Sunday, May 27, 2007

Friggin ducks

The apartment complex where we live is really pretty. There are lots of mature trees and a lake behind us where we go and feed the ducks and geese. My only complaint about the landscape and surroundings is how annoying the ducks can be. We're on the edge of the complex right next to a senior center and a big open field. There is a group of ducks and there are constantly about five males chasing a female around the lawn making a ton of noise. Many times in the middle of the night. I need a bb gun.

We're almost settled in..

We're pretty much moved into our new apartment. It's pretty small, but it works for now. Really the only thing that we are lacking is a bit more storage space. It's plenty of living space for three people. There are a few members of our new ward that live just a couple doors down from us, and a guy from my work is in the same complex and Dominic has already made friends with his boys.

We have a balcony with a big glass sliding door and one of the first days here Dominic was outside playing on it. He made an attempt to walk back inside and didn't realize the glass door was still shut and bounced right off of it. It was pretty funny.

Saturday, May 26, 2007

I'm trying not to!

I will post a picture later, but Dominic was so funny today. I had to go to Costco to get my tire fixed and Katie and Dominic came and picked me up because it was going to be a long wait. Dominic wanted to come inside and get a churro and Katie went to get gas. As we were walking out to find here I noticed that quite a bit of the paper wrapped around the churro was missing and I asked Dominic if he was eating it. He said,"I'm trying not to!" It was pretty funny. I'll post a picture soon.

In the afternoon we went to a park near by and played with Andrew and his kids. We all had a lot of fun and got pretty tired after an intense game of hide and seek tag. Later the kids all went swimming at the pool with Katie. We all had a fun day.

Saturday, May 05, 2007

An Addition to the Matteson Family

We found out about a month ago now that Katie is pregnant (she says "we're pregnant") and the baby is due late November/early December. All of us are excited and Dominic is very much looking forward to being a big brother (as long as his sibling doesn't have the same face as him). He's going to be such a good big brother and I can just see in my mind how proud he will be. I'm excited to go through the whole baby having process for the first time.

Going Back to Cali...

After about seven years in Utah, it's time to move back to California. I've been working in the insurance industry now for several months and the opportunity to move to Sacramento and manage the office has arisen. Such a change is many times not easy to make and it took us some time to decide that's what we wanted to do, but we are very excited about the opportunity to move back and be a bit closer to most of our family. I will also be salary plus commission now which will provide a bit more stability as well.

I'll be managing an office out here for our insurance company and really we're starting from scratch. We've already hired a few agents who have a lot of promise and we are in the process of getting off the ground. This market has a lot of folks who need what we offer and there is a great opportunity in front of us.

I've never spent much time in the Sacramento area, so I was a bit surprised at how beautiful it is. There are trees everywhere (I found out it's called "The City of Trees), rolling hills, and you can still get a piece of land in some spots. It will also be nice to near all California has to offer as far as lakes, mountains, and beaches.

Next Friday we'll be heading out here with a truck load of all our belongings to move into our apartment which is only a couple of blocks from my office and in a pretty nice area (right on a lake).