Friday, July 13, 2012

Penny and Michael stuff

Going to see Daddy at work is fun but going in Gma's car is even more fun! Sean's car was in the shop out by his work and so we headed out there in Gma's car (cuz mine decided to break at the same time) to pick him up and take him to it. The kids always get excited to see Daddy at his work.

Grandpa Hirt was building an electric fence around the garden in Fairbanks and Penny had heard me talking about it. She quickly got out her crayons and told me to tell Grandpa to wait to build it until she could send him a picture of what it needed to look like. So Grandpa, here you go. You can build your electric fence now (with silver and gold).

 Getting their crafty on. These kids love to paint!

I love the bottom lip sticking out under the cup while he drinks. This is my favorite thing about nursing babies too, that bottom lip is to die for.

Other kids over and the box of stickers came out and they went to town making menus for a pretend restaurant. They never did get to playing restaurant, just made menus for over an hour.

He's learning how to use scissors and is in the FRINGE stage. I love it.

Making a fringe around anything he can get his hands on.

Sometimes his mouths opens and shuts right along with the scissors.

Hot days just call for popsicles. Period. 

I've resorted to buying expensive popsicles with no HFCS. These are the Dreyers all fruit ones and are really good.  My favorite is the white grape. I should resort to making them, but my kids won't always eat the ones I make from home.......guess I need to find a better recipe.

His little rico suave mustache he earned by eating an oreo at the park. Excuse me grumpy face, I know you haven't had a nap but please let me take a picture!!

Green smoothie sharing!  Penny's straw is actually a clearish yellow straw if that gives you an idea how green this smoothie is.
These two have been the best of friends and the worst of enemies this summer. There has been hair pulling, kicking, hitting, spitting, yelling, pushing. EVERYTHING.....and those are just the ones done by Michael. Its not always pretty over here, but we're getting through these times one day at a time (and sometime one hour at a time). Penny has been good at trying to be silly instead of reactive to everything Michael does (something she's learned from me I'm sure). She's getting it. Michael is learning that sometimes it is okay for Penny to give him a direction and for him to follow it. He doesn't have to take offense to everything that she says just because he doesn't like it. Its music to my ears when I can hear them playing nicely. We probably just need to get out more and I'm trying to get enough sleep so that we can do that someday too.........

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Holly said...

Sibling love, what a crazy thing that is! The fringe is awesome, Michael and Carter would get along perfectly between their scissor fun and their green smoothie addictions they would probably be best buds. :)