Sunday, April 22, 2012

What I like most about you.....

Tonight, while we were eating dinner, Sean suggested that we play a game. We went around the table and started with one person and said what we like most about that person. Then we went to the next person at the table and all the way around till everyone had said something that they liked (even of yourself). It was amazing. Our kids loved it. I loved it! It brought the spirit into our home and was such a great suggestion by Daddy. I love that guy!

Dominic: He said that he likes that he was good at sports, Penny said she liked that Dominic liked to play games with her and that he was really really nice. I said that I liked that he has such a good heart and always wants to do good and that he is such a great brother. He's always willing to help around the house and that is a very important party of being in a family. Michael said that (encouraged by mom) he loved that Dominic likes to snuggle with him. Dad said that he liked that Dominic is such a good brother, that he is the best big brother that any kid could ever have. He loves that Dominic is so good to others. He is a great friend.

Penny: Dominic said that Penny is funny and likes to play games. He also said that he likes it that when she plays with her babies or her Polly Pockets that she always pretends that they do nice things and not mean things to each other when they interact (I thought that was a cute observation). And that she misses him so much whenever he leaves for Alaska (it makes him feel so needed and loved). Penny said that she likes that she can do hard things and have fun. I told Penny that I love that she sings all the time and that she loves playing with her siblings. Michael said that he likes that she plays with him all day long. Dad said that he also loves hearing her sing and that she loves babies so much (to which she smiled and said she really does like babies a lot) he also likes how goofy she is.

Mom: Dominic said that he thinks I'm the best mom any kid could ever have because I do so much for the whole family. He also said that he loves that I make him lots of brothers and sisters. Penny said she likes that I help her do hard things (but doesn't like when I try to help her do really easy things). Michael said that he loves my skin (as he pressed his face against my chest). I said that I love that I have learned how to cook healthy and delicious meals and I love that my family enjoys those meals. Sean said that he loves that mom can do anything. He said anything mom decides to do, she does it well (and then he listed a bunch of examples).

Michael: Dominic said that he loves Michael's chub and also loves that he likes to wrestle and be silly and cute. Penny said she loves that he plays with her all day long and that he loves babies too. I said that I love that Michael can tell us what he wants, that he is obedient and can calm down when asked to calm down so that we can communicate instead of throw a tantrum. I love that he can sing lots of songs and that he eats really well. I also said that I love that Michael wants his Daddy as much or more than he wants his mommy. It makes her happy to see how much it makes Daddy feel loved. Michael said that he loves that he's cute. Daddy said that he loves that he knows how to be silly and that he brings so much joy into our home.

Daddy: Dominic said that he loves that Dad shaves his hair really short (??) and that he likes to be goofy. He likes that he takes time to play sports with him. Penny said that she loves when Daddy is funny and likes it when he goes to work all day and gets home, she said she gets excited when he comes in the front door. Michael said that he loves it when Daddy snuggles with him. I said that I love that Daddy is very humble. When he makes a mistake, he ALWAYS says he's sorry or makes restitution. I also love that he works so hard for our family and loves each and every one of us so much and I can tell by how he treats us that he would do anything in his power to protect and provide for us. I feel like I married my hero. Daddy said that he loves that he is diligent. When he sets his mind to figuring something out, he does it...even if he can't figure it out right away, he eventually always figures out a way and does it. He said he learned that playing sports and its something he's proud of.

This was a GREAT dinner conversation for us and I see many more like this in the future.


Jenny said...

Very cute! We do this on everyone's birthday and unbirthday (their half birthday no presents, more of an appreciation day with requested dinner and dessert)each year. It is always fun to see how the kids perspective changes over time with each person in the family.

cambridgeclan said...

What a great night. This is also a great family night activity. We haven't done it for a while and you have inspired me.