Thursday, September 25, 2008

cute candids

We scored a free carseat...its in perfect condition and would have cost us about $200 to buy this same one.
When she first started standing for long periods of time....thats so like, 2 weeks ago.
"I look like my cousin Sayler sometimes."
I found out that I like ziploc bags
and fruit by the foot
and telephones "Hi, Dadddda"
and chocolate chip cookie dough.


I'll probably get in trouble for posting this one.....
and the black goucho's.......with a tutu..why? cuz its cute dangit.
King Dominic. 
and his princess
Isn't he fierce?


Dominic got to play soccer in Alaska this summer, but soccer here starts in September because of the heat....sooo, he got to play twice this year. He loves it and although the youngest one on his team, he's keeping up with all his team mates. Its fun to watch him learn and grow.

It was a really hot day that first game and all the boys were red in the face. 
Just kicked the ball. I was so proud of him!
Nothing better than a good carrot when all is said and done. Penny is paying attention (quite closely I might add) to Dominic showing her how to BITE instead of scrape at the carrot.

I lost the camera cord....and the I found it

So I'm sorry. I lost the cord to the camera so that I could put pictures on the computer. I found it last night.'s what you've been missing.

I think I read 3 too many vampire books (Twilight, Eclipse, New Moon) while I was pregnant with Penny. She's a little snaggletooth.

Penny loves her baby dearly and her little chair that she inherited from Dominic. This is her "I'm ready to watch baby signing time" position.
He's lost his 3rd tooth and his message to the tooth fairy was "Hi, this is Dominic. I've lost my very 3rd tooth so..... " long silence *click* "Thats all he wanted to tell her." I love him
She still goes upside down whenever she can. She's seriously one of the silliest babies I know. She'll also shake her head and bounce and laugh at anything. She takes 5 steps and is beginning to get into a lot of things. This morning she dropped her cheerios from her high chair one by one. Guess, she wasn't hungry.......for those.

A few more

Grandma was teaching Dominic how to play solitare. She's so good with kids.
Penny was JUST asleep on Sean but my camera is so slow. She popped her little head up and I got a "I just woke up" face. Her hair is getting so curly.
She does this new thing in the bathtub where she's sitting on her knees and then she shoots forward into the water like a fish. She laughs and laughs and does it over and over. She hears me say bathtime and starts signing bath like crazy and bouncing and sounds quite panic-ish....she loves her water.
And how bout these goucho's. I love them on her........big head = big brain = smart. Right? Her head circumference is off the charts and this picture makes it look really big to me. Just draw the conclusion. Oh fine, I'll tell you...she's going to be REALLY smart.. ha ha.
None of me lately. I'm okay with that =).

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

To say she LIKES to read is an understatement

Notice how every book in the pile is opened. She flips through the pages back and forth and usually ends in the middle. Then she plops it on the pile and grabs another one. She LOVES BOOKS. Thankfully, most of them we have been able to buy second hand for pennies.

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Standing room only (and a little bouncing)

She is almost there.

My musicians

Lost toofers

Dominic lost a tooth on the evening of August 18th right before bedtime. It was pretty exciting. It had been wiggly for quite a few days and he was so scared, but he let me pull it out! I remember my dad pinning me down to pull my tooth once (thanks Dad). Good times.
This was before he lost it. He could get his tongue around it.
Right after he lost it. He was all grins.
I had to call Vance and get the number for the tooth fairy. She wasn't home so he left a message (so stinkin cute).
And here is his missing tooth in action. Guitar hero at Grandma Penny's. He has 3 other wiggly teeth so soon, he'll be singing "all I want for Christmas is my two front teeth."

She looks like her dad....but I dare say I'm in there

She may look like him, but those are my feet.....just sayin.

My crafty project....finally done

So I started a purse when I was up in Alaska, but it ended up being really wide and short (I was following verbal directions from my sister on dimensions but she said make it wider but meant taller...oops). So, it wasn't very useful till Sunday when I decided to make it work. My mom had the idea to gather in the top and I found an AMAZING button in Grandma Mattesons button tins (she has like 4 ginormous tins of buttons that are older than me and my husband combined). So, here it is. I love it. I also made a diaper/wipes holder to match that is....oh so cute.

So anyways, I LOVE it....and it was super easy. Took probably 1 hour from start to finish?