Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Nerium anti-aging before and after pics

I started using Nerium on November 1st. Halloween was that scary! 

It is an anti-aging night cream. 

You put it on once after you wash your face at night and leave it on all night. I can feel it tightening my skin. I can feel it working. I didn't SEE a difference because I've been looking for a difference everyday on my face. Until I took an after picture, now I can see it. I've only been using it for 5 days.

Do you see the wrinkle lines starting on my forehead and the lines starting around my mouth (down from my nose?) Also, notice the dark circles around my eyes (born with em) 
This is my before picture:
This picture is after 5 days using Nerium. The lines on my forehead are almost all gone. I seriously cannot believe it. It is such a noticeable difference to me. It took 5 years off of my forehead, I swear (thats a year a day so far. Eeeek! At this rate I'll be looking 12 in no time! j/k) I still have dark circles under my eyes, but I notice that they are lessening. I didn't have to use as much under eye makeup today.
 Here is another before picture, you can see the lines on my forehead again and the two lines between my eyebrows from squinting. I also have red psoriasis patches on my forehead and one right under my left eye towards my nose. They are hardly noticeable but are dry skin patches that are really annoying. If I use proactive, they go away but I hate the multi-step systems. I mostly wanted this picture to show that I have big pores on my cheeks. I wanted to see if this would help with that.
 I have done NOTHING to these pictures. These are straight out of the camera (which is why the lighting looks different). This is the after picture:  
Again, the lines on my forehead are gone, the lines between my eyebrows (these are probably my deepest wrinkle on my face) have lessened and the dry patches on my forehead and below my eye are gone. I can't tell if it has made my pores smaller but am confident that it should and will. 
We'll keep a watch for that when I take more pictures next week.
Isn't this cool?

My skin feels softer, tighter, and very nourished (not dry). I do look younger! Whodathunk!

if you can't afford the retail price, look up the 3urFree program
This stuff is awesome!

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Val said...

You look awesome in the before picture....you're beautiful. I love a great product though....doesn't it just make you happy :)