Monday, March 31, 2008

Dominic wins the best brother award!

There is no doubt that Penny loves her brother! She lights up every time he is around and he just can't get enough of her. Today I dropped him off at his friends house and as he was running inside he stopped, turned around and ran back to give her a hug and a kiss (and then he puts his cheek up against her mouth so she can give him a kiss). He's really a great brother!

So enjoy the laughs.....he's the only one who's ever made her laugh like this.

I love my kiddos!


So I had a booth at the Baby Day Expo in Sandy Utah this past weekend for my business. Penny was with me and we were there ALL day long by ourselves. It was grueling but Penny was a gem. This is her asleep while I was working my booth. I took this picture right after a lady bought some {topless undershirts} and noticed my bundle behind the table......"oh my gosh, is she real?" hmmmmmmmmmmmm.....let me think about that. I brought my live size doll in a carseat.......had to laugh.....and might I mention, I wub her cheeks.

Friday, March 28, 2008


This to me is the typical 5 year old menace haircut. Dominic absolutely loves it and because he does, I think its the cutest thing in the world. I have detested this haircut in the past (sorry Nephi) but it has a whole new meaning when its your child's "favorite" style.

My tough boys

And from the back. Seriously. He loves it.

Dominic and Penny playing before bedtime!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Penny looks a little like her cousin Sayler to me in this picture. Which, if you know Sayler, you know is a good thing! I love that her toes are trying to wiggle into this picture.

She's our little opera girl.

Baby rolls! Yummy!

All cheesy!

WUT?! ME?!

My sister took some pictures of Penny today in a little photo shoot. We had lots of fun. It was hard to keep her finger out of her mouth as thats all she wants to do lately, chew on her fingers. We think she's so yummy and Sean is dying to have us home again.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

My mom (March 14th), James (my nephew, March 16th) and I (March 9th) all blowing out our birthday candles. Today we had a birthday celebration with yummy chocolate cake. It took all three of us to successfully blow out all the candles. Mom and I made sure James had no girlfriends when all was said and done.

Sean, I miss you! Can we come home soon?

Brenna Kisses

Brenna LOVES kissing Penny. Its really cute, they are really the same size even though Brenna is 8 months older than Penny. My sister raises runts though, all of them. Cute runts, but runts nonetheless. We love being here and Penny is getting TONS of attention from so many people. She's so soft and squishy and is turning into quite the baby instead of a blob.

Saturday, March 15, 2008


Penny barfs a lot. Not more than a normal baby really (maybe a tad more), but more than I like and more than Dominic ever did. Anyways, she has some pretty good aim sometimes.....this one just happened to be shortly after my shower for the day..........good thing she's cute!!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

On our way to Alaska

Penny and Great-Grandma Nelson

Smiling at Great- Grandma Williams
My kiddos and Great-Grandma and Grandpa Nelson

We went out to eat with family in Fairbanks on our way up to Barrow. Yummy food and great company.......sorry Janie and Liam that we missed you. We'll see you at the airport next week though! It was a sunny day in Fairbanks and my coat was even a bit hot.....not so much the case when the plane pulled in to Barrow. The cold has a certain smell in Barrow and boy was it cold!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Are you scared?

I told him to make a scared face........hmmmmmm. He's cute though! This was a display in the Anchorage airport. We were on our way to get our bags. Unfortunately I left one piece of luggage at the airport (Dominic's $20 car-booster-seat for the car). Did I bother to ever re-claim it? Well, no. I have another one in Sacramento. Not worth dragging two kids through the airport and sorting through a room full of hundreds of lost bags. So, if you're ever in the Anchorage airport and have nothing to do.....feel free to go find yourself a free booster seat. Note to self: converse high top shoes are not great at aiports, they take a 5 year old a zillion years to get back on after going through security.

Friday, March 07, 2008


So we were in Southern California this last weekend and we went to the beach on Saturday. By no means was it beach weather but we went to let the kids play in the sand and dig holes etc.... Dominic insisted on being shirtless even in the frigid weather. I was reminded that back home in school kids would leave for Spring Break to California and come back tan and talk about how warm it was. I laughed at the thought of these WHITE WHITE kids in swimsuits on the beach this time of year as we all huddled in our blankets and watched the kids play. I guess compared to the frigid temperatures up in Alaska it would be swimsuit weather. I had imagined it a bit more tropical.

Dominic and his cousins love to dig one big hole with their shovels. Dirt flies all over the place and rule is the shovels can't go above the waist. We got out the football and played smear the queer (why is it called that??) to get warm. 2 packs of oreo's a bag of doritos and a half eaten bag of cheetos with sand in it (thanks Denali) later we packed up and headed back to Julia's. All in all it was a great trip to the beach.

Jon and Maggie's house for dinner with 5 hirt's present (Jon, Julia, Eva, Katie and Nephi) was lots of fun. I'm sure the missionaries who showed up for dinner were a little overwhelmed but the chaos is implied when that many of us get together. Penny was hamming it up and barfing all over the place (its what she does best really) and Jon challenged Dominic to a wrestling match if he finished his dinner ( I ate one of his bites truth be told....what?!! I was hungry!!) I love seeing all our kids hanging out and creating memories together.

I told Sean I'd drive the whole way home if he let us stay for the dinner Sunday night. He doesn't usually like to start the drive home that late cuz he has to work Monday mornings. Needless to say, I was in the backseat soothing Penny the whole time. We pulled in at 1am.....I have a great husband.

Penny laughs!

Penny laughs a lot now. The video says it all. She's squishy faced and so much fun. Dominic's favorite thing to do with her is play paddy-cake. She's a good sister and has the best brother ever!

She has been sporting babylegs, our new favorite daily attire for Penny because of the versatility and best of all....she'll never outgrow them.

Dominic just sports his dazzling smile and fuzzy blanket, neither of which are for sale.

My Thai Brother

I have a new favorite song in Thai (cuz I had so many before right?) . I don't understand the words but my brother has a great voice! American Idol Spencer? Can't wait to see you in a few days. BTW, I don't think this is his room........the High School Musical poster was a clue....just sayin.