Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Freckles and alphabets

Ever watched the Leap Frog videos that help you with your alphabet sounds? Its the only video Penny has watched while in the car for the last month.....she absolutely loves it as witnessed here because she's learned all the sounds. Most of them she can get right if I write them also. Kids this age are such sponges.

Penny has discovered the freckle between her toes (I have secretly kissed this freckle from the day she was born). She thought it was an owie but has learned a new word, FRECKLE! She likes to play peekaboo with it

before and after

Before we do her hair everyday.... its like Jon's (my oldest brother) Mullet in high school. Its got a great differential.
After. I have to wet her hair to comb it because it ends up in such a fuzzy tangled mess in the back that it looks like its been burned/singed....but look at those curls after they have been wet!!!! I love them!

Try it ... its kinda fun!

Recently I was on a friends blog and she said she was using an online system to track her food intake and exercise. Booooooooooooooring........ Was my first thought. I hate tracking my foods. It makes me obsess about what I'm not eating...lol

But, I decided to take a look and see what all the hubub was about anyways. Its really cool! You can see what type of energy you put out everyday and then you put in what you eat. If you are looking to lose weight its as simple as eating less than you use. If you are struggling to know if what you are doing is working...you could see your results and figure out why its not working, or perhaps that it is working and to keep it up, don't lose hope!

Its free to register and its very detailed. Check it out. www.nutrimirror.com


Friday, March 27, 2009

what? We won something?

I commented on a blog to win a contest for a cute little dress from The Baby chic Boutique and won! I'm so excited to get this little dress............... I rarely do these contests because I don't win stuff like this often. But...........I won a $38 dress that is amazingly adorable. Meet, the birdie dress .......... I can't wait to see Penny in it.

The contest was a blog about modesty. I have always felt uncomfortable dressing Penny in sleeveless tops mostly (but bikini's too....really? little girls in a bikini? come on!....lol) . I know its silly, she's only a baby right now....but when is the magic age that you start having them dress modestly? Its something that I've always wondered how I would approach when/if I had a little girl. Why not start now.... right? We all pick and choose which battles we want to go up against, this is one I've always had reservations about. I'm sticking to it though......even at this age. Crazy? Perhaps...... but I think its worth it. So there's my soapbox........... =)

and yay! I won!


and milk

The best chocolate chip cookie recipe is the toll house cookie recipe. Just follow how to use that recipe here and you'll have the best ones around. Note: cookies are best about 4 hours old......just sayin.

Start with eggs and beat for 2 minutes till frothy

Add sugars and beat for 1 minute

Add softened (not melted....around room temperature) butter and beat for 1 minute or until smooth and not grainy

add all other ingredients plus just about 3/4 cup MORE flour.

Cook at 350 for 7-9 minutes until golden brown.Seriously...if you can stand to wait, eat them 4 hours later. They are divine. Also, to avoid tons of cookies and eating them all yourself. Freeze the dough on a plate in cookie dough ball sizes and then once frozen put in freezer zip-loc bag. Then you can cook as few as you want the next time you want some ....if you only want 1 cookie...just cook one (who does that?).Enjoy!

Also notice how well used our pizza stone is..........its completely black.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Happy St. Patricks Day ya Leprechaun!

At school they received an assignment to make a leprechaun trap to set out the night before St. Patricks Day. Dominic and I had a lot of fun with this one and ALMOST got one. Actually, according to the note that the leprechaun Olaf left.... he did get caught, but luckily (for him) a leprechaun friend was nearby and helped him out otherwise we surely would have had him! He left Dominic 2 quarters in place of the 2 pennies that Dominic put out.

Its a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow with a green rope for the leprechaun to climb up and slide into the pit of doom to his dismay that was NOT a pot of gold. It was a pretty creative trap I thought.
I like how Dominic started to write GOLD on each circle that he drew. He quickly decided that the leprechaun would know it is gold and he didn't need to write it on ALL of them. hee hee.
Argggggggh....Dominic's gonna get you!

Friday, March 20, 2009

The RED Boots

So my friend Jennifer was getting rid of these boots.....but I snagged them and love them on Penny. They go great with this cute dress I got her that I couldn't resist.

5 in view

If you head up towards Kennecott copper mine in Utah and stop to turn around just before you head over the mountain pass, you will see in plain view 5 temples ( I noticed last time that I could see 4...which at that time was amazing too!). One of them new and having its dedication this weekend, I can't help but marvel at what a wonderful valley Utah is. How amazing to see that all in one place. Can you name the 5? I don't think there is any other spot in the world where you can see 5 all in one place. I can't wait to go back someday and get a picture of it.......

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Lighthouse Marketing Store

Sean has been working hard on a website for all the books and audio's that we market. He's been meaning to post about it, but is hard at work everyday and has had no time. So since all I do is eat bon-bons all day long (ha!) I figured I could get off my tush and post about what he's been working so hard on after work hours.

We would like to welcome our Lighthouse Marketing store into our lives. Not all the products are up yet, but you get the jist. You should see our inventory at our house...its pretty silly (especially if you add my business on top of his). This website will work in conjunction with the website Lighthouse Marketing that a friend of ours developed a few years ago which is currently under some construction so you can't see it but....should be fixed soon. The Lighthouse Marketing Website generates TONS of traffic so as soon as its working on his site, it should be an instant HIT!

Also his eBay store here.

This has really grown quite large in the last 6 months and has really taken off due to Sean's hard work. Especially for something that we tripped over almost 2 years ago. We hope to grow it to be THE best known resource for personal development and network marketing materials at a competitive price.

I'm proud of you Sean!

(this is the part where you tell Sean how amazing the store looks because he's really happy with how it turned out and I've already told him a bunch of times)

Now, back to my bon-bons........

Developed an old roll of film

Dominic will always be my little savior child. He was my sunshine on rainy days and got me through hard times. These pictures make me smile because although he was a stinker (poor guy was going through a lot of changes too) he was so stinking fun and could always bring a smile to my face. These are at our apartment when Dominic and I lived at BYU before Sean and I were married. Don't laugh at my dorky shoes...I always look back at my style 5 years previous and shake my head wondering WHAT WAS I THINKING! lol

He's right around 2 in these pictures....probably almost 2 1/2 based on long sleeve shirts and pants (its not summer).

He loved his clipboard, and my shoes!
We gave this stethescope that I used to use at work to Gma Hirt(my mom for those of you who don't know) for nursing school this last year Dominic loved hearing his heart, though he's listening to the wrong side of his chest. We had lots of good times with 'old blue'. It had the softest ear pieces. The shirt was part of his costume I made for him for Halloween. He was Woody and threw a fit to wear it on Halloween day...but wore it almost every day thereafter until I couldn't squeeze it over his head anymore.
This was one of Dominic's favorite things to do and I loved watching him make a mess. I bought an end-roll of paper from the local newspaper office and we'd roll it out and make a mess. So fun. I can't wait till Penny is a little bit older to do the same...right now she would be trying to sneak her fingers in her mouth.
See Merilee? I told you Dominic loved his notebook and thinking chair. Dominic had a borderline obsession with Blues Clues. Okay, so it wasn't even borderline, it was full blown. I would have to draw him clues (I'm not as good of a drawer as Steve OR Joe) and he would run around swinging his arms saying "blue skidoo we can too" and then jump onto a piece of paper. He would say "so" everytime he opened his notebook and my favorite was "we just got a letter we just got a letter we just got a letter, wonder where its from" which came out as "we-us-ot-ah-wetter we-us-ot-ah-wetter we-us-ot-ah-wetter, uh-oh-fwum" LOVE HIM! And I want to eat his ragamuffin hair!
He looks exactly the same to me just bigger. What do you think?

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Huge discount

We're trying to boost sales this month as the economy is having a wierd effect on business. So, your lucky day...... 35% off your total order when you purchase 4 or more Blushes. If you haven't tried these, you won't be disappointed and our returns policy is such that you have nothing to lose.

Use the code


during checkout. This will be available to the first 25 orders and expires on March 31. Enjoy! Please find our website here.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Why Mormons Build Temples

I thought this video was a great depiction of ....well......why Mormons build temples. In light of some recent events surrounding how sacred it is and the covenants in which we make there, I found this a great explanation to the non-mormon community to explain the difference between secret and sacred and WHY we build so many temples. As in Biblical times, temple worship and covenants are a necessary and vital part of our day as well.

And.....enjoy some of the comercials that are on there too....I found some of them quite comical.

Friday, March 13, 2009

200 Posts

I just wanted to point out that I have hit the 200 marker.....this is my 200th post. CELEBRATE!! Aren't I busy? =)

This is Penny's busy face. She LOVES playing with stickers.

And, don't you love this picture? Little Penny and Great-Grandma Doris are the best of friends.

Are you crafty like this?

So I came across this website today and wanted to share it. You can find directions to make ANYTHING on here. Tell me what you found that you are going to make! I want to know! Dominic has really been into paper airplanes lately and we're excited to try some of the amazing FREE patterns to make a new paper airplane that can fly super far!



Rubber Ball Making

Supersaturate borax in water and then pour off the water into a large-ish cup. Start pouring in some glue
Pour in lots of glue...the more glue, the bigger the rubber ball.
Mix the glue together. You will start to feel the glue stick together. If it begins to stick to your fingers when you take it out, put it bax in the borax-water to bind again. You are making a polymer.
roll polymer into a ball when you take it out of the borax. If you can't roll it into a ball yet, put it back in the borax-water to bind and try again in a few minutes.

Enjoy! It was lots of fun and super easy. They don't last forever, but you can bounce them and play with them for a day or two.

Dominic had a blast with these. He was surprised the next morning when his ball was flat as a pancake..... =) He says he loves science! This is our next project!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

29.....Oh Happy Day!

Yesterday was my birthday. We had yummy cupcakes and a balloon and fun as a family (apart from the whining.....can I get a day off please? lol)

I dyed my hair dark brown. It took 2 boxes of dye to color it and another box for touchups.....the nice thing is it looks DECENT (not superb but decent) when I do nothing to it now...whereas before with highlights I felt like it looked ragged when I did nothing to it. I really like it so if you don't....please keep the comments to yourself....ha! =)
Our little cheeser
Dominic was the recipient of bites from Penny, she was being a good sharer after screaming for her "CUUUUPCAAAAAAKE!"
oOPS, LOOK AT THAT. I have some on my finger.

Bath time!

Penny has ALWAYS been a water baby. We can't wait for swimming season to begin. We are going to be pool sharks!

jump sky high!

There is this awesome trampoline place closeby that is called jumpskyhigh. It is a trampoline place with like 6 different arena's. There are trampolines on the ground, up the sides and it is lots of fun. Dominic won free tickets at school playing bingo so on Saturday we all headed down there and had a blast. And afterwards....the kids slept so good. Though, the next morning Dominic was too tired and too whiny to function that we left him home in bed with Grandma while we went to church........lol.

she liked to perch herself on the wall and bounce her butt and/or head off it
Sean and Dominic had a wicked game of dodgeball going on
Setting up for the kill

Having fun with Penny. She was so tickled that she could bounce so well.
He was all wored out (as we like to say). He even broke a sweat!
Dominic throws a good one right at Dad. He was injured.....injured bad.

Thursday, March 05, 2009

I keep posting pictures like this...but she keeps trying to ride all her horsies! Morgen made (well with help from Mom I'm sure) this horse for Penny and she loves it. She was trying to ride it the other day.
So I was driving by a thrift store and thought I would swing in and see if they had a rocking horse for cheap. Dominic found this one....and while we thought it was small, we thought it would still work
It was a little TOO small.....but...still worth the $2.
She woke up from her nap, took a ride and gave it a loving hug and pat. We'll have to get a bigger one when we get our own place.

Penny Poo Poo

I liked this expression. She picks up the see-n-say and will back up to you saying "read it, read it"
Don't you eat "cumbers" like this?
She had a rash. Still not sure what it was from.......it was all over her face, not raised, just red and blotchy. Doctor didn't know either.
When we finish milk or orange juice I always rinse out the container and let Penny play with it for a day before I throw it in the recycling bin. She loves to put the cap on and off over and over. It can entertain her for a good 30 minutes! Simple pleasures.


Yesterday there was a lot of rain, but just as we came home the sun came out and there was a HUGE RAINBOW that too up the whole sky in front of our house. Literally...it was the brighest rainbow I've EVER seen and whole. There was another one just above it that wasn't as bright but it was spectacular.

This is Dominic and his friend Indy. Indy lives just down the street and they play ALL THE TIME. Its great to have him so close by.

I wish I would have thought to take more pictures of it and made it into a panoramic with that software that Annie uses.......I'm kicking myself in the pants for not doing so.

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Dominic makes me smile!

Dominic and I made a volcano for fun. We took it out to the backyard to make it erupt. Dominic would have done this a million times....we did it 5 times only because I don't have a never-ending supply of baking soda and vinegar!
This clip on his belt is his new favorite toy. He likes to "sneak" (like I don't notice) up behind either Sean or I and clip himself to us through the belt loop. The other day Sean had on athletic shorts and Dominic kindly asked him, "Dad, could you go put on some pants that have THESE on them?" (referring to the belt loops). He's funny
Penny loves bellybuttons and zurburts......she pokes and gives them freely.
Penny also likes to sit on Dominic's head all the time (Dominic prefers it to be after her diaper change). They are both a giggling mess while she does it. Hopkins shirts from www.signingtime.com are the favorites around our house. It is the first shirt worn from clean laundry pile.

Dominic is the best big brother I could have ever asked for Penny. He plays with her so much, reads her books, shares his toys with her (she knows what a bakugan is because he loves to share them with her), feeds her, and someday I'll let him change diapers...hee hee.

Happy Valentines Day

I'm not sure if you have noticed yet, but I am a feast and famine blogger. I blog all the pictures I want about 2 times a month from my camera........ So, here is Valentines day and I'll catch you up over the next few days. =)

We got Grandma some roses from Costco for Valentines day. They stayed amazing for over a week! Penny's favorite thing to do was smell them and she would push our faces towards the roses so that we wouldn't miss the wonderful smell either. They really were the best smelling roses I've ever been around. Yuuummmmmmm..... Here she pulled a petal off and made Grandma smell it since she was too far away to push her head towards it. So thoughtful...ha!
I asked Penny to say cheese, to which she SIGNED cheese. Thanks Signing Time! Daddy thought it was funny and I really like this picture.
Mell it
These were her valentines stuffed animals she got (one from us and one from Sean's mom). The fuzzy bear was one of two. Dominic got the tan one and she got the white one. The white ones eyes are a tad bit closer together giving it a more loving appeal and Dominic immediately noticed it because he wanted to trade Penny......BUT Penny would have nothing to do with the tan one. If I try to give it to her she will say no and get the white one. So....as a compromise, I trimmed the hair around Dominic's tan one to make it look more loving and less ragged......now he says it looks cute like Penny's. My kids are so funny about their stuffed animals.

In this picture Penny is actually saying cheese for the camera....... perhaps because her hands were busy?