Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Weekly menu's

It never fails that about once a month, for about a week, I'm at a loss on what to cook (this is Katie). So today, I stumbled upon a cool blog that posts their menu for the week every monday. Not only does she post hers, but she has hundreds of other people who do it too and it links to all their blogs........ yum Have fun!

Sean's not excited about the recipe I found for apple burgers but....TOO BAD, learn to cook succa! hee hee...dats kinda punny Sean, right? no?


Monday, June 23, 2008

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Penny's world is upside down without Dominic

She is getting so big and learning new tricks every day.

Like this one, peekaboo Dominic!

Friday, June 20, 2008

Like a Rose-bud

So I'm posting this picture because Crystal was in town last week and her first reaction to seeing Penny was...."wow, she looks like Rosie." So, ever since then she looks like Rose to me as well (minus Sean's eyes) I'd just never seen it before then. Here a picture for proof. What do you think?

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

She's so noisy....always.

So Penny likes to make noise. I taught her to make noise when I pat her mouth. She then progressed to use this ball to pat her mouth but with no noise. Yesterday, she added the noise and wouldn't stop. This is her favorite toy. It came with some stacking cups from Julia and its the perfect size to grasp. She smiles with excitement whenever we shake it at her. Aaaaaand she squeals like this all the time. It started in Barrow........and has progressed ever since. Never angry squeals , always happy. She's such a good baby.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Happy 6th Birthday Dominic

We had a pool party for Dominic's birthday. All the food was such that we didn't need paper plates and forks! Yay! We had a great time. Lots of friends and family were there. Thanks to everyone who came and shared Dominic's big day...he had a great time! In the meantime, I can't believe this little guy is 6. When he woke up that morning he said he felt taller and that while yesterday he was this (showed me with his hands) tall, today he was this (a few inches more) taller. When we went to the store that day he was pushing the cart and said "see, and now that I'm 6 I can see where I'm pushing it." Such a funny kiddo.

Please, no pictures. Its a private party.
Opening some presents
Dominic was trying to push Andrew in...but guess who won?! lol
cupcakes and ice cream cones. Thanks Megan for helping me scoop 36 cones!
splish splash

Thanks Eva! He loves them (and he could care less that they're purple).
I think Alyssa wants a bite and I want to eat his dimples...mmm

Sean's cousin Anam swimming with Penny, Aiden doing some crazy trick with his shirt and shorts, me helping Willow swim, Stella not going to drown to save her life with all the gear she has on not to mention Megan nearby and Tara....chillaxin ! Yay for pool parties!
I think I could have had like 6 of these cupcakes. Good choice Dominic. Alas, I only had one. Dominic blew out the candle before the song was even over.....kinda made it hard to finish the song. lol

Kindergarten Promotion

All 3 Kindergarten classes. Dominic is on the back row with the green balloon by his head.

They did the "walk" with the graduation song and everything (come on its kindergarten!! Do we really need to play such an emotional song!! I tried to keep my eyes dry. No tears, but it was close). I can't believe how fast the years go by. He had such a good year at school!
Mrs. Wong. We are really going to miss her. She was an amazing teacher!! 
Waiting to get his name to be called. I love my little first grader!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day!

I have two great men in my life that I call Dad often. Happy Fathers day to the pair of you! I love you both!

My Dad is one of the wittiest people I know. I have so many great memories of my Dad and I love spending time with him! My fondest are shoveling the snow off of his office building for money. He paid us 60 minutes an hour.......thank you kindly. I remember him pinning me down to pull out my loose tooth (he really did). I remember nodding off to sleep on the toilet (I WAS 3) and waking up to see he and mom giggling at me. I remember him teaching me to swim as he did with all us kids. I loved when he threw us in the water torpedo style (steamboat bill....did you make that up dad?). My dad is a great example of balancing life, hard work and honesty. Happy Fathers Day, I love you!
The other dad in my life is my husband (duh). I call him Dad because that's what Dominic insisted I call him the day we were married and had moved in with him "its not Sean its Dad." Yess sir!  Sean is the best daddy. I could not have asked for a bigger blessing in my life than Sean. We got him "the perfect push-up" ....... Dominic was worried though that it would make him stronger than I told him that if he didn't want Daddy to get stronger than him than he would just have to use it also. We made him breakfast in bed I changed all the diapers that day..... we love you Daddy.....Happy Fathers Day!

Friday, June 06, 2008

and the verdict is...


so today we're doing the happy dance.

This job means many things:

we get to move to a bigger house closer to Grandma Matteson with STAIRS (dominic's request)

Sean can grow his business = it will make us more $$$$

I can get my inventory out of the dining room

Penny can have her own room = (hopefully) sleep through the night

Dominic can have a playroom

yard (nuff said)



place for people to stay when they come visit

health insurance for Sean and I (hello Dentist, here we come!)

Sooooooo.....yay! Many blessings have been poured out to us these last few years and we have much to be thankful for on a daily basis but today we're extra grateful (hence the cheesecake factory cheesecake sitting on our counter in celebration....mmmmm)

More crawling

Penny loves playing independently a bit more every day because she's getting better at doing new tricks. Her latest trick is making a bridge. Yesterday it made her laugh to get all kinds of attention for performing. Is it really legal to love your kids this much?

Here was the other one

This was the other wonder under creation I made. So fun. Its fraying around the edges which I like the look of AAAaaaand it goes well with her purple skirt...I love skirts on Penny. It lets me see her chubby thighs .

The Best Day Ever

"This is the best day ever!" Dominic muttered under his breath yesterday after opening a birthday present early. He's leaving for Alaska for 5 1/2 weeks on Fathers Day to go see his Dad and so we let him open his present from Grandma Penny early so he could play with it. It was the perfect gift and no words could describe how much he loved it better than his. "Oh my goodness, how did she know?! You have GOT to be kidding me. He's the one with the yellow eyes! Its exactly what I wanted....he has a cyber planet key! Ohmigosh I can see the all-spark! This is so cool! I don't even believe it! Are you kidding me?" and on and on and on. All direct quotes from his mouth. So funny, he's been playing with his new Optimus Prime toy all day. Thanks Grandma!

And this was the part where Dominic brought home a human sized stuffed painting of a whale. thank you Mrs Wong. Sooo, he decided to scare Daddy and put it on his side of the bed under the blankets. Unsuspecting Daddy *wink wink* was totally shocked to find a whale in his bed when he went to lay down for a nap! In retaliation (cuz Sean doesn't let things die) he put a diaper in Dominic's bed under his pillowcase in his pillow (don't worry it was clean). Dominic went to bed and we heard a "Heeeeeeeeeeey, who put a diaper in my bed??!!" Sean laughed and said it was him to which Dominic (in his best mimickry of Sean's responses in the same circumstance) said, "you little thtinker!!" I'm still not sure what exactly we're going to do with this whale....or if it will slyly disappear while Dominic is in Alaska. All I can say was I was jeloeus (she meant jealous - Sean) of the parents who's kids made the starfish and seahorse.

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

our week

This is Katie, not Sean posting this despite what it says at the bottome. This was our FHE lesson on Monday. When we do the things that Christ has asked of us (yellow blocks) its easy to build lots of things around it because we have a good foundation. When we skip those things there's not a lot of room to put the other things we like to do (television, playing, cooking, cleaning) and the towers tumble. Every night we've been building our tower to see how we did that day. There are 2 blocks that say eating cookies........we eat a lot of cookies BUT as long as there is room for them on the tower thats okay right?

And this is just a cute shot I got of my little boy Penny today.....HA....if I don't put her in pink or purple she looks like a cute little boy....... she was being so silly and SOOO BIIIIZZZY here. Just rolling around, crawling and doing bridges with her body. She's such a joy!

Free firework glasses for the 4th of July

So it will cost you 2 stamps, but they'll be delivered right to your door (or mailbox). I just sent off for a free pair of these firework sunglasses so that we could have them come 4th of July. Follow the directions on the link to get yours!

And.......make sure you put yours on the inside, not theirs. Just sayin......

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Wonder Under

So my sister made some shirts for her girls with a simple process using wonder under. I found a more heavy duty wonder under that makes it so you don't stitch around the border (oops, I got the wrong stuff actually). I made two creations, here is one and I'll have to post the other one later. They both turned out really good though and make a simple white onsie look hip and unique!

Look Who's Crawling!

I think I have the silliest and craziest baby I've ever met. Since she was about 3 months old she lets us know that she's having fun or wanting to be silly by shaking her head at us. She can do it on command if we shake our head at her. She does this with a huge grin on her face and its so much fun. She started by doing it in the carseat, I think she liked how it felt to hit her head on the sides, then the changing table, then whenever she's in a silly mood. Sometimes I'm worried it might be a tick because she does it so much buuuuuut Sean laughs at me because she does it in response to us usually. Its not a tick.... just a silly personality.

So, she started crawling (HUGE AMOUNTS OF EFFORT GO INTO IT STILL) and loves it so much that she shakes her head sometimes if she's really excited to get whatever it is that she's going after. This was yesterday. She's getting so big.

Again, anybody know how to slow down time?

Kindergarten program!

I wish the world stayed as sweet and innocent as kindergarteners. I really like this song . Dominic is in the yellow shirt. What a bunch of cute kiddos. Two more weeks of school to go and then its off to first grade!

Does anybody know how to slow down time?