Thursday, April 30, 2009

Where does Penny get her curls?

People keep asking where Penny gets her curls. Being that Sean's hair is short and/or gone it isn't always apparent that it comes from him. Mine is straight and so her curls look like they appeared from nowhere. However, here is proof of Sean's locks. He's probably around.....3 or 4 here?

Also, if you've ever wondered if Sean looks like his mom or you know.

I love this picture.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009


I know its past Easter, but this message applies all year long........ (and I found it today)

"May we declare ourselves to be more fully disciples of the Lord Jesus all times, and in all things, and in all places that we may be in, even until death. For surely that is how he stood by us when it was unto death and when he had to stand entirely and utterly alone."

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Grama, Grampa Owie

Today I asked Penny if she would like to talk to Grandma and Grandpa Hirt on the phone. She replied with an emphatic "Yes!" As I was dialing she started mumbling,

"Gwah-puh Owie, Gwah-muh owie, Owie Gwah-puh"

Love the little minds....

Reminds me of volleyball cheers, "Katie Hirt, Katie Hirt....HURT SOMEBODY!"

Stroller rides

Thursday, April 23, 2009


He likes them! But, he's 6. I don't think I could get away with this in 5 years.
They are wierd, but we'll just say they have CHARACTER

My Earth day Project

So, on Earth day when i did laundry, I discovered a hole in Dominic jeans. Instead of throw them away, I decided to do something more frugal. He has a tiny waist and is really tall so we always buy the adjustable waistband pants. Needless to say, the waist could still fit him till he's 12 probably. Anyways, I decided to turn them into shorts. Last year I just cut them off and washed them. I didn't really like that look so this year I tried something different.

1) Cut the bottoms off the pants and figure out how long you want your shorts. Lay them over the top part and at mid-thigh cut at an angle.

you should have two piece like this when you are done. Do each leg (obviously)
2) Turn the pants inside out and place right sides together, making sure you have the right seams together. Pin in place. Sew with a 1/4-1/2 seam allowance and a small-ish stitch.
4) Press seams on the inside. You may need to cut in a few spots on the seam allowance you made to get it to lay flat.

Done! could keep going.
5) Randomly make stitches (in a large stitch) in a pattern you like over the seam as well as some other places to distract from the new seam and give a "designer look." Reverse over the stitches many times and make it random!

(My brother Nephi gave me a pair of jeans to fix one time that had stitches a LITTLE like this once, I've always wanted to try was the day).
Dominic's new designer jeans. What? I am a designer Now, we'll just see if he wears them. I'll let you know.

92 yesterday

Yesterday, it was HOT (today its cold and windy) so we had to get out old Elle the elephant and turn on the hose. It was perfect.

Penny wasn't so sure at first and wouldn't get any closer than this. Dominic and Indy sprayed eachother and took many many drinks from Elle.
Indy Sprays Dominic. It was loads of fun as you can see by the smiles
Penny watched them take drinks over and over and finally decided to give it a go. Squinting helps.
She loved getting wet!

She tried over and over to get Elle's nose to reach Indy and Dominic so she could spray them. The bottom of Elle is weighted down with water and so it was too heavy to drag around. She tried though...grunts and all.

So good!

Here mom, you try. She got the camera wet and that ended it, little scamp

Love him

Dominic painted my toe-nails 2 days like?

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Happy Earth Day

We're being hippies today and really celebrating. J/K

Happy Earth Day! May we all do the things we can to keep our Earth clean and beautiful.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Okay, its about time I did a post for Dominic

Dominic's latest passion is BAKUGAN. If you have not heard of these you are totally out of the 6-12 year old loop. Get with it. These are similar to Pokemon. You play a card game with them, but they come with these ingenious little balls that pop open when you place them on the metal gate cards. The game is actually quite fun (what?!!...someone has to play with Dominic) and has helped Dominic learn to add really big numbers (like 340 +180 +60 +40= ?) He LOVES his Bakugan and consequently, so do all his friends.

Nathan came over and they played for about an hour and a half. When it was time for Nathan to go home Dominic said "What? Its only been like 5 minutes!" =)

Trading and playing
Spencer lives next door and they play quite often. He's a few years older, but so far....neither of them care. =)
This is Dominic daily task chart. Yes, I pay him to do normal things everyday. It goes against everything I told myself I was GOING to do when I had children. But what did I know then right? This has kept the peace so well in our house. If he's being resistant to getting his daily tasks, I can refer to the chart instead of getting frustrated. The chart becomes the "bad guy" more or less. This also helps Dominic visualize what he needs to get done. He simply puts a magnet on the square when he's finished it and knows what he has left to do still. We've been doing this all year. For every 3 magnets at the end of the day, he gets a tally mark.....and for every 25 tally marks he gets $2.50. A quarter goes to tithing and a quarter goes into savings and he gets to spend the rest on whatever he pleases......but I don't buy his toys anymore so it really evens out what I was spending on him before anyways perhaps.....sshhhhhhhhhh, don't tell! And, he gets to learn about money this way. He's learned that buying a lunchable isn't a good investment of his money because he doesnt' really like them and once they have been eaten, they are gone. "Mom, you already buy me food so that would be a silly thing to spend my money on!" Yay! I don't have to be the luncheable Nazi! I've been really pleased with how this works. We lapsed on it because of Christmas break....I quickly realized that it was something that HE needed to keep him working towards a goal and also decreased the frustration in our home. Mid-January we started up again and oh what a relief that was!

The happily follow directions 3 times a day also allowed him to have a bad morning but start fresh again inthe afternoon if he chose to. We LOVE this chart.

Its like a magic magnet board......seriously!.... =)
How it was made: Locker whiteboard about the size of a sheet of paper (around $3.00 at walmart). Designed the squares with permanent marker and covered the board with saran wrap to keep them from rubbing off with daily use. Magnets are glass rocks with a flat back. Use tacky glue and glue pictures onto the back of them with the pictures facing the magnets add a strong magent on the back and let them dry. You are READY TO GO!..... I've changed theh daily tasks one time since we started this chart in September. To to this, simply color over the permanent marker with a dry erase marker and then wipe off.

I also recommend that you put this somewhere where YOU end your day so you remember to put up the tally marks. Ours is on our bathroom counter. When I'm brushing my teeth and washing my face I wrap up his chart by putting the tally marks on the paper behind the task board and then re-setting the magnets.

This is nothing new for us, we've always done charts. Dominic does well with them and I discovered this when he was 2. Here is a list of charts that we've done:

Potty training chart, dry nights
clean room, put away dirty clothes chart
Eat something new everyday chart
Nice to his friends chart
Go to nursery happily chart
Go to Primary happily chart
Reading chart
Other daily task charts


Do you have a chart in your home for your kids?

Ponytail day

Yesterday was a ponytail day....barely (as you can tell by her little nub barely hanging on). She loves to put "pretties" in her hair. She's such a girly girl. It was much too toddler looking and made me so happy/sad to see. My little baby is getting so big already.

She looks nothing like poor genetics are just NOT DOMINANT I think cuz Dominic looks nothing like me either. lol

More Penny....

We went to the park and, as every child, Penny loved the swings and slides the best. As if her hair already doesn't look like she stuck it in an electrical socket on most was super static-like as she went down the slides. These ALMOST do it justice.
I've been trying and trying to get her BUSY FACE captured in picture. This is the best I have gotten so far. She's always sooooooooooo busy.
Yogurt? I head its good for the scalp.
Penny loves Grandma, Grandma love Penny. She calls Penny her little "Dolly girl" Doesn't she look amazing for almost 94? No photoshop needed. =)

Monday, April 20, 2009

Blurt it out!

So there we are at church sitting like angels this last Sunday....listening to two women sing a beautiful song about a journey of finding themselves through Christ. Their voices were probably the most pure and amazing singing voices I've ever heard during church. Penny and Dominic were listening intently (really, they were). The phrase, "Are you happy with where you are in your life" was sung with an ever so slight pause at the end to which Penny added an emphatic "NOOoooooooOOO!" at the top of her lungs and Sean and I gaped in horror for a split second and then giggled for the next 2 minutes ....who is this girl and why does she make us laugh so much? Thanks to Naomi and Levi who shared in the humor of it all

So, I want to know....what are your most embarrassing/funny moments during church?

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Babysteals Turns 1

I heard about Babysteals before they launched and was SO EXCITED for two reasons:

1) I could easily and quickly get old inventory of Blush out of my house and into Jana's (sorry Jana! lol)

2) I couldn't wait for all the great bargains on essential stuff that I wouldn't otherwise have found myself.

I check their site every morning and love the innovative products that they find. My favorite by far (besides my own right?) is the bi-cal shoes. Loooooove them...and snag a pair every time they go on. Their shipping is incredibly fast and they have great customer service (does Gmail chat count as customer service?)

Great job Babysteals! You make the world a better place and HAPPY BIRTHDAY. Here's a video for you.

Annie if I win I'll share it with you, since I really learned about this contest through your blog.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Alaska for Easter

We were up in Alaska the week before Easter and over Easter weekend so Dominic could visit with his Dad. They had a great time.....most of my pictures as of late are of Penny cuz well...Dominic wasn't with us. I'll make sure to catch up with some Dominic posts soon.

Penny loves swings and didn't care that it was cold out. There were two swings on the porch and a hammock. I would rock her to sleep sometimes (all bundled in a blanket of course) on the hammock but she could swing like this in the airplane for an untold amount of time squeeling "weeee weeee weee!"
My parents front yard. Notice the 9 foot tetherball pole....yes, we take tetherball seriously at the Hirt farm.
A friend of ours (Thanks Kristi and family!) put on an easter egg hunt every year. There is still snow on the ground so really there's no HIDING or hunting, its more like an easter gathering....but its fun nonetheless. By the time I left a week after this picture was taken, lots of this snow was gone and there was tons of dirty brown snow...but this was kinda pretty still. =)
It was Penny's first experience and once she discovered that there was CANDY in the eggs....she as all over it. She got a rainbow egg which allowed her to pick a prize........
She picked this cute little chick which she loves and adores. While skyping with Daddy and Grandma she would shove it at the computer and yell "take it" "hug it." She loves her animals.
She made the chick play piano
She drug the chick everywhere. We even drew a freckle on the bottom of the chick's foot to match Penny's. She thought that was silly and kissed the freckle over and over and then would find hers and kiss it. She's trying to get to the chocolate bunny.
Penny's cousin Brenna is 8 months older than Penny......Penny measured almost an inch taller. They were cute little buds and got to hang out for a couple hours before it was bedtime. Penny was ecstatic to see her and kept asking "where Brenna go? Where James go?" We left SUPER EARLY the next morning.

Penny and Brenna serenaded us on the piano. Penny was a bit bossy....and kept asking Brenna if she had an owie and what happened...not sure what she was talking about cuz we couldn't find one. I just LOVE their fat little fingers.

Brody came to visit

Well, Dusty and Megan came too (Sean's brother) but we've seen them before. =) We haven't gotten to snuggle on Brody since he was born and were anxiously awaiting his visit. Penny wasn't as thrilled as we were expecting, mostly because Brody kept grabbing her hair or clothes in excitement and Penny didn't like it. She kept her distance as she would a large animal or something. It was funny to see her take the long way around something to avoid getting too close to Brody, though from afar...she loved him.

Dominic loved holding Brody. He is such a mellow little baby.

Sharing toys outside.

Having fun!
This was one of the times she wouldn't get near him. We tried to sit them next to eachother but she just wouldn't have it.
Thanks for visiting Brody, come again soon!

Random Penny pics

She loves being wrapped up in a towel. In fact, as of late, she asks for a towel as panic-like as she asks for her plug. Its like she's going to keel over if she doesn't get it. She calls it a ta-bull and the sign for towel is to die for.......she thinks its a fun sign which makes it all the more enjoyable to watch her to it

(to sign towel: put your hands in fists on either side of your head moving them in a forwards/backwards motion pretending to wash the back of your neck with a towel).
Sweet kisses from Daddy.
So then she wanted her boots on and for us to chase her. This is her "chase me" face that she does while she pants (which is the noise we make when we chase if we are out of breath). She's a hoot.
Can't contain herself. Her laughs are so silly....but her squeals are an absolute delight.

So Sleepy

This one made me laugh. She loves these pajamas because one of her favorite songs is the eency weency spider (sigh-ber) which she sings, The eency weency horsie, kitty, sigh-ber, doggie etc..
This is the hat she wore while swinging on the porch in Fairbanks. Totally goofy but warm. No I didn't make it, I don't even know where I got it. You should have seen the hat-head that came after.
She fell asleep watching Tom and Jerry before dinner time. Apparently we had a pretty long day. Grandma noticed her slumped over and we laughed ourselves silly with how cute it was. Dominic had to pose with her.