Friday, January 16, 2009

On TV again

I was on Good Day Sacramento this morning for Blush {the topless undershirt} stuff. It was fun. The people on the set are absolutely hilarious and did a perfect job helping me explain my product to their viewers. Even the guy's comment was perfect! It was fun to be there and it made it really easy to be in front of a HUGE camera (or three). Did you even notice the zit?

And please, spread the word. Ready, set POST!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Are there Labor Laws against this?

Dominic likes to put the labels on the items that Daddy mails out. He gets paid a penny per label.
I got new packaging in yesterday and I had TONS of orders to fulfill. Grandma (she's 92) helped me fold them into boxes and then stuff them.
We are running a true sweat shop here.

So other news is that on Friday the 16th I will be on Good Day Sacramento. Tune in if you are local to catch the segment airing between 830 and 10. Those of you out of the area, I'll post the video afterwards. Yay!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Face Puppets

These will make you pee your pants. My mom made 20 of them and each of us Hirt kids got to take 2 home. You did such an amazing job mom! Tons of fun to come with these I'm sure..........

This is Dominic



And then my camera died so I didn't get pictures of anyone else. Hilarious *wink wink Sean*

Penny likes to ride her horsies

Where does she even learn these things? I don't know. She doesn't watch TV. Only thing I can think of is today I put a little baby of hers on a horsie and gave her baby a ride for about 2 seconds.

I hardly even noticed that she was even riding her eensy weensy horsie until she started making the clippity clop noise that she makes when a horsie trots......and I realized that she had a horsie she was trying to sit on. It wouldn't stay up so she kept standing it back up and trying again. We about died laughing and then got a slightly bigger horsie for the video.

She makes us laugh so much!

Alaska at -50 below

After we got back from Utah for Christmas (I know I know, posts coming soon!!) we went to Alaska so that Dominic could spend some time with his Dad and Step-mom. We were there for 8 days and IT WAS FREEZING to say it nicely, because technically it was more than 70 degrees colder than freezing temperature..

It warmed up to -38 degrees F the day we left. We almost got out our swimsuits for this picture but they were already packed up! Darn right?!
My dad made this beaver hat. It is amazing. As soon as you put it on your head is instantly warm. Its sheered beaver on the inside and that fur is the softest stuff in the world. Its too bad that like 60 beavers would have to die to make a blanket big enough for my liking.................
This is at my Grandma Williams' home. I love this little rocking chair. Her home is so nastalgic to me. Everything is the same from when I was little. The dangling glass wind chime of doves, the flying goose, the netted plant holders, the smell, the area rug, the chairs, the blue countertop, small green class cups. I love it.
This is the front window at my parents house. INSIDE. That is ice on the window. It really was that cold! Penny would touch it and sign and/or say cold. She found it fascinating.

4 Generation pictures:
Grandma Williams (my mom's mom)

Grandma Nelson (my dads mom)
Did I mention Penny likes corn? Notice on the fridge it says "Life is good and cold." After I took this picture I asked Penny what was on her shirt to which she said "Flower" and then she pointed to my shirt and said "Star"....... she was trying to make conversation. I love her. She ate two cobs of corn.