a perfect evening. We then went and bought Dominic some shoes for school. His feet have grown a whole size since Christmas!

pictures from Alaska

So, we have been home for 2 weeks, but I'm just now getting on a schedule enough to be able to blog. =)

Dominic, Brenna and gage made soup while I washed dishes. They had raw noodles and garden carrots in a little bit of water and loved it! Add loud pans and cooking spoons and you've got your self 45 minutes of entertainment! =)
After bathtime. Penny and Brenna had their moments of best friends / worst friends. Penny knew she shouldn't be pushing Brenna, but she got a couple sly ones in anyways. It went both ways all week. They were both stinkers.......cute, but stinkers. This was about 20 minutes before she broke her arm again. I love these jammies...both Brenna and Penny were so squishy and soft in them. =)
Bathtime was so fun! I love the little bums sticking out of the water. They kicked and splashed and the echo's of laughter from the tub were awesome.
Penny called her Roses . I love Rose.
Shoving sand down her splint. OH joy.

I loved that I could just send them out to play. My parents live on almost 6 acres of Alaska playground....the great outdoors. =) The kids LOVED it.

Are you wondering what that contraption is? My dad and oldest brother started welding together a fishwheel for fishcamp. They've only ever had one fishwheel going but they hope to add this one to the cache. =) Copper River Reds and Kings are DELISH!
They tied themselves together and pranced around. Sometime they would forget and walk the rope into a tree outside. It was pretty funny to watch. Morgen, Bret and Dominic played so well together this summer. I really enjoyed listening to them play! We had a lot of fun in Alaska.

We picked and made (I watched) raspberry jelly
Played with our friends and family
Penny broke her arm again, made a record 1.5 hour visit to the ER
Made a new stroller seat for the toy stroller we have at home
Watched a movie with James that was burned and so it blurped about every 2 seconds
Had a super delicious salmon dinner that my dad cooked
Fed the missionaries
Took a pregnancy test since I was almost 2 weeks late (negative-O)
Made long distance Doctor appointments for Penny to get a cast on when we got home
Went to the library in the truck with a camper on back... why not?
Had some friends over and let all 17 kids play outside together
Went for a walk up to the hayfields with Annie, Rose, Dominic, Penny and 3 of Annies kids
Saw the Caribou at the University...what happened to the pigs?


These videos are a couple weeks old now, but better late than never right? Sorry, I've been busy busy busy.

Brenna and Penny had lots of fun the first couple days. After that they were best friends from far away. I love Brenna's laugh in the bathtub. Throwing water on your friends is super silly you know.

The second video is of Penny seeing Dominic after a 6 week absence. She was so giggly and couldn't hug him enough. Dominic being gone was hard on Penny. She stopped sleeping in her own bed, was really clingy and wouldn't let us leave the room, asked for him all the time almost crying. It was super sad but now that he's back home.......its all back to normal. She calls him Dom instead of Dominic about 75% of the time....a name I swore I would never call him as a nickname but when your 1 year old does it, it grows on you. They have been so fun to watch play. They both REALLY missed eachother.

Thursday, August 06, 2009

We're In Alaska!

NO pictures as of yet. We almost didn't land because of the smoke around Fairbanks from the wildfires. But just before we landed there was a sprinkle of rain that cleared up the smoke enough to land. Phew! Otherwise it would have been back to Anchorage and we would have been stuck in Anchorage until they were landing plance (really, I probably would have just driven to Fairbanks at that point.....8 hour drive).

When we landed Penny was alseep. I said "Hey Penny,guess what? We're in Alaska now."

Her eyes sprung open immediately so wide and she said "We're in Alaska! Go see Dominic!" *slight pause* "I'm so happy!"

Which pretty summed up what I was feeling too. So, its still rainy, but not smokey. Which is fine with me. We get plenty of hot weather back in Sacramento I actually like to come here and smell the clean Earth.

Monday, August 03, 2009

Random Penny Sayings

Penny had been all day that the Zufelts while I was painting (her favorite place to go besides home because they ADORE Penny). I had just picked her up and we were headed home when she says after a sigh, "I had a good day"

She says Hi to everyone. I mean everyone we pass (at the store, on the street when riding bikes, whatever). Usually people will say hello back. Those who proceed to have an actual conversation with Penny are always laughing when we say goodbye. She says the funniest things like "you're wearing glasses" or, "Hi Grandma!" (aka old lady) or "What you doing?" or "Look at my nails" (sometimes painted sometimes not...but please, look. She loves her nails. =) After goodbyes and while the people are walking away she ALWAYS says "see you later and....and I love you!" Its extra cute due to the fact that she just started being conscious of saying her L sound correctly so the L in each word is enunciated (spelling please). Not only that but she will keep saying I love you until the people either say it back or are out of sight.

I get to fly to Alaska on Wednesday to go get Dominic. I laugh at the thought of all the people who are going to be sitting around us listening to Penny jabber for a 2 hour flight and then a 3.5 hour flight. Its like the ON button broke while it was going full speed. We can't shut her up! I don't mind it.....I love it in fact. She has such a personality.

House update:

We're all moved in. We spend our first night here on Saturday night. Some random stuff is still at Gma's house and we'll get it over here over the next few days before I leave to Alaska. We're waiting to post anymore pictures till its all done. We're getting close. We love our new house and the space we have to play and work all in one place. We would love visitors anytime so come on over!