Sunday, June 24, 2012

Amanda's wedding

Sean's cousin has a daughter who got married here in Sacramento just a few weeks ago. Family from all over gathered and we were able to join them for a beautiful, albeit super windy, evening.

I love this picture of Penny and great grandma chatting during the wedding. I'm sure Gma is explaining something to here. These two have such a special friendship despite the 93 years between them.

In the middle of the ceremony Michael pulled out his plug (which we gave him to keep him from talking) and said quite loudly, " I pooped."  Thankfully, like I mentioned above, it was very windy and so nobody heard it.

Stella got to be the flower girl. She was so cute in her dress. 

I love this stud.

We kept Michael entertained with the fake candles. He sang Happy Birthday and then blew it out (while I flipped the switch to turn it off). 

Trying to figure it out. 

For some reason it never blew out when he held it.
"Its not working mommy." 

Penny and Michael danced the night away!
It was a fun wedding and we wish Amanda and Andy a wonderful life together full of love and happiness. Weddings are wonderful!

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