Sunday, May 06, 2012

Playing Late Into the Night

Last night, Penny wanted to snuggle with the baby. It as well past 10pm and we had just finished watching Lady and The Tramp. Michael has woken up from his nap at 7:30pm (his schedule got thrown off by a trip to the park in the afternoon) so he was up and playing so cheerfully still. His latest thing is to tell us all to pretend to be characters from Dora the Explorer. He doesn't usually pretend it for so long. He was calling Daddy "map" all night long. When Sean finally decided to go to bed for the night he kinda just went upstairs without telling Michael and as soon as Michael noticed he said, "Where's map mommy?"

I kinda died laughing.

Other silly things he was doing was trying to convince Daddy to come play with him on the floor. He would grab his hand and say, "come here sweety, come play with me."  He's been pretty cranky this last week and upon inspection we found two new molars in the back of his mouth. It was nice to have our fun, cheerful, chatty toddler back last night. Enjoy the show.

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