Friday, May 04, 2012

Full Moon....lets play a game.

My sister called to tell me it's a full moon tonight and tomorrow. I have always heard that more babies are born in the evening of a full moon than on nights that are not. Two of her four were born on the night of a full moon. None of mine have been born on full moons.....yet.

So, lets play a guessing game.

When do YOU think this baby will be born?

Keep in mind, baby was due this last Wednesday, May 2nd.

And if you say anything ridiculously far in the future, I'm going to assume we aren't friends or family or we shouldn't be friends of family. Hee hee.

Ready? Set? Go!


Julia Harps said...

now I kinda want you to go until tuesday, may 8th because ammon and bret have that birthday. 3 with that birthday would be funny!

cambridgeclan said...

My vote is for whatever day it is right now!

cambridgeclan said...

If not today I add to my vote Sunday the 6th because I know you don't want to go to church prego again:)

annie said...

I agree with Julia... Go for May 8th!!! We were all overdue by that day and it's a good one! :o) OR you can have it on the 7th if you wanted an equation for a birthday: 5/7/12. :o)

Julia Harps said...

looks like katie like the equation best.