Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Finishing up August

I have been trying to get the kids involved in the kitchen a little bit more than normal. It has actually helped with meal time. Of course, we've always heard that kids who cook in the kitchen are more likely to eat what is being served. Not that my kids have problems with eating fruit salad, but I've had better luck getting them to eat other meals that they usually put up a fight over (spaghetti, squash, hamburgers, etc). 
Here are the kiddos pitching in together to make a fruit salad.

 Michael was tattling that Penny wasn't sharing the knife (plastic knives are awesome for cutting grapes and olives. The kids are allowed to easily and safely cut with these knives and they actually work quite well).
 So, she gave him a turn, but not without overseeing the operation.
 Penny and Dominic took some discounted, end-of-the-summer swimming lessons. It really helped Penny's confidence in the water. She is right on the brink of being able to be independent in the water but still freaks out when she is alone and in water over her head (even though she is completely capable of swimming to the edge).
 Dominic worked on form and technique. He hasn't taken swimming lessons since he was probably 5 because he was always gone in the summer. Another reason why we jumped at the opportunity is we picked the earliest slot, 3pm (most kids weren't ready to do swim lessons by 3 because their school day had just barely ended....but not us!) knowing that my kids would probably be the only one in their lesson meaning private lesson for the price of a group lesson.
 Dennis only gets chubbier and sweeter everyday.
 He's getting great tummy time and getting quite strong.
 This kid cracks me up. Smoothies and spaghetti were on the menu for dinner and he was so hungry he jumped up to the table and started eating before anybody else even had their plate.
 Day at the park with G-Gma. Dennis had a blowout and left a present on Gma's outfit.
Aunt Courtney and Uncle Dusty and fam came to visit. Oh man, the times we had! It was a fuuuuullll house but was pretty darn fun. Courtney was pummeled just about any time she sat on the floor.

 Brody had a hay-day. I love this picture.

 Meanwhile Dennis just snuggled up with his thumb and found his happy place.
 We spent one afternoon at the splash park. Austin and Dominic ran around together. It was still so nice at the end of August, in the high 90's.
 Great Grandma and all her little Greats (she has two more greats but they are both adults. This is her second batch of greats and what a good batch it is!).
 Crazy greats.
So, that wraps up August. Now, on to October......... this year is flying by!

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Lindsey said...

Cute pics! And great idea about giving them plastic forks...my kids love to help me cook, but I don't usually let them cut. They're going to love that!