Sunday, April 29, 2012

Wedding Bells!

A couple of weeks ago we headed down to Southern California for my sister's wedding. Eva was beautiful and we were glad to welcome Aaron into the family. I didn't take my camera out of the car one time we were there and so our pictures are a compilation of being in the car, and what other people in my family took pictures of.

Happy Wedding Eva and Aaron! We love you.

Michael needed his "two ones whales" while watching shows in the car. My kids are great travelers and the TV helps quite a bit with that.


This sleepy face was too cute. I love his long eyelashes and he was still sucking his tongue which could be seen because his mouth was a little opened. Can you see evidence of his whales? 

At the family dinner Friday night. Penny loves to rub my belly and talk to the baby. She's at just the right height to always bump into it and give the baby a hug


Cousins glaring at the camera:

My whole family at the Newport Beach temple. Can you spot which 10 of these people are the Hirt kids? 5 girls and 5 boys, go!

Okay, well if you couldn't find them, here's your cheat sheet. That's Spencer, Sam, Nephi, Jon and Joe for the boys at the top of the collage and Julia, Rose, Eva, Katie and Annie for the girls at the bottom. Eva was a beautiful bride. I really REALLY loved her dress.

I didn't even recognize me in this picture when I first saw it. Perhaps because half of my face is covered by my sister's sunglasses. This is my sister Rose and I.

Eva gave Penny her flower bouquet. It was about 65 degrees out and a little windy. Needless to say Penny is NOT my Alaska girl. She wore her down jacket (hot pink I might add) the whole afternoon at the reception. 

There was a mustache booth with mustache tattoo's and a photographer taking pictures. These, my sister took. Aren't they funny? I can't wait to see the ones that the photographer actually took. Sean didn't understand why it was so funny, he hasn't followed the silly mustache trend. Thanks for being a good sport anyways!

One mustache we put directly on Michael's face. He kept it on long enough to take a few pictures and then wanted it off. It was hard to do a finger one with him, but he did it and then wiped it off. Guess he didn't understand the silly trend either.

My brothers are silly.

My kids had so much fun playing with Rosie.

Penny left her mustache on for days. 
A few things I remember about the wedding ceremony. The sealer talked about marriage being like a nice ornate box. Beautiful on the outside and when you open the box you would expect to see if full of love, kindness, service, happiness, christ, kind words etc. You'd expect it to be full of all the great things about marriage right from the beginning. But, what is actually the case is that the box, at the beginning of the marriage is completely empty and you have to fill the box with those things. And, not only fill the box with those things, but put in more than you take so that the box can always be full of what you want. I really liked this analogy. And gave me a visual to think about and asess in my own life. What is my marriage box full of?

He also talked about being sealed and creating eternal bonds. We can only see eternity in the mirrors when we look at our spouse, but when we look at ourselves in the mirrors all we can see is one person, our self. In order for a marriage to work  the focus must be on the other person with which you made that covenant. And lastly what I remember was looking forward in the mirrors he said as representing our posterity while looking back in the mirrors represented our ancestors. Sealed together in the temple to be eternally together when we choose to keep our covenants. Brought together at that time by Eva and Aaron who had decided to make that covenant.

He said a lot more, this is all that I remember.

I love weddings but especially temple weddings as I get to reflect on our temple sealing and what it did and continues to do for my growing, family.

What an amazing day Eva Jane.
I'm so happy for you and Aaron. Now, bring on the babies!


Lisa said...

I love that picture of your brothers- strong abs there!

Lindsey said...

What a great bunch of pictures!! So happy for your sweet family and excited for you to welcome #4 into the world soon. Good luck--I hope it's a smooth delivery and the baby is a good sleeper. :) And you're right--you really need to do a mud run once the baby is older!

Eva Jane said...

Bring on the babies?!? We don't know how... :)

I'm so glad you and your family were there AND we didn't' have a surprise baby that weekend... but now that we wedding is over you can start pushing, it's time!

Karyn said...

Good memory of what the sealer said. I forgot the second part about looking in the mirror at your self. And seriously the picture of your brothers...HILARIOUS!!!