Friday, August 31, 2012


So for little Dennis who is just a few weeks shy of 4 months.

With each baby I think, they could seriously not be any better than this....and then they are.

Dennis is dreamy. He came with the usual late nights and poopy diapers but quickly found his rhythm in our family and has taken to our schedule (or us to his) quite well. At this point, he sleeps through the night from about 9pm until 5pm without waking to eat and in his own bed in the nursery. He started doing that sometime last week consistently. I've noticed he can only make it till about 3pm unless that last feeding was from a bottle with formula, then he can stretch it out to 5 or even 8am. I just don't make that much milk in one sitting to get him through much longer than that but he's totally willing to drink that much. He's a champion eater and sleeper.

He started rolling over a few weeks ago and last week started blowing raspberries, small ones but definite. He loves his taggy blanket that has a crinkle layer in it and never fusses in the carseat if he has it. In fact, he never fusses (well okay he does now and then but really almost never). I often feel that because he is so chill I have to be diligent to give him more attention than he is asking for.

He lights up to see Daddy. After sleeping when we go get him he gets so tickled to see us he usually squeals with glee.

He talks to Penny a lot and tolerates Michael's hugs and games of pat-a-cake. Dominic loves to go get him when he wakes up and snuggle with him in the mornings because he is warm and cozy.

Dennis weighs in at just over 18 pounds. He fits in 6-9 month clothes and I have to clean between his fat rolls or he gets really stinky. He loves to kick and splash in the bath.

He prefers his thumb over a pacifier at night and will only take his pacifier a few times throughout the day. Maybe this will be my pacifier-less baby....but if that is true I think it will only mean that he's a thumb-sucker as he definitely finds comfort in having something to suck on.

He laughs and coos and rolls over from his back to his front. It takes about all the energy he can muster to get rolled over and his arms out from underneath himself but once there he can hold his head straight up but can't really get his chest off the ground. When he's sitting in my lap facing out he will often turn his head to look up and behind himself so that he can see me, usually to tell me he's hungry but sometimes to just stare and listen to me.

He is such a good baby and we feel really REALLY blessed to have him and have him be so healthy. I look at my family of 4 kids though and still feel like we're not complete. Whenever we go to the park I count noses and then have to remind myself that there are ONLY 4 noses to count. I keep thinking there are a few more than there really, no we're not done.

We definitely need a bigger house though.......this one is bursting at the seams.

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Lisa said...

Aw... so neat to hear you are going to have more babies Katie! I know the feeling. ;)