Thursday, April 19, 2012

Bubbles, Snuggling, and Puzzles

Bubbles are always fun but a definite outside activity for my kids. They ALWAYS tend to spill them.
I loved Michael's lips while he was blowing. He did pretty good actually.

Brothers loving on eachother.

Michael snuggles with the baby all the time. He likes to rub my bare belly. Its really hard to find a comfy spot though and so lately he has resorted to just laying next to my belly and reaching his arm back and rubbing it.

Trying to find that perfect and comfortable spot for him can be quite entertaining. He loves this baby so much already and it doesn't even look like a baby yet. I wonder what he really thinks is going on or if he actually does get it.

See? Trying to find a comfy spot against my tummy (though I realize it looks like a huge boob, its not. Its my tummy). This position didn't last long (for him or for me).

This is his favorite puzzle in the house. He will do it, not even exaggerating, 40 times in a row before moving on to another activity. He loves his Pluto Puzzle. I found a couple more of this style on Ebay and can't wait for them to come in. 

Cheese! Sometimes he can't get a piece to go on just right and so he'll take a piece off and try it in a different order (notice the last picture has one piece on but this one has that piece off). He never gets frustrated or asks for help though, he just rearranges and tries again.

All finished.  Good job Michael!

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LeMira said...

We have that same Pluto puzzle! :)