Monday, August 27, 2012


and Michael;

Michael is beyond cute sometimes. We have a hard time remembering all the silly things he says all day long. He thinks he's really funny a lot and will squint his eyes, bend over a little and pronounce, "I'm dust kidding!" Cracks. Us. Up. The other things he says are, "maybeeeee" or "You're stinkin cute" or "If I waaaaaant",  "I'm _____ than you are" example. "I'm hairer than you are" (meaning I have hair on my head and so do you).

His favorite movie to quote is Rio. "rock, paper, scissors shoot! Yeeeeeesss! Nu-uh, scissors cuts rock.  Awwww man, how come  you always weeein."   There is never a time when he says this quote that I don't smile. I love the gestures he uses.

He loves to sing. If I could count all the songs he knew it would be in the hundreds, from nursery rhymes, primary, signing time, PGY, movies etc....he sings all the day through. When he's playing, he's singing. My favorite though is at bedtime when we sing "Let us Gather in a Circle" together. He's been singing this one since he was probably 13 months old. Never gets old to me.

He loves to wrestle and is quite good at knocking people over. He hangs on and drives till they fall. Its pretty funny usually. If he wants you to get back up he walks behind you and tries to lift you up by your head as he grunts.

Its getting a bit ridiculous  how much he likes his plug lately (his pacifier). He "meebs" it all the time. Up until about 2 months ago it wasn't really that big of a deal. If he had it in his mouth we would tell him to take it out and put it in the drawer. He would and we would move on. He rarely had it at all and if we left it at home it wasn't a huge thang. But, he doesn't get a nap all the time anymore and so he's really tired for the afternoon. That is when he wants his plug, when he's tired and he walks around the house with his plug in his mouth because he is tired but he won't go to sleep or its too late for him to sleep other times. Its a mess of a situation really. We tried to take it away tonight but it was sooo very sad to listen to how much he wanted it that we gave it back. He was in tears and skipping breaths when trying to talk about it begging to please find it somewhere. He offered suggestions of where I might be able to find one, (in my purse maybe, or in Dennis' crib maybe). He even asked if he could just use one of Dennis'. Breaks my heart. I gave in and brought one to him and as I walked into the room he was so delighted I couldn't help but want him to stay a baby a little bit longer, maybe just one more night. Tomorrow we will do the ceremonial cutting of the plugs (not while he's watching) but its always been such a hard thing for me really. It is so hard for them......I really wouldn't care except Dennis has started sleeping through the night the last few weeks and the last 3 nights Michael has woken me up because he can't find his plug. Deal with it kiddo, if you need it so badly that you have to wake me up in the middle of the night when I'm already sleep deprived (I love you to pieces I really do) then you are too addicted to it and it needs to be gone. Such a sad sad thing.... I sang him a song to put him to sleep and Dominic got a little emotional. I asked him what was wrong (thinking he was sad because Michael was sad) and he told me that was the song I always sang to him as a little toddler and it just made his heart miss being little kinda. He was right. I was happy that he remembered. I have the sweetest boys ever.

Michael loves nursery. He never complains about going and talks about his teachers Sister Knight and Sister Hunting all the time. They are so good with the kids in there (there are only 5 of them if they all show up) and Michael has never once cried about going. In fact that is how I get him to get ready for church, bribe him with the fact that he gets to go to nursery.

He has never enjoyed playing the water in the past but this summer he has gotten really good at water play. He doesn't mind jumping in the water and going under (well, he minds but he tolerates it and will do it over and over and over). He loves to find his "guys". Meaning, he loves to fetch his superhero dive sticks in the pool. He will put his face under trying to get them, we usually put them just barely out of reach. He loves getting a gumball at the end of our visits to the gym and its funny to see how big that gumball is in his mouth. He can finally chew a piece of gum without swallowing it.

He loves veggies and fruit and whenever we are headed to the farmers market he chimes in with the song, "to market to market to buy a fat pig. Home again, home again jiggity jig. To market to market to buy a fat hog. Home again home again jiggity jog."    Some of his favorites from the market are pistacio's, carrots, peas, blueberries and strawberries. All my kids love the market really.

He doesn't like to be called anything but Michael. If you call him Mike he tells you, "no I'm just Michael." If you call him Bud, same thing. Especially if you call him Michael Jarom Matteson. Then his brow furrows and he gets very serious, "No, I'm not Michael Jarom Matteson. I'm just Michael." One time he got into a little trouble and it was a time when I would have used his whole name and I asked him to stop and he looked at me and said, "I'm not Michael Jarom Matteson mommy, I'm just Michael." I hadn't said it.....but he knew. Sometimes when Penny is being a stinker she will call him Mike just to get under his skin. Yup, thats the kind of cruelty my kids play with eachother. hahahah.

He loves his daddy. If Sean is at work in the mornings Michael will come into my room and crawl into bed and tell me how much he wants his Daddy. When Sean comes home Michael will say, "Daddy, you went to work. I missed you." He loves to snuggle with Daddy.

Daddy get you some Daddy get you some. Daddy change me Daddy change me. Daddy brush my teeth. Daddy brush my teeth. They have a rhythm of how they say things to eachother and Michael never misses a beat. Its cute. 

We love this kid. He and Penny play really well together and its fun to see he and Dominic play legos. He fits right in to this family which is great....we're forever like that.

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