Monday, April 16, 2012

Six Flags

On our way down to Orange County this last weekend, we stopped in Valencia at Six Flags Magic Mountain for a few hours since we have season passes and were going to meet up with some friends a little later for dinner. Unfortunately we forgot to bring our camera in with us so we splurged and purchased a picture on one of the small roller coasters. It was just too cute to say no.
Though his face may not look like it, Michael had a blast on this one and after the first loop around said, "Again, again! Its not scary." I had originally told him no because it looked too scary for him but he was tall enough and Sean said he'd be fine and went with him (he wasn't tall enough to go by himself but tall enough to go with an adult). It had a little climb at the start and this is on the way down. Penny is a little daredevil on rides at the theme parks and loves some of the bigger ones that she is just barely tall enough for. She and Dominic and Dad went on the really REALLY big boat that went really high quite a few times. It would have been the perfect way to split up the drive had it not been pouring monsoon rains the next morning when we finished up the last stretch of it.
We'll be back Magic Mountain, we'll be back.

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Lisa said...

Love it!!! Glad you kept that baby in there. ;)