Monday, March 19, 2012

Snow! Snow! Snow!

While I was out of town, Sean took the kids to play in the snow up in Placerville. They had to scrounge to find enough snow clothes to fit everyone. Since we don't go play in the snow very often, we just don't have a plethora of it, but we did find some. Dominic DID NOT wear these snow pants but did find my winter boots and wore a few coats.

Penny getting all dolled up for the fun. She wore these floods of snow pants so that Stella could wear hers. I did have boots for everyone, so that was nice.

Michael's jacket was a little snug, but it was fine for the little amount of time they played. He loved the snow and had fun throwing it.

Is that a bear? NO! That's Penny loading up with more ammunition to throw!

Dominic had a new pair of gloves and my boots probably fit him perfectly, they are way too small for me anymore as my feet have grown almost 1.5  sizes in the last few years.

Wish I could have been there, but I'm glad Daddy took pictures.

So happy playing in the snow! Thank you Sean for taking them. I sometimes get sad that they don't get to experience the snow like I did, but then I remember all that comes with it and am glad that we jump at the opportunity to let them experience it. I'm glad we only live 20 minutes away from it.

And some video, so you can fully appreciate the fun they were having.

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