Thursday, March 29, 2012

Picture Post

Michael likes to sit on Penny's lap and watch TV sometimes. They interact and giggle. Its quite fun to watch. She can often get him to sing the songs in his signing time movies just because she's singing. Hilarious.
Michael had a diaper rash and just needed some nakey time to air it out while I was in the middle of making cookies. I love this cute little butt, he loves to turn the kitchenaid on and off.
Yummy yummy. We had a FEW snitches. I may have nibbled on his bum too. Maybe.
Boxes are a great source of entertainment around our house....and we have lots of boxes at any given moment. Dominic made a door for this box so the kids could have a house. We need to buy a new fridge or something so they can have a REALLY big box to play in.
I'm not sure what either of them are doing but they are cute doing it!
Playing some more Mr. Potato Head with Michael.
Penny loves to craft and will keep herself busy for quite some time. She knows where they are kept and just gets out what she wants and USUALLY, if not on her own I just have to prompt her, puts them away too.
She wore these jewels to bed and over the course of the next couple days they slowly started to fall off, one by one. A couple came off in the bathtub and stuck to her cheek. She thought that was pretty silly. On the last day she just had that one red single oval jewel left right in the middle of her forehead. She looked like my little India girl.
Sometimes, if you can't find Penny, she might just be hiding under a chair playing video games. I think Sean was on the chair playing and she was underneath at one point.
Did I mention we have an infestation of squirrels at our house?
Penny and Michael both need baby time every day. They lift up my shirt and hug, kiss, squeeze and tickle my tummy to death. Sometimes its no big deal and cute to watch. Other times, its quite overwhelming and I have to ask them to stop. This baby is so loved already.
We've been a few places around babies lately and neither of these kids could leave the babies alone, both begging to hold and snuggle on them.
baby kisses.
This one made me laugh out loud when I saw it.
Our football studs.

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