Friday, July 13, 2012

Old Folsom

Picasa has been acting funny and hasn't let me post pictures in a while. Not sure whats going on, but today, after trying 5 times, it finally worked. So. These are a little old now, but lets see what we can get done!

When Sean's mom was in town we went down and walked Old Folsom. It was fun to look in all the shop windows, but with 3 kids in tow we definitely didn't stop at many of them. The candy shop was a must though.
Also, this was like 3 weeks ago so it was a little bit chilly and windy.
They had all kinds of energy and just wanted to run and play. We found plenty of opportunity to do that.
He insists on wearing his hat how he wants to wear his hat.

She asked for a lick and the proceeded to try to bite half of it off. Ha!

Love my litter poser.

and my other poser.

He started the evening off with no bruises on his head and ended it with two on either side of his forehead. The toy store and spaghetti factory ended our day. It was perfect!

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