Thursday, April 19, 2012


We started Saturday off with Easter baskets on Saturday. Since Sean was working on Sunday (in order to get Friday off so we could go to my sister's wedding in So-Cal), we asked the Easter Bunny if he could bring Easter baskets a day early. Kids didn't seem to mind one bit. 

Then we headed out to Coloma for their Easter Egg Hunt and carriage rides. They have a separate area just for the little kids (4 and under) and its full of enough eggs to kill a cow (or chicken). Michael and Penny had a hayday and all the eggs were gone in a matter of minutes. There were probably 40 kids in that age group that quickly attacked. It probably took 30 minutes to setup.....done in 5.

Penny's basket was pretty fast to fill up and I told her once it was full she had to be done. They were pretty easy for her to find.

Michael's kept toppling over when he would bend over to pick another one. 

The bigger kids had a huge field to find their eggs in. They were scattered all the way to the back of the field and there were probably 80 or so kids gathering those. They didn't get as many, but the thrill was a little more intense for Dominic to find them so he had a blast.

After you find your eggs, you empty the contents into your basket and then give the eggs back, they reuse them every year. 

Going through the loot.

Michael was pretty happy to get a stamp in one of his. I'm surprised he didn't get ink poisoning. He was stamping  EVERYONE. I eventually had to take it away because he began to stamp his face.

They also had free horse-drawn carriage rides. So fun for the kids.

The egg hunt didn't start until noon and so afterwards we had a picnic and played at the park. 

 We have never really had trees around our house that Dominic could climb. I guess I hadn't realized that he really didn't know how to climb a tree. Well, he learned. He was up and all over that branch, albeit a little scared at times and he didn't want to stand on the branch. 

He kept asking for help to get up but we made him figure it out. He eventually got it and once he did, he was able to do it over and over. I felt like a bad mom, poor kid is almost 10 and not climbing trees. What kind of mom am I?

I loved this shot of Michael and Ringo. Michael is not afraid of a certain point. He is not easily intimidated by dogs that is. 

Teepee boy.

Then we came home and made pizzas for dinner.

And the Easter bunny came and hid eggs all over Grandma's house so we had to go and collect all those eggs too (meanwhile I ate a whole bag of Cadbury mini eggs. Holy crack candy. Those things are delicious).

We then went back to the house and colored eggs in the garage. We like to dye a lot of eggs because its cheap entertainment and a couple are never enough. We usually have friends who didn't dye eggs and we pawn some off to them but even if all we did was color them and throw them away...its still cheap fun.

I helped Michael do 12 eggs and then took him inside to watch Dora The Explorer (He and Penny's new favorite show) He seriously could have done another few dozen but was a little spazmatic and wanted to put eggs in faster than I could process them.

Then, on Sunday we had a big turkey dinner with Anam and Stella, Michele, and Great Grandma. I forgot to take a picture after the bird was all cooked but it was absolutely perfect. It was a delicious turkey and the leftovers were to die for.

Yes, those are pads of butter under the skin. Yuuum.

Since I didn't get a picture of the Easter dinner spread, I figured a picture of the leftover spread was good enough. Our favorite way to enjoy leftover turkey dinner is as a panini. So delicious.

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