Thursday, April 05, 2012

General Conference and Other Randoms

While driving Dominic to the airport to go to Alaska to visit his dad, I let the kids watch a movie in the car (Berenstain Bears. I love these shows!). While trying to get the menu to pull up, the white hand kept showing up in the upper left corner of the screen telling Dominic that he couldn't perform that function yet. Each time it came up, Michael's hand went up to try to use it (like the xbox kinect). Penny followed suit. I could not stop laughing.

We finally got Penny off of the crib mattress on the floor and got her a twin sized mattress. She sleeps on the bottom part of a loft bed and so her mattress doesn't go on a frame or anything, just right on the floor. Up until recently it didn't really matter but since we will be needing to move Michael into that room fairly soon, we will be using the crib mattress into his toddler bed and thus got new bedding and a mattress for Penny. She's been in giddy bedtime heaven for a week now. I like that she has twin sized bedding now as it doesn't fall off of her and she stays warm all night. Wondering why we waited so long.

So, when you buy this particular twin mattress from IKEA, it comes rolled up like a tortilla. They squish all the air out of it and though it has springs, it is quite compact. While Sean opened the plastic wrap around it I was afraid for him......afraid that it would just come popping opened and it kinda did. The kids jumped and played on it till evening when we took it upstairs and gave it its new home.

Michael absolutely adores my pregnant belly. He snuggles with this baby any chance he gets and will often ask in public if he can, "say hi to baby." Which, in his translation, means lift up your shirt so I can hug your belly. He and Penny are both pretty smitten. Of course Dominic is excited too, but you just won't find my almost 10 year old snuggled up next to my belly like my little ones do. 


Since Dominic left for Alaska on Friday with my brother, it was just Penny and Michael with us for General Conference on Saturday and Sunday. Last General Conference Penny seemed to just want to cut and paste so this time around I stuck to a lot of the same types of activities. I didn't find one perfect packet, but took pages from a few different ones and printed the ones that I felt she would enjoy.

Here was the invitation. Conference is just starting and the table is out with plenty of crayons, scissors and tape. She was in heaven.

Michael stopped at the table now and then and colored a little, but he was busy running around too. It was amazing though how they both stopped whenever the choir sang. Penny liked finding the people in her prophet and apostles pages.

Here is a blur of Michael running by pushing a baby in the stroller.

She is SO her mother's daughter. Feet aren't just made for walking you know!

This boy made mess after mess after mess and constantly had something to snack on. And, of course, when the hands are busy, the mouth is a great place to store your string cheese.

I love this handsome dude.

Penny meticulously colored each apostle and the first presidency. 

She then taped them together to form a chain and continued on the next set. There were 15 people to color in all. Quite a task.

Here is her chain all completed. And you'da thought she'd be done coloring and cutting. This seriously took her about 2.5 hours.

She moved right on to the next craft packet. A balloon clad in the armor of God. She's pretty good at blowing up balloons now.

She cut out each piece with no help from anyone. She is really good with the scissors these days and Michael is learning to follow suit. He loves it when I let him cut out things.

I helped her tape everything in the correct place. She LOVED this guy.

 Eating all your dinner and watching General Conference makes for one strong girl (notice the General Conference Paper Watch? I think she cut out about 10 of those too).

And here are all her crafts displayed for Sunday morning. Saturday night she did the podium and the first presidency taped onto toilet paper rolls. Whenever they were at the podium, she would plop that person into her paper podium and be ready to listen (we had it by the TV during conference). This was a great way for her to recognize, remember and do something! It also made her pay attention to the speakers. She was quite good at making the change at the right time and with the right person.

Then Sunday afternoon's session they played with toys. Crafting was pretty much all done at that point. She was done coloring and cutting. These two played so well all day long. When it was time for Michael to take his nap Penny said, "Aaaaaaaaawww. But we were having so much fun. Can't he stay awake and play a little longer?" She actually says that quite often but it was especially sincere on Sunday.
Sean and I got to watch all 4 sessions (well he watched 5 I guess). I love being able to watch Conference at home and in my pajamas with the ability to pause if needed. My favorite was Elder Hollands talk. It really gave me a lot to ponder about and it was the perfect analogy for my brain.

The Laborers in the Vineyard


Celia said...

I loved Conference too, but I had no idea what to do for Xander (he'll be three tomorrow)... where did you find your Conference packets? Off the internet? I love it!

Katie said...

online, yes. There are many of the popular lds websites that make them for free. I just did a search for general conference kids packets (they make packets for adults too though!)