Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Mommy son date night

Sean had a lot of work to do one night and Penny was down for a long late nap because she was sick. So, Dominic and I packed up and went to ........ THE ELDORADO FAIR. It wasn't all that exciting really, but we saw what cool things there were to see and had a great time!
Dominic was attatched to some long and big rubber bands that someone pulled on the other end to make him go up and down so he could do tons and tons of front and back flips. I was surprised how much he liked flipping and was proud of him for trying a new thing and being brave!
He got to go up on stage to help with the magic show. It was really stinking cute and I loved every minute of it (not necessarily because the magic show was all that great but because Dominic's shy posture is to die for).
There was a live shark demonstration and a guy actually GOT IN THE TANK WITH THESE SHARKS. It was very cool.

Dominic got to sit in and push all the buttons on this cop car. He was on cloud nine!
I love this picture and will probably frame it real big. He's so funny, I love this expression. Do you think thats a Norris nose mom?


She loves to sing all day long. Enjoy her serenade. I love it and could listen to her singing ALL DAY LONG.....as long as she sleeps at night. =)

sorry about the boogers in the beginning.....kinda gross. Sorry.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009


She fell asleep in her high chair this morning after she was done eating. Stay tuned to the end though, its worth it. I promise.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Inspired by Sam and Kim

So I didn't have a diaper handy, but I was inspired by my brother. He used a similar contraption on his kids on a long car ride. I know it probably doesn't hurt her neck to be all scrunched over, I don't remember it hurting mine, but I couldn't stand to see her laying like that. So, I devised a solution. I actually purchased these great pillows that go on either side of her head and they work marvelously, but she doesnt' like them anymore and even if she is in a dead sleep, will wake up and yank them out. So, the purse strap worked well and saved my arm from having to hold her head for 7 hours. =)

So peaceful she's blowing bubbles

Happy 7th Birthday Dominic

We have a 7 year old. That is crazy to me. 7 years ago was so long ago! Needless to say we love this little *ahem* excuse me...BIG guy to pieces. He is such a goofy sweet kid. We got to have his birthday at Dan and Julia's house with some of Dominic's cousins there. It as lots of fun and the perfect sized party. =)

He's such a good kiddo. Sean said on Friday at Disneyland "we're pretty lucky, we've got such great kids." Disneyland sure brings out good feelings..... Dominic said, "I'm going to have really good dreams tonight" while we sat there watching the fireworks. It was such a fun trip. More pictures to come of disneyland when I get them!

Who looks more excited about the present...Dominic? Or Denali. Funny, I have a picture from some year in the past with Denali just as excited about him opening that present. Love her and her goofy cross-eyes (she kept going cross eyed and telling me how easy it was to do.....see?.....what a goof).
The cupcakese were yummy. Denali did the sprinkles.
Happy boy. We love you Dominic and are so glad you are in our family! Way to go big number 7!

Goodnight Moon

This is one of Penny's favorite books (the other is Polar Bear Polar Bear What Do You Hear?). For a few months she has been spitting out words in familiar stories when she looks at the books. She's getting pretty good at memorizing them. Dominic was such a book lover at this age too and I LOVE it.

She also LOVED the piano at Julia's house.....and Micah. He was her own little superstar. Thanks Micah for putting up with a toddler yelling your name 24/7. Love you guys!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Laguna Beach

I love the beach. Most of our pictures were taken on Grandma Penny's camera this weekend since it takes better pictures. Here are a few from ours. We went to the beach with my sister Julia and Sean's family also. It was a lot of fun and the waves were huge. Dominic had so much fun chasing the waves with all his cousins. I couldn't watch. With each wave I felt like he was going to get eaten into the big vast body of water known as the ocean.........when really the worst that would have happened is he would have gotten a mouth full of sand and pushed up on shore. I played with Penny while others watched the kids squeal as they ran back and forth with each wave.

We buried Dominic and played all day long! We missed the tide-pools but nobody seemed to care. It was such a fun day.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

We love the pet store

This is a weekly, sometimes bi-weekly, occurance. We love the pet store here. It has bunnies (always at least 4), cats and kittens, fish, lizards, hampsters, mice, tons of birds, fish, crabs, EVERYTHING a child could love to see for free.

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Fathers Day card

Fun Fathers Day Card or Sunday project. Click the picture for template

We're buying a house

Click on the picture

Of course the decor will be different but we're excited. We signed the papers yesterday for the offer and the clock is ticking to get it all squared away and finalized. But yay! Our own space again, we can't wait.

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Monday, June 01, 2009

She loves the phone


Putting thimbles on Daddy's fingers takes a lot of concentration.
Her favorite sunday movie is FEED MY LAMBS. It has lots of lambs in it and she LOVES the little "YAMS" She sat here on Daddy's lap for the whole movie (25 minutes)
Yogurt popsicles are soooo good. She wouldn't even share.
Her hair finally fits in a little "piggies". They are so cute. When putting them in (I sit her on the counter so she can see what I'm doing to her hair) she looked up and said "yook yike Cafrin." (look like Catherine) She has a little friend Catherine who wears her hairs in piggies quite often. I thought it was funny that she even noticed.....but I'm not surprised.... it seems that nothing gets past her.