Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Hirt Family Roundup!

One of the many reasons I love my family.

Sean...where's your silly face? Oh...you're making it? Right, I guess you are....now stop tickling me.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Signing Time

So my sister arranged for Rachel (from signing time) to come and say hello to my family while we were in Utah during Christmas break since a lot of the grand-kids watch the videos and a few of them are borderline obsessed (Penny included in the borderline obsessed group). It was a great time. Rachel was quite entertaining and much like Santa Clause without the "bowl full of jelly." Penny was a little star-struck and was more scared of her than she was of Santa Clause. I think it confused her that someone that was normally so small on TV was now a huge REAL person in front of her. Dominic thought it was "so cool" to meet the REAL Rachel and the REAL Leah. He said he just "couldn't even believe it."

Thanks Rachel and Leah for making our day special. We love signing time!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

30 stockings

My feet can be wonderfully handy and Sean thinks its funny.
If only you knew how nostalgic I feel making these, its the best word I can think to describe it......I can't wait. Hirt's are great Hirt's are great!

Make that 34..........yes 34 stocking. My fingers are going to be numb from pinking the edges

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

O Christmas Tree!

We put up the Christmas tree last week and it is the perfect tree. I got it, put it up on the stand (Sean wasn't home so I had to use some muscles if we wanted to decorate it that night) and Sean strung the lights on. Dominic and I put most of the ornaments on with a little bit of help from Dad and Grandma. We always get a new ornament for everyone every year and it was fun to have one for Gma this year! Sean always lifts Dominic up to put the angel on. Wonder how long he'll be able too do that still he's getting so big.

Finished tree. Its a little top heavy with ornaments because of the little 1 year old hands running around. We put her white birdie at the bottom.......she likes that one.

Then we made gingerbread houses too (not the same night). We made a gingerbread man/woman for each person in the house. Can you tell who is who? Come on, Penny knows who they are. She likes to point to them and say who each one is......... she laughs at Dooooooooom on the roof. We Love Christmas time around here!
Our finished gingerbread house. Penny likes to eat the little dots along the edge of the house (colorful shrubs). She bites them with her teeny teeth up front, its the cutest thing. She's doing triple signs and will sign MORE - CANDY - PLEASE . Its so cute I usually can't say no.

Dominic and I made some oreo truffles which were divine! We then dipped some oreos in the extra chocolate and took them to some friends and family. We ate a few ourselves and will definitely be making them again.


Crush one bag of oreos (save out 1/4 cup to sprinkle on top). Mix with one carton of cream cheese that is room temperature. Let chill. Roll mixture into balls and then roll in melted chocolate chips. Add garnish. Let cool on wax paper. Yum!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Six Flags

So we bought season passes earlier this year for dirt cheap to Six Flags Discovery Kingdom and decided that Holiday in the Park was a good way to end our season passes. We had a great time! Penny spotted this huge rocking horse and was screaming "NEIGH NEIGH NEIGH" each time we passed it.
She's seriously silly. Breakdancing at 9pm on the ground. She did it no hands too but our camera is really slow. She would stand up, laugh, and then do it again. I love her!
Dominic's favorite ride is the COBRA rollercoaster. Its the perfect speed. It is fast, but its perfect for a 6 year old. Whenever we go there Sean and I sit on the bench while Dominic goes over and over and over. I think he probably went 20 times. No line! Yay!
We were watching the parade that we got stuck behind trying to leave. It was semi-entertaining.

Their Christmas tree at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom was HUGE and really the most amazing Christmas tree I've ever seen in person (sorry Jon, your pine cone tree is a close second though).
We're all bundled up and waiting to get in!

We went and watched the sea lion show. Penny liked it. The skit they did was dumb......wish they would have just let us see the sea lions instead of make up a story to go along with it. They were amazing though!

This is Penny waiting in line to ride Bertie The Bus at the Thomas section of the park. Underneath her mittens she is signing BUS.

She really liked to beep the bears nose. At first she was a little intimidated but then she laughed when I beeped his nose. Thats all she wanted to do after that.......beep beeep beeeeep!
She liked Santa. Dominic only got to tell Santa two things that he wanted. He wanted to say a third I guess but Santa asked what he thought his sister would like for Christmas. He said that his answer was "Well I'm not really sure but she really likes horses and babies." He knows his sister thats for sure.

Monday, December 15, 2008

I googled what I need

IN the google search bar I typed in "Katie needs" and then I did "Sean needs". These were the top 5 things that came up.

1) Katie needs Hula lessons.

Hmmm, well not really. I mean, I'm not a good hula hoop-er but if my hips get any smaller they'll be concave. I'm shaped like a boy

2) Katie needs your help!!!

Were the second and third exclamations really necessary? Yes, I know.....I need help but gosh, stop yelling at me.

3) Katie needs to be isolated.

From Sean's gas? Yes. I agree.

4) Katie needs to use the litter pan on her own.

Dangit......busted. See, Sean has set up a sled outside the bathroom door and sometimes I sleep there........ I should really learn to use the toilet on my own.

5) Katie needs YOU. HI! I need your help! I have weird hair and I don' t like it.

I did not say this. I just got my hair done and I love it actually. If you wrote this please confess now.

1) Sean needs 5 cakes

Just please make sure there is no dairy (please refer to Katie needs #3)

2) Sean needs a girlfriend

This must be an old post or something.......he's totally fine now. DISREGARD!

3) Sean needs to remember that there is no crying in baseball

and if it were up to Sean, there would be no baseball at all.

4) Sean needs a different rehab technique

Because the last 32 years of rehab haven't fixed him yet! Wait, oops...did I say that outloud? Who runs out of gas 2 times in one week?

5) Sean needs to take a look at the course of history over the past 50 or so years rather than a snapshot of his imagnination

I don't get it. Guess you had to be there for that one.

I tag........all my family! What do you need? Goodnight! I'm off to bed!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

A Night In Bethlehem

We went to Bethlehem on Friday night and took Grandma with us. It was a long travel but our taxes were due (donations to humanitarian aide committee) and so we had to go, but it was worth the trip. The most amazing things happened. Dominic and Sean were able to throw stones at people (fun but wierd, Sean sling-shot-ed a stone/marshmallow into Tim's neck and gave him a welt I think), we saw horses and donkeys (emphasis on Horse for Penny.......she notices them before we do and according to her the donkey is a horse so if you ask her she didn't see a donkey just the animals that go NEIGH NEIGH NEIGH!!!) played spin the dradle, wrote in Hebrew, made things of clay, got water from the well, ate: bread, olives, baklava, pineapple, dates and figs............and we saw The Star, and the shepherds that followed it and the angels that told them where to go. We saw Mary and Joseph and the manger where they laid the baby Jesus. We saw the baby Jesus. We sang to Him. It was a very fun night and as close to the manger as we could ever get without actually being there. Everyone looked like they were in Jerusalem. The decoration was amazing (someone in our ward does sets for movies or something). It was THE best night in Bethlehem (AKA Cameron Park LDS Stake Center Chapel)!

It was fun to celebrate the true meaning of Christmas at the chapel with our friends and family.

Saturday, December 06, 2008

Yes, little Penny turned 1 yesterday. Its really amazing how time has flown by and she's become this real spit-fire with an amazing personality. We sure have been blessed this last year to have had her in our lives and it seems like she's always been there. Grandma Hirt got her this flower sweater. Its the perfect sweater and she wore it all day (up until cake time that is!)
Here she is reaching for her Kitty. Dominic is so amazed by his little s ister. He came in to kiss her this morning and hugged her and whispered Happy Birthday Penny while she was still asleep. He's such an amazing big brother to her. On a side note, he got her a stuffed animal horse because she LOVES horsies. However, she got another horse from her Aunt (well 2nd cousin really or something like that) Michele and she much prefers the one from her. Dominic's feelings are kinda hurt that she pushes away the brown horse he got her so I told him we would put hairties in its hair and embroider some flowers if it or something and see if that adds enough sparkle for Penny. So thats what we're going to do today.
Hugging her Kitty "meow"
The alligator cake. Isn't it hideous? I didn't order an alligator cake but the Safeway man mis-understood what I implied when I pointed to the alligator cake on the shelf and said we want a cupcake cake with that many cupcakes but JUST (meaning not an alligator) white on top and festive birthday colors that says Happy First Birthday Penny. Wow...he musta thought we came straight outa Alabama (j/k Sam). When I went to pick it up he opened it to show me and I said "Oh, is it an alligator?" He looked in and said "Oh woops, we forgot to put the feet on, hold on a second" and proceeded to put feet on the alligator while I waited then brought it back and said "there, now its fixed" Wow...thanks Mr. It was too funny to tell him it was all wrong and cause a scene. Perhaps we've started a new tradition? The big huge green eyeballs were just a bit too much for me..........

Happy First Birthday Penny, we hope you like Alligators for the rest of your life.

Daintily eating.

So she started in and made the biggest mess I've ever seen made with birthday cake. She acted like she was taking a bath and she rubbed her hands together and said "bubbles!" and then washed her hair with it. She LOVED it.

Doesn't this one just say it all? She had so much fun making a mess. Dominic said he wanted to do that with his next birthday cake too.

Our big 1 year old! Megan is amazing and bought this outfit and embellished it. It really is the cutest thing ever. Thanks so much Megan.......Penny is the hip-est girl around now!

She loves her new baby.

baby baby baby

Both my boys today have said over and over how much fun they had last night. We sure love being a family! I wonder what spirit was with us that night.......there's a huge orb on Penny's bottom j/k

And here is her horsie that she loves......

There were lots of hugs for Penny. We are so blessed to have so many great people in our lives. Thanks for reading! Dominic's card to her that he made said "I love you Penny Poo Poo's, Happy Birthday" We really do love our Penny Poo Poos

Here's one more for the road. Seriously hideous.....

The Christmas Hat

She's becoming quite the ragamuffin lately. Notice the knitted santa hat that I made her, the orange backpack and the purple light-saber. All three of those she walked around with for more than an hour and if I took one away she screamed.
YOu should hear her say the word "baaaa-paaaak"
We push her around in the laundry basked while she says "Dooooooe, Doooooe weeee weee weeee"