Friday, October 31, 2008

Penny's a penny

Better a penny than dressing her as poo poo....cuz thats her other name, Penny PooPoo

Happy Halloween!

His face was pretty grossed out, but he didn't actually mind after that initial PLUNGE into the pumpkin. He loves the baked pumpkin seeds so we cooked some up right away!
Here is our little family of pumpkins. From left to right, Mommy, Daddy and Dominic and Penny up front. Dominic drew Penny's
Ironman and Penny
Killer. I'm not even sure if he knows who Ironman is, but he was dead set on the costume.

New found joy of OUTSIDE

Penny has learned the sign for outside and will frantically sign it throughout the day. We go out and sit in her car and she beeps the horn and plays and plays. Jibberish floods out of her mouth and I love watching her. The birds are so pretty and loud outside in the backyard. We love to sit and play and chase them.
Beep Beep! Coming through!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Proposition 8

So, recently the opposing campaign came out with a commercial where the superintendent of public instruction for the California Teachers Association called attention to some of the YES ON 8 CAMPAIGN's concerns saying they just were lies and shameful that we even used them in our campaign. He's the clencher....that marriage is not REQUIRED to be taught in schools. Well, Mr superintendent.....did you know that 96% of schools do teach about marriage? You should........your supposed to know these things. And while they may not be required to teach this information they do...and while they teach the information they have to teach it as it applies to the law in California. Hmmmm.....which validates the YES ON 8 concern. Again....another example of half-truth = still lies.

Here is a letter that was sent to the parents of the elementary school children who were forced to participate in “Coming Out Day” a week ago in Hayward, California. There is also a video that will soon circulate if this passes. These are the instructions and worksheets that come along with the video. This is the type of information that I WANT to be able to decide when to teach my children, the schools should have no say in this type of alternative lifestyle.

So, to the lady that posted a comment on my blog because I sent her mom a letter asking her to CONSIDER (I did not use forceful wording) Yes on 8 and the information I provided....I say to re-consider your logic. These are not lies. We just call the shots as we see them and you can at least see why we are concerned. So far the No campaign (or the state of California) has given us NO reason to feel that these issues are illogical and no hope that our logic will be considered


and if this does not pass.........we'll probalby be homeschooling next year......and if they dont' let us (that happened in Cali last year).....we'll move.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Sam, this one is for you

Dominic wanted to draw a picture for you today on the computer (with PAINT inspired by the post of yours) and he "knew exactly how he was going to do it." So, here is it. This is a regular bat. He also is going to draw a leaf nosed bat (I don't even know what that is but I'm sure you do). Enjoy......thanks for inspiring him Bat-man. At school they were learning about bats and Dominic said, "My uncle Sam studies bats!" You are so cool.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

more on prop 8

So, you might be wondering which presidential candidate supports marriage between a man and a woman? That might make your decision on who to vote for easier right? I wish their words counted in California.......

Yes on Proposition 8

That should make your decision for which party to vote for - clear as mud (as my dad would say)! I'm glad that both candidates support marriage between a man and a woman!

Take religion aside, why else should we support proposition 8?

(more of his videos here)

I'm trying not to make this post long. However, there is so much to say and so little time! A blogger named Troy has researched and factually layed out the facts for proposition 8 in a very analytical way (click on highlighted words to get to his post). Some people need analytics to really get to the meat of the subject matter and see the bigger picture. This is the best compiled post I have seen ANYWHERE on the issues of proposition 8 and I challenge you to snuggle up in your chair with some popcorn and read it. Make sure to read the comments too as they may enlighten you also.

There are less than 2 weeks to go on this campaign. If you have not already done so, please make a donation to the Protect Marriage website with CTA as the referral code to let them know that you do not support the California Teachers Association's donation opposing proposition 8.

Right now we are ahead in the polls but the opposing campaign has raised more money than us in recent weeks and will be using that money for more ads and if we don't get support from ALL OVER, our voice may be drowned out by the lies and half-truths (which are still lies by the way). This is the most crucial time in the campaign as it is getting really close to election day. Please support in any way that you can!

Read a good story about an apple and banana that helps us understand that "...for a changing society, we need NEW TERMS to describe the types of relationships people have the free choice to form – not new laws that will put us all in speech & religious bondage. If the opponents to Prop. 8 were really interested in defining their relationships, they would be lobbying for their own definition, their own term of their relationship rather than trying to force it from something else."

Yes on 8!


Dominic found this really cool worm today and I was surprised that he brought it in to show me. He doesn't usually like to touch bugs but this one (even though it had long bristles that came off its body) didn't bother him. It was a pretty neat looking worm and he said the face looked like an ants face.
My camera stinks but you get the jist of how spikey it was. Also note the loose tooth that is literally hanging by a thread.
I told you she likes books right?

Thank you Rose!

Recently, Rose got a new phone so I asked if she would send us her old ones because Penny has an obsession with my cell phone and wants to talk on it all the time. It has taken a beating in its short life. She associates phone with Da da because Daddy calls her throughout the day to say hello. She pushes all the buttons and turns it around over and over making sure it is right side up. She's such a busy body.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

More about proposition 8

Here are many of the recent videos that The LDS church has made in support of proposition 8.

I urge you to view them all throughout the day as you have time. Not only will this educate you on the issue, but it will bring these videos higher in the search engines as well. There are only a few weeks left.......we must do ALL we can to help this proposition pass.

Enjoy! Click here

Friday, October 17, 2008

My Great Great Grandmothers Headstone

There is a whole plot of Hurts and they are all related TO ME (and some of you)! Here is my Great Great Grandmothers. Enjoy family! I got to hold a journal of hers this past summer while I was in Juneau and made copies of it. But here SHE is. I thought it was neat. Thanks Susan (she has a vast knowledge of this family that she married into.....the crazy line changed to Hirt by my Great Grandfather).

Tidbit: Fruza Ella Hurt married her cousin Isaac A Hurt (Ike) but they weren't really cousins. Ella's parents died (unknown how, possibly Cholera) and she was raised by her mom's sister Martha (, can we start calling you Patsy?) who was married to Christopher Hurt. Christopher's brother Thomas had a son named Isaac. In her journal she refers to her cousin Ike and then ends up marrying him. She never mentions in her journal that it wasnt REALLY her cousin........note to self, don't assume your family generations below you will know things just because you know! I only found out after tons and tons of research because I was stuck at who Isaac's mom was. Martha Hurt was not HIS mom on the 1930 census, it was Ella's.....pseudo-mom (Aunt actually) who she considered her mom as well. So there you have it. Lots more information to come to you at Christmas! Ella and Isaac had a son named Hubert Hurt (changed his name to Hirt reason unknown but it is speculated to be a typo in the Army that he didn't want to do the paperwork to fix). Hubert had a son named Dale, Dale had a son name Mike, Mike had a daughter named Katie. (me!)

Now sing the song, "Geneology, I am doing it my geneology......"

Love you guys!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

The LDS perspective on Proposition 8

My favorite excerpt that calls us to STAND AND SUPPORT what is sacred and holy.

"...As a church, we do not get involved in supporting candidates or political parties but when there are moral issues, the first presidency has always felt that it is important for our members to stand up and support those [issues] that are significant to the gospel of Jesus Christ and the restored church. And so we, without concern, go to the members of the church after the call of the first presidency, to ask you to give your best to this most significant effort; to support in every way possible the sacred institution of marriage, as we know it to be."

The Pumpkin Hat

I haven't knit in about 15 years. The last thing I knitted were some beautiful(ly hideous) house slippers (right Dad?). So, needless to say the tutorial I posted was a lot of help in remembering. I only had to start over 3 times but it turned out pretty well! I love it. Penny will only keep it on her head for a few minutes but if we're outside and its cold I'm sure she won't even notice. We'll see.

So, a person who wants to remain anonymous said that this hat makes Penny's head look big. I just want to point out that Penny's head IS has nothing to do with the hat. See earlier post. We're just waiting for her hair to grow. She has what I like to call, an oblong brain or as Nephi calls it, a handle. I wub her.
Looks like she has orange hair..........
Our little punkin
Watching her signing time with her hat on. We got her the new baby signing time videos and SHE LOVES THEM. Needless to say I have a whole new set of songs stuck in my head all day but it makes her happy so I don't care. Thanks for looking!

Also, notice her Fliggity onesie with embroidered Pretty Penny. I love it!

We love Pumpkins!

Our family at the pumpkin patch (plus Indiana, Dominic's new neighbor/friend!). We'll be back for one of those christmas trees come December.
Dominic the Jack-O-Lantern
That middle tooth is about to come out. He saved it for school today (to pull it out at school, ha!)

Its a Halloween Matteson tower!

Cutest fish-face. Can you do this?
Dominic ALMOST picked it up but Indiana was too heavy.
I LOVE halloween. I think I love Autumn mostly, but Halloween is fun fun fun. I don't get into all the evil halloween costumes and grave-yard decoractions, but I love pumpkins and fall and costumes! Stay tuned for our pumpkin carvings next week!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Yes On Prop 8

This video has the best representation of my feelings on this upcoming election on November 4th. I hope you watch it and gain some knowledge on what is at stake, and what the facts are. Be it a cartoon, it depicts how I feel about why Proposition 8 should pass in California. I will be voting yes on Proposition 8.

May God Bless America!

Win a free handbag

Its worth a shot. Win a free beautiful handbag here. One is being given away every hour.

I just scored 25 entries by adding it to my blog!

Stay tuned

I'm making something........think orange thoughts and stay tuned.

Sunday, October 05, 2008

She's walking.......

This was last week. She's getting all over the place now.....and starting to climb.


We caught a butterfly

They had these neat rafts that you stood on and pushed yourself with long poles. The creek is dammed up so it made a very slow moving stream that was about 3-4 feet in the deepest parts. There was about 1/8 of a mile that you could push around in. The boys walked around with bacon on the end of the pole trying to catch crawdads. Funny thing was Dominic left his out and one of the dogs swallowed the bacon on the end of the was walking around with a stick dangling out of its mouth and Dominic on the verge of crying " The dog ate my fishing pooooooooole." Sean pulled on the stick and the string came out followed by the bacon.....gross.
The sweepy babies. It was cozy. Ask Sean
More of the rafts. We couldn't get him away from them. It was great!

Saturday, October 04, 2008

Monday Night Football

It was late, but we let him stay up and watch Monday night football. Daddy and Dominic were intensly watching.
It lasted about 25 minutes.

Penny Penny Penny

Penny's hair is very curly. I love how it looks right after she's had a bath and ready for the day. Its finally getting long enough to put a clip in and for the most part, she keeps them in. Her curls don't stay on top by the end of the day but they do around the bottom because they sometimes get sweaty when she's sleeping or eating.

I loved these boots but I actually took them back cuz they don't stay up. But....aren't they cute?
So last month she was reading books............... this week she started reading newspapers. She's funny.