Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The rest of the post

For some reason the last post got cut off mid-pictures. But thats okay because it was really long anyways. Here was the rest that I wanted to post.

Dennis is a very VERY good baby and sleeping 3-4 hours at a time around the clock. He's eating like a champ and was 8lbs 15 oz today when I took him in. Meaning, he's passed his birth weight and is beginning to develop a double chin. Love baby chub.

Penny cannot hold this kid enough but unfortunately has other siblings he has to share him with.
Michael thinks he's pretty great too and calls him "baby Dennis" and not just Dennis.

Penny likes to rub her lips on his cheeks and forehead. I love watching her do it because I totally love that too. She's such a natural little mommy.

Dominic is quite good at holding babies now. He loves it when he's rooting around and likes to stick his face near Dennis' mouth so that he'll try to eat Dominic's cheek. He can laugh hysterically over it. Its fun to watch.

Michael was giving Dennis a granola bar. These are Michaels favorites. They are like Nutrigrain bars, but Trader Joe's brand and don't have HFCS. I love them with a glass of milk. Michael likes them anytime, anywhere and wanted to share one with Dennis (thats love right there).

I got in some snuggles with baby as we were waiting for the nurse to come and give us final instructions and send us home. We were so ready that we forgot to take the infamous "baby in the carseat" picture. Oops.

This was a cute video I took of Dennis in the hospital. He was sucking his lip funny. I love this little guy so much. We've been taking video and pictures galore so there will be lost more to come in the days ahead. Enjoy!


The Good Life said...

That lip sucking video was so precious! He is a beautiful baby! Congratulations!

Celia said...

Just wanted to say congratulations! He's a cutie!

Lisa said...

That's my girl wearing her jeans home! You look great, I guess the running paid off. I love the eye-to-eye contact between Dennis and Dominic. It amazes me how babies can do that.