Thursday, May 24, 2012

Grumpy Face

I snapped this picture with my phone today after he was done crying. I love the little scowl.
He has perfect lips and ears and is gaining in the double chin area.
His eyelashes are starting to grow in and get long. His eyes are still blue and Dominic is wishing that they will stay.
His pigger pugger is completely edible.
He only has one cowlick (a surprise to us since Penny and Michael both have two on the back of their head)

Dennis, we love you.

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Nikki said...

Just got caught up on all your posts. Oh my gosh Dennis is so incredibly squishy and yummy and adorable! Baby chub is THE BEST! What a wonderful lovely time for your family! It looks like you guys are really enjoying life right now!

howellblog said...

So CUTE! I love those faces they make! Wish we could see him in person!

Sam Hirt said...


Sam Hirt said...


Lindsey said...

Just finished catching up on your blog. Dennis is beyond precious. Your family is beautiful!! Congratulations. Good luck getting anything done with all that snuggling and munching on his face that you have to be doing. :)