Saturday, June 30, 2012

Fun day at Beals Point

Penny Grandma was in town last week and we made a trip out to Beals point to check out Folsom Lake. We'd never been there before and we'll definitely go back. Come school time, this would be a great place to head with friends for an outdoor sports day. Its pretty busy on the weekends but wasn't too bad this particular Saturday because it was a little bit chilly.  Michael has been on a hat kick lately and wears a hat wherever he goes.....his favorite had (and our favorite on him) is his DC hat. Just like his brother, so stinking cute.

Digging for muck. Otherwise known as wet, gooey sand/dirt.
She loved the muck. I should have introduced her to mud pies.

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Sean said...

All Penny wanted to do was dig for muck.