Friday, July 27, 2012

Boxes, chub and brownie mix

Naked (almost) babies are the best and I have two of them. My house is Heaven.  Michael was trying to get Dennis to suck on his finger but I had to stop him because it usually ends in Dennis gagging.

He also likes to do Sqqqqquuuuuuuuuiiiiiiiiiishy face to Dennis. He tolerates it.

At which time I had to stop the party. He was squishing the poor baby. I love my two diapered kiddos so much.

I snapped this photo because Dennis was actually watching TV along with the kids this morning. 

Whats better than ordering something and having it arrive in the mail? Letting your children use that box for a boat all. day. long.
I asked them not to break apart the styrofoam but really, what was I thinking. That was the best part! My neighbors probably weren't happy to hear the shop vac going outside at 9pm. Sorry.

But seriously, how can you say not to these faces?

It was like a bubble bath but without getting wet.

I told them they could have 1 more day of playing with the styrofoam and then we had to get rid of it. I have already vacuumed my downstairs 4 times in the last 2 days. This party will never end unless I put an end to it. They will have to think of a new game to play with the boxes and that will be fun to. I think I might just give Penny and Michael tons of paint and let them paint the insides of them while they are inside. Will be super messy, but thats what kids love and nothing a bath can't fix!

They found uses for other items in the box too, like this one. They made a school table.

My friend brought us some fudgesicles for the kids the other day and Michael loves them. They are super messy when its really hot outside though. What a raggamuffin!

I could lick it off his face if he would let me but he's too busy doing everything "all by himself."

Pretty girler.

I took the couch covers off our couches the other day (not something I do often at all because I've stapled it in place so that it doesn't move around). This couch was given to us by my brother while I was at college.....he got it at the DI. Can you say gheeeeetooooooo. It works fine with the covers on it and I'm waiting till our next house to buy one that we love because we just can't fit our dream sectional couch in our home right now because of the shape of our living room. Anyways, I taught my children the game of hot lava. This will definitely be revisited. It should be a part of everyone's childhood.

I love her bows and piggies.

He's showing Ggma that he's taller than she is.  See how his body has thinned out? His legs used to be chunky and now they are just normal, though he still has a little junk in his trunk. He'll always be my chubba.

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Julia Harps said...

boxes are the best! SOmetimes I even want to climb in one for awhile.