Sunday, August 19, 2012

Brenna and Gma visit Day 2

So, Sunday with Gma and Brenna came and went without pictures really. We picked them up at the airport, came home and ate breakfast, went to church and had Dennis blessed and then afterwards fixed dinner only to get ready for bed and get some rest. They had flown with Dominic ALL NIGHT LONG and were pretty darn tired.

Penny and Brenna started out in Penny's bed. They read books that night by lamp and giggled. Halfway through the night though Brenna decided she would like to sleep by Grandma and she shuffled downstairs to find her. We found her on the couch by Grandma in the morning where she would decide to sleep each night thereafter.

So cute with their arms tangled together.

The next morning we woke up late-ish, headed to Folsom and on the way stopped and got a flat of delicious strawberries and an under ripe watermelon (oops). It is amazing how many strawberries you can buy for under $20. It was enough to feed an army later that afternoon and have leftovers. We then went to Chick-Fil-A for a take-out lunch because mom and had never eaten there before and to support the founder's stance for traditional marriage. Milkshakes with our lunch hit the spot. We stopped at Sean's work and dropped his milkshake off and then headed over to the temple to eat our lunch (he works 5 minutes from the Sacramento Temple). Being that it was Monday, the temple was closed and the water fountain was off, but we stopped anyways.

The kids played in the sand while I fed Dennis, ate my burger, and changed a few diapers.

Brenna got some squeezes on Dennis. She loves babies and its pretty obvious. So cute.

I realized I didn't do Penny's hair that morning. Oh well, we were headed to go swim after the temple stop so whatever, it was gonna get messed up anyways.
Girly cousins!

Then Brenna decided to chase Penny around and try to spank her on the bum. Loved the giggles.

Dominic was the monster chasing everyone around in circles.

And after all was eaten and clean, we walked up to the temple to see the flowers.

It always amazes me how clean the building looks and how big the Angel Moroni is. I love this candid shot of all the kids with the temple spire in the background.

After being in the sun for only a few minutes we walked under the arches for some shade. Brenna decided she had seen enough of the temple and wanted to get back in the car with the AC. Coming from a rainy, cool summer in Fairbanks this hot weather was a little too much right in the middle of the day. Nobody protested, we were all ready for the cold air the car would provide (I later told my mom I was so glad that we had air conditioning in this part of the country....only to have my air conditioning go out on the suburban less than a week later).

After that, we headed straight to a friends house for a pool party. My friend Liz was in town with her amazingly cute family (*ahem* amazingly cute because our kids could pass as siblings. See below.) I didn't see Dominic for like 3 hours as he was mostly underwater the whole time playing games. Such a fun day!

See these two? This is only one matchup of ours that look alike. Our girls could pass as sisters too. So funny because we (the parents) don't necessarily look alike.

Penny and Brenna posed after swimming. Penny's hair only got worse. ha!

At home they bathed while my mom and I cooked dinner. Turning the jets on and making bubbles was in order for more fun.

Then some Dennis snuggles.

And after dinner we headed off to Marshall Gold Discovery Park. This is an area of California rich with gold-rush history and Fairbanks, AK is another Gold Rush area. I love Coloma and many parts of California for this reason, I feel like I'm a little bit at home. I knew my mom would appreciate it and so we squeezed the trip in for our family home evening. It was the perfect outing.

Checking out the Teepee's

This is a replica of Mormon Cabin. The mormon's who worked at Sutter's Mill lived in this cabin together.


Sutter's Mill is a neat piece of California history. Some of the original parts were found in the river and on the banks and a drawing from Sutter's diary helped them reconstruct the mill to what it most likely looked like 150 years ago. Very neat. Once they found gold the mill was abandoned. They even found old logs that were milled and they have those on display as well.

Michael stuck his head in a water cannon.

A replica of a trappers cabin.

This is the jail cell that was kept in the old courthouse. Doesn't it look barbaric? It kind of scared Penny. Such a cool piece. Barbaric, but cool.

And then this is the actual site of the old jail. You can see all the jail cell platforms  on the ground as they are the squares of stone. Many of the walls have obviously come down but a few of the cells are still intact. I really love the look of stone and the texture it has as a background in pictures.

They were pretending to be in jail. 

Quick posers. 

Brenna pointed out that it looked like the hill was on fire and it indeed did. It was really pretty as the sun had already hid itself from the hill we were on, but not on the west side of the hill adjacent to us. it was beautiful.

And then we trudged over to Lotus Park where we threw rocks in the river. When you go in the evening it is a little high because the dam has let out its water for the day but this river is my Chatanika (a river from back home that we would throw rocks in on our way to Central (outside Circle City)). It is a beautiful area.

I tried to convince Brenna that the water was warm and then she stepped her foot in and giggled...."its cold!"
I like Michael's dirty bum shot.

Learning the rules of rock throwing proved to be a little stressful and we had many close calls. There were some big rocks tossed into the American River.

Rule was in order to throw there could be nobody in front of you. I think Brenna got it, Penny still didn't quite understand what we meant by it. 

And after that we all slept really, REALLY well. 

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You guys did an amazing amount for one day. I am impressed. It looks like you all had a lot of fun.