Sunday, August 26, 2012


and now for Penny:

Penny has been an absolute silly monster. She likes to trick us with things. She will tell me she isn't dressed when she is, that she couldn't find her shoes when she did etc. She's a trickster just like her dad. Should be interesting. But all that silliness has reminded us all to relax. I've been a little uptight and it seems with each child I get a little more uptight and less inclined to just be silly with the happenings around me. I become more logical and less silly. She's helping me (and the whole family) relax a little, and sometimes she gets a dose of her own medicine and we have to remind her to do the same.

She hates having her hair combed. Ridiculous really....and paybacks for all the drama I gave my mom as a child when she combed my hair. She loves gymnastics and has really made strides in swimming this year. She can swim but freaks out when she has to tread water because she just barely can keep her head above water. Swimming lessons are giving her confidence though and teaching her to swim in several different ways.

Penny is an awesome reader and often asks to do school work during Dominic's school day. She doesn't start kindergarten thing year but will start next year but since we will probably homeschool her anyways, she's just learning from wherever she is at anyways. She's a great student and self taught really (the workbooks and ipad did much of the teaching when it came to her writing and math).  It always baffles Sean and I that a child who can read so well can't regurgitate that information to writing. Just because she can read the word doesn't mean she knows how to spell it when asked. Phonetic writing is so fun to decipher. She reads every night at bedtime. We are at the library every few weeks getting new books. She likes to read about 15 books in that time but reads her favorites from that 15 over and over and over. She is up to level 2 and 3 books now and will probably by November or December be ready for shorter chapter books like A-Z  mysteries or Magic Treehouse. It is fun to hear her read to Michael.   He really enjoys a good story at bedtime too and it has freed me up to be able to tend to Dennis or whatever else while she reads to him. Sometimes I join in also.

She memorized the American's Creed in a little over a week. She's not better at memorizing that Dominic is (though he doesn't have it quite memorized yet. Close, but not quite) but she just really read it a lot more than he did and was found saying several times an hour to herself. That kind of repetition leads to memorizing something quickly. She even taught Michael the first 6 lines.

She's growing like a weed! Many of her pants from last year definitely won't fit her this year and her shoes are the same story. She's learned to ride her bike, loves to bake and hold her brother. She rarely buckles into her seatbelt on the 1st, 2nd or even third time. In fact I would say that I have to ask her on average 4 times to buckle up before she actually does it. Ridiculous, maddening and again a does of my own medicine from my childhood.

Lately her conversations are focused around what Jesus wants us to do and what Satan wants us to do. She is really trying to understand the promptings of the spirit and how to decipher them. She has a very tender spirit and does a really good job trying her best to do what is right. There are many times when she doesn't want to share or listen or have fun but I can redirect that negativity to positivity when I remind her what Jesus would want us to do. She almost always makes the right choice from there.

Lately she has been needy. Two babies still in the house have led to her wanting to stay a baby too, but this mama isn't okay with that. She's 4 and its high time she grew out of some of her baby-ish behaviors. To name a few: baby talk when she's sad or upset, grunting/squeeling when something doesn't go her way, crying profusely when she doesn't get her way or if her sibling frustrates her. Its really out of control but in the last few weeks we have made great strides just by me remaining calm (because how can I tell her to calm down if I'm not calm myself) and standing our ground on how we expect her to act. Each tantrum has been less and less than the one before and after each one is over (and they have lasted upwards of 30 minutes at times) I show an increase of love and affection for her finally deciding to make the right choice. Really what she wants from these behaviors is to have love and affection. Thats what babies get really, all the time. So, I'm trying to teach her that she can still get love and affection when she acts like a big girl too. It seems to be working as she seems to be doing these behaviors less and less lately....but its a big job amongst everything else that goes on around the house too. We're making strides and she's, I hope, getting the love and affection these behaviors were seeking anyways.

Penny is a great little girl. Stubborn at times, but has such a good heart and loves her family. When Dominic was gone she had some separation anxiety. She didn't want to go to friends houses because she said she would miss her family. I think she wasn't sure who else would leave while she was gone. She really really likes her brothers and I love that about her. I hope we have another little girl but if Penny is the only girl we have so far, we got pretty lucky. She's pretty great.

She's trying to night time potty train and as long as I take her to the bathroom at around 1am she's dry 95% of the time. If I don't take her potty at all, she wets the bed 95% of the time. I was just so done with buying pullups and sometimes she was just being lazy and peeing before she even fell asleep. So. Not. Okay with me. Paybacks for the many MANY years I wet the bed as a child. She's still young yet, but I'm hoping that she can get this done and over with soon...I've washed many a-bed-sheets in the last few months (again paybacks I'm sure).

Penny is the slowest eater known to mankind. She can't stop talking or fidgeting long enough to eat. It drives me batty and one of the reasons why mealtime is one of the hardest times of the day for me (3 times a day! so fun!). For the longest time I would just help her finish up and get her plate eaten just so it wouldn't drag on for hours but that has led to a 4 year old who can't figure out that one bite at a time gets her plate clean.....she often sees the whole plate of food instead of one bit at a time.

She loves to do see her hair in different styles lately. She stands in front of the mirror and pulls it up in different ways admiring how she looks with it pulled back this way and that. So stinking cute to watch and scares the crap out of me all at the same time. Who is this little fashionista? Love her.

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