Monday, August 06, 2012

Dominic is home!

Michael poses before heading into the airport to pick up Dominic. Love this little booger. He was so excited to have Dominic come over and play at his house. I think he started to assume that Dominic must just be a friend because he hadn't been over in so long.

Penny made this funny little face because he wasn't at the top of the escalator when we got there. She just wanted to see him!!

There were 2 trains and when they didn't arrive we would run to the other one and if they hadn't come on that one, we'd run the 20 feet over to the first one again.


Back and forth, back and forth. We did this 15 times or so until his train finally came.

And then there he was. My mom in the background and my niece Brenna brought him home. Just this last week I decided that Brenna needed to come and play with Penny so we got her ticket too. I'm glad we did. She and Penny are going to have a fun 4 days. I sometimes wish it was like the olden days where you get married and just stay near family. Its not that way anymore but I still want my kids to have relationships with their cousins their age. That is important to me. 

Michael all day kept saying, "I missed you Dominic. Dominic, I missed you."  At church in the middle of the sacrament prayer loud enough for everyone to hear, "Dominic, I missed you." 

He really did. His hair is long, he's 2 inches taller and 10 million times sweeter. We're so glad he's home.

Sweet cousins sleeping.

We are so happy to have Dominic home. We had his favorite dinner, home made chimichangas for dinner. I love how much he loves my cooking. We made super green smoothies that everyone gobbled up. Brenna even said, "Anytime I'm hungry and thirsty you can just make me one of these."
On to the school year!

And as if that day wasn't special enough, Dennis rolled over from his front to his back. He rolled over on his own 30 seconds after I stopped shooting this video. So typical right? Enjoy...


Julia Harps said...

awesome! So glad you're all together again. have a fun 4 days.

Vicky Shawcroft said...

That is so sweet how Michael is hugging Dominic. Those are sweet homecoming pictures.