Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Vegetable boats

I had a rare moment the other day where Michael and Dennis were asleep at the same time for a few hours in the middle of the day. Penny and I took it upon ourselves to make a plate full of veggies for snack. She wanted to make peanut butter boats with her veggies and was all kinds of giggly and goofy. She picked out all the fruits and veggies for the plate and we sat across from each other chatting.
It was an afternoon of bliss with her.

I cut off her A-line so that the front is the same length as the back since it was growing out. It changed how she looks. She screams when I brush it. Paybacks for how I was to my mom as a little girl. Holy Hannah its not fun.

She made goofy faces just as the camera was about to take a picture. These made me laugh out loud.

She really liked my lemon cucumber and took a few bites with no hands.

Which didn't prove to be a good idea as it would then slip right out of her mouth and fall on the floor. Silly goof.

She then put carrots in her eye. Yes, she still ate it.

She is obsessed with trying to figure out how dogs can balance something on their nose and then snap it into their mouths. She tries this over and over and over and just doesn't understand how they can do it. Of course, I encourage it because its hilarious to watch.

This was the perfect picture. She had a carrot in her teeth and as I snapped the picture she just happened to bite down and the carrot went flying out of her mouth. See the little bite out of it?  We giggled over this picture for a few minutes. Couldn't have planned that picture if I wanted to.
Things about Penny lately:

I asked her what the #1 thing she wanted to learn this year in school was and her answer came very quickly, "to nurse."  I asked for clarification. I said, "to nurse, be a doctor or nurse a baby." Her answer was clear, "nurse Dennis." Hilarious. I told her she couldn't nurse babies until she was married and had babies of her own and then asked, so what is the #2 thing she would like to learn for school this year. To which she said, "well, I guess math then. Dominic could teach me. He's really good." Touche Penny, touche.

 She has been reading to Michael and I at night. She reads a couple books with Michael next to her in her bed and then I read a long book until Michael falls asleep. Then she reads me a long book and then I read her another book. She reads at night anywhere from 45 minutes to an hour. And, this girl can READ! Its amazing to see her eyes scan the words. I love it. Last night, the book she read had a word count of 749 words. Its such a fun new world that opens up when you can enjoy reading!

We have started night time potty training. She has been doing very well. This morning she woke up wet, but the 4 nights previous she had been dry and I'm not waking her up at night to take her potty. She's just been doing it. I stopped buying pullups and purchased the vinyl underwear that she wears over a thick pair of underwear. I'm just glad to not be buying pullups anymore. Yay! I've offered her breakfast of choice on dry mornings and that seems to be doing the trick. She was requesting crepes every morning, which are a lot of work and mess....I was smart and went and bought some Fruit Loops (something we rarely if ever have at our house) so that the crepe request would not be every morning. Waffles with coconut milk and coconut oil are her other favorite. Those aren't as hard, but I overeat because they are so delicious!

She wants to learn how to ride a bike without training wheels (like Catherine). I've determined that we're going to teach her this week if we can make it work. Stay tuned. She can't just ride from our house though, as there are too many hills and we don't have any flat grass to start on. We have to GO somewhere (Blue Oak Elementary is on my stops for tomorrow to try). We shall see....

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