Sunday, July 01, 2012

Fun with Penny gma

Penny is quite the reader now and can read small chapter books with ease. It is fun to listen to her read books to Michael now. In the car the other day I had 4 new Dora books that I had bought in the .50 section at the library. She read all 4 of them out loud to Michael while we drove to Target (a 10 minute drive) and back.
So, here she is reading a silly book to Penny Gma.

One of the silly parts:

He thinks its funny to put things on our heads and balance them.

No nap for Michael this day (or any day that Penny gma was here I think) made for falling asleep while being read a book after dinner. 

But he needed a diaper change. Don't you love his guinea pig shirt? Yeah, he does too. Thanks Gma and Gpa Hirt.   I'd like to say that he stayed asleep for this diaper change, but because of a diaper rash he didn't. Poor kid being woken up to having your burning bottom cleaned, no fun. Were it not for the small diaper rash he would have stayed asleep.

Gma's arms must be a great place to fall asleep as Dennis couldn't help himself either.

Silly Michael came into the living room announcing he found a straw for his smoothie (which he shoved into a sippy cup top)

What a pretty pretty lady. I love this hat. Here we are getting ready to head out to the Folsom Zoo.

Funny thing about the Folsom Zoo sanctuary is that it has a great playground just outside of it and the kids never wanted to leave it. We spent probably 2 hours at the playground and then headed home. We asked them over and over again if they were ready to go into the zoo and see the animals and they never wanted to. When we went to finally get in the car Penny looked at me and said, "but what about the animals?
Next time Penny, next time.
I love these swings. Even an adult can fit in them if needed. This is a wheelchair accessible playground and so they had different swings too to accommodate  disabled children. I wish they had these swings at every playground.

His black crocks kept getting wood chips in them so we  switched to swimming shoes. Ha!
I loved seeing his little legs under the playground equipment.

I bought Dominic this DC hat for his birthday but it was definitely too small. I forget that my children have big heads (I do too). So, this hat was passed down to Penny and Michael and as of late, Michael has claimed it as his. We were walking out the door the other day and we got most of the way out and Michael stopped in his tracks and exclaimed, "oh, I forgot my hat!" and ran back inside to find it.
I really do love it.
He prefers to wear it backwards except when in his carseat when he puts it sideways so he can sit back.
Love him.

Even Dennis had a hat on.
Are you seeing these cheeks? mmmmm

So many things I love about this picture:
Penny having a blast in this spinny cup.
Sean has been working out training for Tought Mudder and looks extremely fit to me. He loves his Auburn shirt that my brother got him (it has a nice fit)
Michael patiently waiting his turn with arms folded and his hat backwards. 

I could eat him. His hat backwards, his arms folded, his guinea pig shirt and Thomas shoes. Combo that just is too much to handle. I love you Michael.

Though we didn't go to the zoo, we did have to ride the train.
It was the perfect afternoon excursion and though we didn't see the animals it was nice to not be rushed or HAVE to be somewhere. We intended to go to the zoo, but the kids had fun on the playground instead. Our intention was really to go out and have fun with Gma and we accomplished that. 


Julia Harps said...

i wish playgrounds had those swings for adults!
dennis is super cute. I like his expression and those chubby cheeks.

Nikki said...

Loving all your posts! The kids are getting cuter and cuter if that's even possible. Totally impressed Sean's training for Tough Mudder. Adam is dying to do it and I actually considered it...for like 10 seconds.