Thursday, May 24, 2012

I have 4 kids

It seems wierd for me to say it, but sometimes even more bizarre to see it; I have four kids.

We love this set of munchkins more than we could ever express. Sometimes we just lay in bed and talk about our kids till we fall asleep. About every little thing that they do that makes us laugh. Or, sometimes, even the things that they do that drive us nuts-o.  But its clear that Sean and I cannot get enough of them on most days that even after they have gone to bed we laugh and giggle about all the things we did until we are tired only to wake up again the next day and do it all over again.

Sunday was a solar eclipse. It actually wasn't really on my radar till I noticed others posting about it on facebook and so I quickly made a pinhole viewer and took Penny and Dominic outside to see if we could still catch a glimpse of the moon passing in front of the sun. We were in luck. 

We made one large hole in the middle and then 4 small holes. Essentially, we should have been able to see 5 eclipses with this (one eclipse per hole in the tin foil) but the bigger, middle one didn't work out too well. You can, however, see the crescent shape of the eclipse on each corner. The lit part is the sun and the chunk missing out of the sun is where the moon is in front of it. Kinda neat. Dominic was quite frustrated that he couldn't just look at it. He wanted to see if his eyes could withstand it even though I told him it would damage his eyes. 

This little munchkin named Dennis is so sweet and squishy.  I love how newborns are so stinking small, yet they are complete. He is a whole person, just in a small package and that smallness is so darn cute.
Don't you want to nibble on his face a little?

I've been having Dominic read out loud to Penny. He skips words whenever he reads his schoolwork out loud to me and mis-pronounces things often so I figured this would prove to be good practice and help him be a more fluent reader. Penny sure enjoys it too.

Dennis is my little snuggle bug.

Penny and Michael decided to try to put on all their winter clothes from the winter basket. They then ran around singing songs for a better part of the evening in their evening wear. These two play together so well most of the time. Its fun to follow them around and watch. 

Penny had her PGY (Performance Groups for Youth) performance last week. It was pretty darn cute and she did very well. She was the most excited that she got to wear real makeup and I did her hair all fancy. I'm not sure we'll be doing it again next year as it is pretty pricey and she is only 4, but we will probably re-visit PGY at some point. It was a lot of fun to watch her perform.

You would think we put fake eyelashes on this little girl, but we didn't. It was ridiculous how long they looked after I put a light layer of mascara on them. 

Here she is dressed in her Asian costume representing China on the trip around the world. We were very proud of our Penny and her performance. 

Daddy bought her some flowers for her performance and  she was thrilled.

All smiles after her last performance. They did a show on Friday and Saturday night. Both were adorable.
G-Gma getting some snuggle time with Dennis.

Penny getting some snuggle time with  Dennis.
I'll post some videos as soon as we figure out how to get them off our new video camera.....grrrrrrrrrrr.

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howellblog said...

So fun...wish we could have done PGY while we were there but were in the same boat. $$$! She looked darling!